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There is increasing evidence in the literature that care provided in a patient and family-centered medical home leads to improved outcomes. CMHI learns from and adds to this evidence with two recent outcomes articles and also compiles the current evidence for the medical home.

Outcome references:

Medical Home Evidence (click to view)


What we cannot measure we cannot improve. There are some methods available now to measure the levels of “medical homeness” in a practice (see list below). CMHI contributed early to these methods with its Pediatric Medical Home Index (The Medical Home Index: Development and Validation of a New Practice Level Measure of Implementation of the Medical Home, Amb Peds July/Aug 2003). A short versions of this tool is also available as an interval measure (once a baseline with the full instrument is established).

CMHI's Medical Home TAPPP™(Gap) Analysis, ©2009

is our new, updated primary care development resource. The TAPPP™ is available for Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, and in a Pediatric/Adult merged version for use across the life span. The TAPPP™ process includes a thorough practice assessment; provides a complete, customized dashboard, and a report with recommendations. The TAPPP™ report also includes a full set of resources, tools, and links all matched to each recommendation. It is designed to assist each network or group with medical home transformation and recognition.

Medical Home Index – Full Version

Medical Home Index – Short Version

Benchmark Data

Medical Home Index - FAQ

A companion Pediatric Medical Home Family Index and Survey used by practices has shown significant improvement in clinical, functional, satisfaction and cost outcomes and an increase in the use of written and portable care plans.


Other available resources to measure patient satisfaction (adult and child versions):



Materials designed to educate all stakeholders about the Medical Home and tools/guidance designed to help with the full development of a primary care medical home are also increasing. CMHI possesses experience teaching medical home improvement content, developing tools for practice and patient/family implementation and now has a practice gap analysis process called the TAPPP™ Analysis designed to make a practice assessment in seven thematic areas coupled with a report, which includes tools, guidance and recommendations