5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

“What does it matter what chair I sit on, at the end of the day, it’s a chair.”

Well, this kind of thinking is what promotes aches in different parts of the body when you are busy in the realm of your gaming avatar. 

We know how gamers around the world roll. Hours on end with the deepest concentration and the truest commitment to the game is the bare minimum. 

Thus, even you, who is a hardcore gamer, would get lost in the game without paying any heed to your body posture, until you suffer from the discomfort in many joints later. Now, with every spare penny going into creating mind-boggling gaming den, it may become a challenge for some people to pay huge bucks for a comfortable and ideal gaming chair

Therefore, we took care of it all in our list of Best Gaming Chairs under $200.

Our Pick

Respawn Fortnite Omega -Xi Gaming Chair

Best Overall

Overall, for the price, the chair offers the most bang for the buck.

How was this list made?

There are many products in the market claiming to be the best of all. Thus, we made the best use of our skepticism to probe deeper into the internet and brands to pick the premium products. 

To the end, we interviewed many gaming bloggers to get their first-hand account of experience with their gaming chairs and what they would recommend to other users.

Not just this, but we also dug into the Youtube reviews along with other platforms such as SubReddit, Amazon, and many more forums to gather as legitimate intel as possible.

Not limiting our research to any particular region helped us come across many viable options from which we selected the best 5 out of all under the budget of $200.

What to look for?

Okay, so when it comes to choosing any one product from a sea of them, the first thing you should not do is become overwhelmed. Just consider what are your needs from a gaming chair and look for products with similar features.

For instance, being a gamer, you are going to spend hours on end sitting in that chair while changing postures. Thus, it should be big enough to provide you the space to move.

Moreover, you should check reviews of customers for their experience and whether the product is worth the money or not.

comfort with luxury


Respawn Fortnite Omega -Xi Gaming Chair

  •  Easy to Assemble
  • Segmented Padding
  • Two variants Available 

Best in Design


Hbada Gaming Racing Style Ergonomic Chair

  • Good reclining positions
  • Neck And Lumbar Support
  • Superior Cushioning 

Best in Budget


OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Checks BIFMA Standards
  • Multiple Color Options
  • 360-Swivel Feature

Top 5 Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2020

1.Respawn Fortnite Omega -Xi Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

For a seamless long gaming session

  • The chair is fairly easy to assemble
  • Comes with brilliant segmented padding
  • Two variants are available for choice
  • It has a pretty solid capacity of 275 LBS, which is more than what most of the chairs offer
  • It is easily available. You can get your hands on it on deals and discounts
  • The chair is of good quality overall and does not seem poorly constructed or flimsy
  • People above than 275 LBS might not find it the best fit
  • The shipping process may take more than a few days, as complained by some users
  • The resistance of the back support is not up to the mark and needs improvement. You have to lock it otherwise it will lean back way too easily
  • Some users complained that the lumber support hurts their backs
  • This is not the best chair for tall people

Okay, so every hardcore gamer, as well as non-gamers, know the magnitude of the globally-played game – Fortnite. 

Yes, that’s the game this chair draws inspiration from, cool isn’t it? You can then expect the frenzy it must have created among the gamers on its launch. 

The manufacturer of the brand is Respawn, which comes under the OFM. Besides this product, the company is popular for other products like rockers, desks, recliners, monitor arms, floor pads, and greenscreens, to name a few.

The Fortnite Omega-Xi chair is designed with the Omega Legendary outfit in mind. It is these aesthetics that make it treasured furniture to complete the gaming-den look.

However, do not feel like the design and aesthetics are all there is to it. It has some incredible USPs that will make you fall in love with this chair.

Starting with the basics, the chair has the recliner feature so you can recline from 90 to 155 degrees in an instant. So you just lay back while playing or just take a few naps once in a while in the lap of complete comfort.

It offers you the perfect position to play games with utter concentration. You can use its extended footrest as well to get even more remarkable experience out of it. 

The chair is 28 inches in width with 48.5-51.5 inches in height and 28.5 inches in depth. The height for the seat is around 17.5-20.5 inches, depending on your preference.

You can think of it as a race car style gaming chair delivering comforts along with luxury while participating in intense gaming sessions or just using it for long work days.

For a seamless long gaming session, the chair offers a high back and segmented padding with integrated headrest. All this allows your body to relax while your thumbs, fingers, and brains are doing all the hard work for hours.

It is an ergonomic chair designed with an extended footrest and padded armrests so you never miss an enemy on your mission.

To complement the artistic Omega-featured design, the materials used are of A-one quality. Omega-Xi features stain-resistant fabric to deliver a hassle-free experience and extended chair life.

Moreover, you can get access to a plethora of locking positions so you do not have to make an effort to keep the chair in a certain position. All you need to do is lay on it and it will take care of it all.

The padded armrests also pivot as you move the chair, for instance, recline it. And if you are a fan of dynamic movement with swivel rotation, you just hit the jackpot. 

The chair is capable of holding up to 275 LBS weight with ease.

Customer reviews

On Amazon and other forums, we came across a few customer reviews. Many of them back the statement that the material used is of good quality. They also praise the construction and design.

One user remarked that this chair easily absorbs all the action like jumping around; thus you will not trip because of its wide base for stability.

Some customers showed concerns about the smell that comes from chairs and products, but then it also goes away in a while. All the parts of the chair are not flimsy hence durable.


Overall, for the price, the chair offers the most bang for the buck. It comes with all the support you need from the headrest, armrest to footrest, it has covered everything. It is built with sturdy and good material, although the fabric of the chair can improve.

2.Hbada Gaming Racing Style Ergonomic Chair

Hbada gaming racing style ergonomic chair is cool in design,

  • The chair has PU leather covering with a solid and sturdy metal frame
  • It has a wide seat area that renders enough space to move around and change positions comfortably
  • The chair offers good reclining positions
  • Comes with neck padding support as well as lumbar support
  • The design is very stylish and fits perfectly as a decor accessory
  • It has great cushioning all over the chair
  • You can recline it so far as only 155 degrees, whereas other chairs can recline as far as 180 degrees.
  • Although the claims state the weight capacity is 300lbs, customers showed dissertation on the actual capacity
  • The chair does not have enough padding to impart the most comfortable experience
  • The design contains a bit of plastic as a material
  • Sometimes makes squeaking voices
  • May start squeaking overtime

Hbada claims to be a pioneer in designing comfortable ergonomic chairs. The company has expertise in creating environment-friendly, minimalist, and stylish Ergonomic Office Chairs.

The Hbada gaming racing style ergonomic chair allows you to just stretch your back with comfort and lay back a little to relax while waiting for the game to load.

Moreover, the chair has padding in all essential areas like backrest and armrest and comes with a footrest too that you can pull from below the seat. All these features are highly adjustable as well.

Thus, unlike most ergonomic chairs for gaming, it offers more padding so the users have a great time in it.

Additionally, if you do not enjoy or are not in a mood to use the headrest, it is completely detachable for your accord.

Coming to the dimensions, the Hbada gaming racing style ergonomic chair is 27.5 inches in length, 27.5 inches in width, and 47.2″-50.4″ in height. As for the seating area, the dimensions are as follows – 21.6 inches in length and 20.8 inches in width.

It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, a great feature to make it the best affordable gaming chair. With an adjustable armrest, it reclines from 90° to 155°. Anyone can easily install it with the instruction manual since all the necessary tools come with it.

One thing that customers praise is that the company allows exchange for installation issues, damages to the chair, or if it misses some parts within a year. If your taste is more on the subtly professional-looking chair designs, then this is it for you.

Customer reviews

Some customers were really satisfied with the size of the chair claiming that it is a good fit for tall people.

Other customers were impressed with the design of the chair and that it is best for prolonged use.


To sum it all up, the Hbada gaming racing style ergonomic chair is cool in design, comfortable to sit in for even 10 hours straight (as per customer review), and provides cushioning and padded support in all the necessary areas.

Although the chair does not recline as far as other chairs, which users prefer, it comes with a footrest unlike other chairs which kind of makes up for it.

3.OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

really good chair with all the necessary features like headrest, armrest,etc.

  • The instructions to assemble are pretty easy so you can assemble the chair without becoming overwhelmed.
  • The company offer 2 years warranty for fabric and upholstery and a remarkable 7-year warranty for gas lift
  • It can hold weight up to 250 lbs. Some customers said it holds even 300lbs
  • It has the 360-swivel feature with center-tilt
  • Comes with tilt-tension manager to cater to various preferences
  • It checklists all the BIFMA standards
  • You can choose between various colors
  • The company offers standard shipping within 2 to 6 business days
  • The chair is missing a footrest which would have been perfect for extra comfort
  • Customers have complained that it sometimes automatically lowers itself
  • The material used for armrests is not of high quality. Thus, it starts to chip after a while
  • Some users complain that the bolts loosen often, so they have to tend to them regularly

OFM is a renowned brand globally for its upholstery and other furniture imparting the most comfortable experience to the user.

OFM Essential Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is a creation of the same brand fulfilling all the hallmarks of the company.

The chair is made with faux leather and comes in different colors as well. So, if you are someone who does not prefer real leather then this can be your best pick.

The chair is designed with the dimensions of 44.5 to 48.25 inches for height (depending on your preference), 28.25 as width and 30.5 inches for depth. 

The measurements for the seat are 20 inches for width, 19inches doe depth, and 20.75 inches for height. Thus, it is quite a spacious chair for you to try multiple positions while gaming.

OFM Essential Collection Racing Style chair comes with an adjustable arm having a maximum height of 29.75 inches.

This ergonomic race car-style design possesses contoured segmented padding coupled with added headrest and padded arms. Moreover, you can also adjust center-tilt and tilt-tension. Additionally, it also has a 360-swivel spot as an added functionality.

You get plush comfort since the chair has cushions uniquely contoured and segmented separately. The  Essential Collection Racing Style chair also employs a distinct load-carrying leg that is positioned right below the chair seat for extra support.

This extra leg stretched out towards the floor and was divided into several small parts and has wheels (casters) attached to it. Furthermore, the backrest hands are pushed a little inwards.

All the design details are meticulously put into action to give the comfort your body deserves. To add to its charm, the extra cutouts just make it look cooler, posing as a great companion to your gaming system.

Speaking of the color pattern, the chair possesses the beautiful color block design in the black and blue combination imparting a contemporary feel.

Hence, be it for your action-packed gaming battles or jam-packed workday, you can rely on this chair for luxurious experience and comfort.

Customer reviews

Users praised the assembling process for the product that it only took 20 minutes to ready it for use.

An overwhelming number of users complained that the chair sometimes lowers automatically multiple times a day


We concluded that for the price point, this is a really good chair with all the necessary features like headrest, armrest, etc. it would have been an incredible choice if only it also had a footrest for added comfort.

So, if you do not have any problem with faux leather and the missing footrest, it is a great option to try.

4.GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

This is an inflatable gaming chair with an exceptional two BlueTooth speaker system

  • The Bluetooth connectivity is great so you can easily pair with your gaming system and have an amazing experience
  • The chair comes loaded with lumbar and headrest support to allow more functionality into it
  • You can easily adjust armrests and height
  • The chair easily reclines and swivels as per your need
  • It has a metal frame structure for enhanced durability and great thick padding overall
  • Comes with a lot of size options for users to choose from as per their stature
  • The number of in-built speakers is limited
  • The chair lacks the subwoofer and other vibration features
  • Ways in which you can connect the chair are limited since it does not have input and output jack
  • Comes with 2D armrests that are adjustable

GTracing is a brand founded in 2011 and since then, it has bagged a lot of attention as one of the best racing-style gaming chairs producers.

The GTracing gaming chair is one of the exquisite products the company offers to the users, keeping their comfort as the focus point.

The designs and materials used like PU leather upholstery in the chairs are picked to deliver the best experience any gamer can have while slaying the high score on the battlefield.

This is an inflatable gaming chair with an exceptional two BlueTooth speaker system to give passionate gamers the best of the world.

So, go ahead and connect your BlueTooth devices, be it a smartphone for picking up calls. It’s because you obviously cannot bother to pick up a call with your hands while active in a game. Additionally, you can easily connect gaming consoles to your chair. 

With the build of a robust metal frame, exemplary lumbar support, and remarkable headrest, GTracing chair gives a perfect combo of comfort wrapped in durability.

The dimensions for the chair are 33 x 26 x 11.5 inches, which is a decent size. As per the claims, the chair can handle up to 300lbs weight. Nevertheless, the chair is not foldable, thus storage is its Achilles’ heel.

It is possible to adjust the chair’s seat height and armrest as per the comfort level. Furthermore, it is capable of reclining 90 to 170 degrees as well as swivel 360 degrees smoothly.

Speaking of speakers, you can charge them from your computer via USB cable. It charges within 3 hours and the battery lasts up to 5 to 6 hours and has a solid surround system.

GTracing gaming chair also has casters that are smooth and offer the efficient movement of the chair.

Customer reviews

In the reviews, users were impressed with the lumbar support the chair offers. The headrest pillow was also quite comfortable in their view.

Some users were pretty happy with the volume of speakers while others commented it could become better since it was lower than laptops volume.

Nevertheless, the gaming noises and volume is still one can work with without more complaints.

Although one review talked about how the headrest was kind of short for the users with 6 feet height.


The strong metal frame is a great feature to promote effortless seated positions for long hours. Also, the thick padded back and seat area is ideal for giving a relaxing experience to the users.

Moreover, if you are someone interested in trying the speaker chair, then be our guest by all means.

5.Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall ergonomic high-back racing chair is incredible in quality

  • Offers incredible comfortable for long hours
  • Materials like  five-point star steel make the chair a robust piece
  • Installing the chair is a no-brainer
  • An incredible feature is that the company offers a money-back guarantee if the users do not get satisfactory results from the product.
  • Within 1 year warranty, you can replace the product if you encounter issues
  • The chair is not ideal for users with a big build and bulky stature. Thus, it falls a little short for them
  • Homall racing chair only has the class-3 gas lever pistons instead of class-4, capable of handling 400lbs, which most of the chairs in this price range bring
  • The armrests are not adjustable, which may be a deal-breaker for many
  • Leather material can improve in quality

With the black and blue color scheme coupled with S-racing design, Homall ergonomic high-back racing chair is incredible in quality.

Made with faux-leather material, the chair weighs 53 pounds and can handle as much as 300 pounds of weight.

This premium chair design has the dimensions as follows – sitting height is 17.3 – 21.3 inches, backrest dimensions are 23.2” by 32.2” (LxW), and the seat dimensions entail 20.9” by 19.7” (LxW).

It has castor wheels for free and smooth chair movement. The chair is sturdy in construction since it has steel, promising durability and most back for your buck. 

Homall ergonomic high-back racing chair also comes with a footrest, one of the most sought-after features by users. In fact, you can also attach other racing gears from different brands like Logitech.

With the tilt lock mechanism, you can easily adjust the backrest between 90° to 180°. Coming with the high-density body shaping foam for seat and back cushions, users are given the best experience of their life.

Moreover, it also has a 360-degree swivel function and comes with a detachable head cushion. 

So, ache your A-game with Homall ergonomic high-back racing chair on the price that is too good to be true.

Customer reviews

One customer in particular with a severe back injury deems the chair a live-safer. The user has incredible comfort experience and saw significant relief in body pain.

Although some users felt satisfied with the footrest’s quality, others complained it to be flimsy and short. A few users also expressed concerns about the armrest’s quality.


As the final word on this product, we would like to put it out there that Homall ergonomic high-back chair is one the best cheap gaming chairs in the market given the price point.

With a money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, you cannot go wrong with this product. Although the armrests are not adjustable, it offers one of the most sought-after features of a gaming chair for added comfort – footrest.

Buying Guide: What to look for in a $200 Gaming Chair?

Although we did cover in very brief the parameters one should set as a guide to select the best gaming chair under $200, it’s not enough. 

Without the insights into what are factors that make any chair and ideal option for gamers, your selection process may not be as efficient. Thus, you may end up buying a product that is too high up and too far from its worth.

Therefore, let’s cover more factors in detail. To begin with, you must know how many types of chairs are there and so that you can start your research into that line of product.

Pedestal gaming chairs

Pedestal game chairs are like an amalgamation of rocker and conventional seats. These types of chairs slightly rise above the ground in comparison to the rockers. They even swivel and rock around an elevated pedestal instead of around wheels that are raised.

Some of the models of pedestal chairs are also designed with headrests and armrests. Moreover, the lumbar support is deemed to be superior to rockers. Nevertheless, one downside is that they limit the hip movement because the foot does not rest flat on the floor when the users are sitting.

Rocker chairs

Some gamers believe that sitting closer to the ground enhances the over gaming experience. Thus, rocker chairs cater to this demand, these kinds of chairs are distinct in design than the conventional chairs, of course. 

Rocker chairs do not have legs but share other features similar to conventional chairs like lumbar support (padded), armrests, and headrests. 

Nevertheless, because users cannot lay their feet straight at the ground and neither can try a neutral position, users often refrain from using these chairs often.

Chair for PC gaming

As you may suspect, the best PC gaming chairs are nothing like the two we discussed above. Generally, PC tables are an alleviated platform much higher than the ground; thus, the chairs are designed to match and offer a comfortable level.

They are alleviated from the ground. A feature ‘bucket style’ seat is a popular feature of these chairs enhancing the comfort and overall experience even after using it for prolonged hours.

The seat will help you lay your feet flat on to the ground. You can also swivel and recline that seat as far as 180 degrees (a standard feature for low-cost chairs).

Memory foam gaming chair

You can say that memory foam gaming chairs are an enhanced version of bean bag chairs. They impart the same level of comfort with good back support.

These kinds of chairs may not make up for all the comfort you can get from headrests, armrests, and also lumbar support. Nevertheless, the design takes the shape of body curves.

Hence, memory foam gaming chairs can deliver support in the semblance to the lumbar, neck, and upper back support. However, things may feel uncomfortable for your legs since they will be cramped up while seated.

Bean bag chairs

These might be the most affordable gaming chairs in the market. Bean bag chairs, as mentioned above, do not have headrest, armrest, or lumbar support. 

Nevertheless, they are a good option if you already have a gaming chair and just want to mix things up a little so that you are not stuck in one place all day.

Things to consider while buying gaming chairs


A perfect chair is a combination of great design, impeccable features, and comfortable fabric material. Some materials cause severe perspiration when you sit in for hours. It is an uncomfortable feeling.

Some materials such as leathers just feel hot as if they trap the body heat in summers, again hampering a seamless experience. Thus, doing your research on what materials are ideal for all year round use is prominent.

Comfort is synonymous to what kind of material is used to stuff your chair and give it that comfortable design. Depending on your preferences, you can go with soft foam or memory foam.


An ultimate budget gaming chair must offer plenty of adjustments. The backrest must be adjustable as per individual needs, so should the height of the chair. If you are lucky, you may also find a chair with an armrest adjustment feature.

Try not to go into high-end features since these are the chairs under budget, but you must compromise on crucial features offering functionality. For instance, headrest, armrest, and lumbar support.


The style of the chair plays a crucial role in the overall features of it. A lot of the experience you may enjoy from the chair depends on its design.

Let’s say you are a tall person, then you must not choose a chair designed with a low back. This will just make you uncomfortable since it is designed for people with stature smaller than yours.

Additionally, a piece of furniture equally plays an important part in the interior of your room. So, the product should be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Height and size

To derive the most comfort out of your chair, make sure you pay attention to the height of the chair in relation to yours. You should be able to sit comfortably in any position you feel comfortable in your chair.

For instance, if you want to lay your feet on the floor, your knees should bend comfortably without them closing in on your chest. Similarly, it should support your neck in a way that the headrest fits you perfectly.


Casters signify the weight distribution when you sit on a chair. It’s a perfect balance that makes it worthwhile. For gamers, we advise the carpet casters since they offer free movement.

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In the end, there has to be a winner that passes all the expectations and offers great value for the money. 

Out of all the products we discussed so far, we believe GTracing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers stands out the most from the crowd. 

Besides the basic features such as lumbar, headrest, armrest, and footrest support, the chair holds exceptional BlueTooth speaker functionality. 

With the strong metal structure build and adjustable features, the chair offers remarkable comfort and support to the body along with exceptional battery life for two in-built speakers. Charge them for 3 hours and you are set to use for 5 to 6 hours.

If you want another option, then we suggest you go with  Respawn Omega -Xi Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair for its exceptional quality, features, and aesthetics.