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The patient & family centered Medical Home makes a difference (Evidence)

Primary health care improvement is now very focused on the patient centered medical home. CMHI knows that this is truly about the patient and family centered medical home. There are many family stories and reports that family centered care makes a difference. CMHI has demonstrated that family participation and engagement improves a medical home and when a primary care medical home is patient and family-centered, outcomes improve for families

  • Cooley, W., McAllister, J., Sherrieb, K, Kulthau, K., Improved Chronic Condition Outcomes Associated With Medical Home Implementation in Pediatric Primary Care Accepted for publication, Pediatrics, July 2009.
  • McAllister, J., Cooley, W.C., Sherrieb, K. Medical Home Improvements Enhance Outcomes for CYSHCN and their Families; NICHQ Annual Forum, March 2007. (Accepted for publication, Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, Spring 2009

The Institute for Family Centered Care includes a comprehensive list of articles supporting these statements.


Hearing from Patients/Families (Measurement)

What we cannot measure we cannot improve. There are some methods available now to measure the levels of “medical homeness” from a patient and family perspective.

No method is complete without patients and families reporting on their experience of care. CMHI contributed early to this approach with its Pediatric Medical Home Family Index and Survey. CMHI also has a newer, shorter, survey to capture the family experience of care with its newer Pediatric Medical Home Family Survey.


Learning about the Medical Home and how you can be a partner in care is critical (Articles/Resources)

Materials designed to educate families about the Medical Home and tools to help them partner with their own Medical Home or the Medical Home of their children are also increasing. CMHI has developed family presentations, articles, and tools, which support and help develop family roles with their Medical Home.

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