5 Best Cheap Recliners for Budget Buyers

5 Best Cheap Recliners for Budget Buyers

A recliner is a great piece of furniture for your house. It is an excellent chair to chill and relax after a long hectic day. A recliner can be very comfortable while you are watching TV, reading books, or when indulging in some philosophical musings. However, every recliner is made to give you comfort irrespective of the price.

There are many recliners in the market but not all of them give you the most bang for your buck. Getting a new recliner is not a piece of cake honestly, especially when you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. 

People often get discouraged for buying a recliner chair because of its large size and exaggerated cost. However, there are many companies that offer recliners under $500 and are reasonable recliners for small apartments.

However, there is a belief that pocket-friendly products consist of cheap material and are not up to the standards. Regardless of these myths, there are some compact, cheap, and ergonomically-engineered recliner chairs that are available in the market for you to buy.

Our Pick

Serta Power Recliner

Best Overall

This recliner is a great choice for people who are looking for a recliner chair with great comfort.

How Did We Come up with This List?

To give the best inexpensive recliners for budget buyers, we tried to make a selection of products that consist of great build quality, good comfort and are able to provide the customer with the best possible support.

To achieve this objective, we scorched the internet to its core and researched the different types of recliners and the exemplary companies that are in this game.

We dedicated a large amount of time and manpower to researching and analyzing the products to give you the best possible selection. We also tried to connect with customers from platforms like Amazon and Reddit to check the validity and reliability of the claims mentioned by the manufacturers.

What to Look for in a Good Budget-Friendly Reclining Chair?

Even though you are looking for a cheap recliner, there are many attributes that you need to take care of. All recliners need to have some basic features to provide basic relaxation and support to the users. A reliable recliner must have qualities like good fabric material, a smooth functioning reclining mechanism, 360-degree swivel technology, and of course, affordable price.

Most Comfortable


Serta Power Recliner

  • Can recline up to 160 degrees
  • Plush and velvety microfiber
  • Adjustable footrest

Best in Design


Christopher Knight Chair

  • Elegant look
  • Nine different color options
  • Reclines to 180 degrees

Most durable


JUMMICO Recliner Chair

  • Offers durability and stability 
  • Comes with rubber feet
  • Thick padded seats

Best Cheap Recliners for Budget Buyers

1. Serta Power Recliner

a recliner chair with great comfort

  • This recliner can recline up to 160 degrees with just pressing one button
  • It comes with a plush and velvety microfiber to give it the soft and comfortable feel
  • This recliner comes with a thick padding of foam providing you full support on your body 
  • The footrest can be adjusted separately in this reclining chair
  • This recliner is not a rocking recliner
  •  Does not have a swivel feature
  • It can be a little expensive for budget buyers

The Serta Power Recliner is a great choice for people who are looking for a recliner chair with great comfort. Neither this recliner has many features nor it looks luxurious or modern. Nevertheless, when it comes to comfort, this great recliner can make you sit and relax for hours without any discomfort giving proper comfort and support.

This recliner is also extremely easy to use. Just by pressing a button on the side, you can lift the footrest automatically even without reclining the backrest. You can also fully recline this chair up to 160 degrees with just a push of a button. This feature can definitely come handy when you just want to kick back and relax for a few hours. 

You can use it even when you want to watch your favorite TV series or to read a book in a quiet peaceful environment. The adjustability is one of the most appealing features in this recliner chair.

It offers very thick padding of foam, especially on the armrest and the backrest area, making it ultra-soft for your body to lie on. It also gives them peace and solace you always wanted. It features a very good quality of velvety microfiber cover which gives that soft sensation when you rest on it.


Even when this recliner does not contain many features, still when it comes to comfort and support, it is the best recliner you can buy within your low price range. The Serta Power Recliner is recommended to the people who want to spend their time in a sound and comfortable recliner.

2. Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Recliner

a stylish mid-century design recliner

  • This elegant and stylish looking recliner makes a good fashion statement for your house
  • The Christopher recliner comes in nine different color options
  • It reclines almost to 180 degrees making it ideal for sleeping
  • It does not feature an electronic massager or reclining system
  • This chair does not have a 360-degree swivel feature

If you want a stylish looking recliner, then the Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Recliner is the product for you. This stylish mid-century design recliner can attract the attention of many guests in your home. With the button tufted back and tapered legs give this recliner a certain elegant and trendy feel, making it look much more expensive than it actually is.

While many much more expensive recliners come in just 2 or 3 colors (mostly black and brown). The Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Recliner comes in surprising 9 different color options for you to choose from!

Besides having such beautiful looks, this recliner also makes sure the comfortability with its thick padded foam and beautiful cover that comes along with it. On the plus side this chair is also very easy to assemble. 

This recliner can maximum recline up to a point where it becomes almost totally flat. This makes it ideal for a quick nap as well as a long sleep. It measures up to 35 inches making it easier to carry from one place to another.


The Christopher Knight Home Macedonia Recliner is a stylish, trendy, and mid-century-looking reclining chair that will sit beautifully in your living room. Its luxurious and elegant looks can make any customer fall in love in just seconds. This recliner will surely steal people’s hearts wanting a good looking and recliner chair for cheap. 

3. JUMMICO Adjustable Seating Single Fabric Recliner Chair

most affordable recliners as well as the most reliable recliner

  • The stainless steel core offers durability and stability throughout its lifetime
  • This recliner comes with rubber feet so you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor every time you move it.
  • The thick padded seats and armrest provide comfort and support
  • It can hold up to 265 lbs of weight
  • Customers on Amazon complained that it is not easy to assemble
  • It does not offer basic features like swivel, rocking, etc

The Adjustable Seating Single Fabric Recliner Chair from JUMMICO is the most affordable recliner that we have in our list. This recliner is a premium quality recliner from Jummico, a company that is famous for delivering the most affordable recliners as well as the most reliable recliners in the market.

This recliner is manufactured with a high-quality stainless steel frame that is responsible for its sturdy and durable construction. The stainless steel frame helps in making the life of the recliner long term and makes sure that there is no breakage over time.

This recliner is covered with high-quality breathable fabric material. On the inside, this chair is stuffed with a thick padding of dense foam that makes it comfortable and relaxing.

The Adjustable Seating Single Fabric Recliner Chair from JUMMICO is quite true to its name. The back of this recliner can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 165 degrees and the footrest opens automatically when the chair reclines. Despite having a tough and sturdy build, the Jummico adjustable recliner is not very heavyweight and has a maximum capacity of 265 lbs.


This recliner is durable, relaxing, and one of the most affordable recliners in the market. It is highly recommended to people who are looking for a good reclining chair but do not want to waste a lot of money on it.

4. Furniwell Massage Seating Wingback Recliner Chair

an ergonomic recliner with the curved back seats and flexible seat design

  • This chair has an ergonomic design which is ideal for people with back problems
  • Also comes with a messaging feature to give you proper relaxation
  • The Furniwell Massage Seating recliner is very easy to assemble, according to the reviewers on Reddit
  • It offers a thick padded foam covered with high-quality leather for a luxurious feel
  • Despite what the manufacturers claim, some reviewers on Amazon mentioned that the size of the recliner is too small
  • The massage system of this recliner is not that great and is prone to malfunction

The Furniwell Massage Seating Wingback Recliner Chair is one of the best single-seat recliners that are available in the market. It is an ergonomic recliner with the curved back seats and flexible seat design to ensure full support and blood circulation in your body.

This recliner comes with an electric massage function which provides a vibration on your back to give you a good relaxing experience. This feature can be very good for older people as well as people with back problems.

It also comes with a thick padded foam covered all over the recliner. This allows you to rest and detox yourself from all the stress and tension of the week, coupled with high-quality black leather to give you proper support and solace. 

To put a cherry on top, this recliner also has a maximum reclining capacity of up to 170 degrees. It makes it perfect for binge-watching your favorite series or read that book you always wanted to. Not only that, but it also comes along with freely adjustable footrests which makes your money worth.


The Massage Seating Wingback Recliner Chair by Furniwell is a great ergonomic recliner. It would be a great choice for the people who are looking for a recliner for back pain as well as want to spend some quality and peaceful time. It offers many exciting features that only high priced recliners can give despite its low price.

5. Homall Living Room Sofa Single Recliner Chair

a huge brand name that provides low priced recliners with great quality

  • The Homall recliner chair comes with two different adjustments of the backrest to give to options to choose from
  • It offers thick padding of good quality foam to give you comfort and covered with high-grade PU leather to give a luxurious feel.
  • This recliner has a total weight capacity of 250 lbs so, it is also good for heavy people 
  • Buyers on certain platforms like Reddit complained that the dimensions of the recliner are too short for tall people
  • There is an argument between customers for the reliability and durability of the recliner

The Homall Living Room Sofa Single Recliner chair is another popular name in the recliner business. Homall is a huge brand name that provides low priced recliners with great quality. 

One of the very distinctive things about this chair is its thick foam padding. And the soft pillow-like padding on the headrest makes it even more desirable. This recliner provides a different modern look and design, it also has great stylishness because of its high-quality PU leather. This leather is so well-crafted that it can almost pass as genuine leather.

It gives not one but two different reclining angles of 130 and 150 degrees for both sleeping and reading positions. So, people can choose the angle they want to lie on.


The Homall Living Room Sofa Single Recliner chair is a great choice for buyers who are looking for recliners under $500. The Homall single seat recliner may be on the bottom of our list but it gives a tough competition to many high-end recliners in the market. Because of its low price and comfort, it is suitable and desired by a number of customers.         

The Essential Buying Guide

Getting a new recliner is not that easy, especially when you are looking for a recliner that is sturdy, comfortable, and pocket friendly. To achieve this milestone, you have

To consider all the factors that are essential while getting a new recliner. There are some things that you have to be knowledgeable about, so you don’t get tricked into buying something you don’t really need.

Material Used

Since, you get a recliner chair only once in a while, so it is essential to be sure that you choose a recliner that is durable and made to last. Most of the recliners in the market are made with sturdy construction and good material. 

However, it is important to know how to differentiate between good and best. Like fabric used in the recliners are good but leather is a smart choice every time because it is long-lasting and easy to maintain.


As we all know a recliner can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, since we are looking for a recliner on a low budget, it becomes essential to get to know about the cost of the recliners. Every chair’s cost depends on its features and quality it offers and it is important to filter out the unnecessary components that make a recliner costly. 


While getting a recliner, you need to take care and be informed of the seller’s warranty terms for their furniture items. If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a reclining chair that you have never seen in your life in person, then you should be perfectly sure that it can be returned, refunded or replaced in case you change your mind.


All the products that we mentioned on our list give a tough competition to one another. However, if we want to pick the king then we would give the throne to the Serta Power Recliner because of its luxurious style and fantastic support and comfort.

If you just want to buy a recliner and be done with it and put this crazy monkey off your back then any recliner can do the job for you. But if you want a quality piece of furniture that will last many years with you then Serta power recliners can be a great choice.

Although all the recliners that we carefully researched and picked are considered the best players in the market. With the superior build quality and great comfort along with big brand names attached to them, any choice of product you pick from this list is a winner for us.