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Consultation for primary care medical home development and transformation since 1994. (CMHI Consultation)



Medical Home represents the standard of excellence for pediatric and adult primary care in the 21st Century.

CMHI defines the medical home as a community-based primary care setting which provides and coordinates high quality, planned, family-centered health promotion, acute illness care, and chronic condition management — across the lifespan.  Care in a medical home is rewarding for clinical teams to provide and satisfying for patients and families to receive.

We apologize for any inconvience, we are no longer providing consultation services.

What We Know

1What we know when people receive care in a Medical Home:

  • Patient & family-centered care is increased
  • Family worry & burden are reduced
  • Care coordination & chronic condition management lead to:
    • Reduced emergency room and hospital use
    • Reduced redundancy in testing, referral and procedures
    • Increased efficiency and effectiveness

2We also know that in spite of high cost there is a crisis in our nation's health care system:

  • Significant patient and family needs go unmet
  • Investment and emphasis on primary care is insufficient
  • Limits exist in professional time, resources, and vitality

3Primary care practices need development supports including:

  • Vision
  • Skills
  • Resources
  • Incentives
  • Action Plans

The Primary Care Medical Home at the crossroads integrating: (click to view larger)

What We Know - diagram
Picturing the Medical Home - holding the critical place at the crossroads of the health care continuum and home/community resources.