Best Infinity Massage Chairs Review

A chair, to most people, is a fundamental piece of furniture for sitting. But its actual use may go beyond this standard definition. Apart from size, one can classify chairs depending on their usage.

Likewise, infinity massage chairs are popular among professional masseurs and physiotherapists.

When you have to purchase the right kind of infinity chairs, there is no dearth of options. Oftentimes buyers land into confusion due to the overwhelming number of choices. So far as emulating this approach for the selection of an Infinity presidential massage chair goes, one needs to consider several factors.

Our Pick

IT8500X3 EB-3D

Best Overall

This innovative chair from the Infinity brand encompasses almost all embellishments that an average buyer can anticipate.

What makes the Infinity massage chairs review in this article trustworthy?

We understand the average customer sentiment whenever they buy something new. Thus, based on credible information from both online and offline sources, we have compiled a top list featuring the best massage chairs from the Infinity. 

Best in Budget


IT-8500 X3 3D

  • Preset scanning features
  • Escape feature available
  • Extended system for stretching

Most Comfortable


IT8500X3 EB-3D

  • Adjustable airbags
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Low power consumption

Best in Technology


Infinity Dynasty 4D

  • 4G massage technology
  • Lumbar heat system
  • Automatic footrest extension

Infinity Massage Chairs Reviewed

1. IT-8500 X3 3D

a popular choice among the impressive line-up

  • Preset scanning features
  • Allows the body to adjust to the perfect position
  • Escape feature prepares the body for a perfect sleep
  • Extended system for stretching
  • Lack of optical scanning feature
  • Shoulder airbags are not positioned properly

A mini version of IT 8500X3, the Infinity IT 8500 has been able to earn a popular spot among the impressive line-up of products from the Infinity brand for a variety of reasons. Even as it does not have features that the IT 8500X3 has, it has enough attributes to earn a position and place itself in a different league based on its features.

It is one of those massage chairs that will allow you to listen to your favorite music even as you receive your preferred massage therapy. You can customize the massage program based on your needs. 

In addition, it also packs the standard features of a massage chair such as a sensor system to scan the body, lumbar heat mechanism, and the roller ability. Whether you wish to lean back or remain absorbed in a long massage session, it allows you to unwind in the way you want. 


The zero-gravity feature of this massage chair allows you to position your body in the best position in an instant. Though expensive, this product brings you all the features that you would want in a massage chair, albeit at a lesser price than several other variants.

2. Infinity Dynasty 4D

a versatile chair that serves a wide range of needs of users

  • 4G massage technology
  • USB/Bluetooth/wireless charging support
  • Compatibility with iOS/Android
  • Lumbar heat and decompression stretch
  • Automatic footrest extension and four-wheel massage mechanism
  • A little bit expensive

The Dynasty 4D chair from Infinity is one of the best massage chairs in terms of quality. As a versatile chair, it serves a wide range of needs for users.

Among other things, it has the best body scanning feature compared to the other items from the Infinity brand. It automatically adjusts as per the needs of users, thereby identifying the pain-affected areas in the body. Thereafter, it provides users with a sense of relief from bodily pain and discomfort.

Controlling this device is a breeze as it works well on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Along with the 4D massage technology, which is considered as the advanced form of massage technology to date, it also gives you the luxury of charging it via the USB technology. 

Also, you can rely on the wireless charging technology of this product to set the chair on charge whenever you feel the need for it.

Given that this product involves adjustable shoulder airbags and automatic footrest extension, you can look forward to a relaxing massage experience while using the machine. You can bank on this feature to adjust the position of your shoulders depending on your convenience.

A body massage is as important for comfort as it is for the other benefits. The lumbar heat mechanism of the massage chair provides you with a soothing sensation. In addition, the four high-tech rollers knead to the muscle tension at various levels to enhance your massage experience.


The zero wall space-saving technology is an added bonus feature that separates this product from the other variants from the same brand. By virtue of this feature, you can easily maintain a distance of two inches from the wall.

3. Infinity Evolution 3D/4D

Infinity Evolution blends convenience and luxury together

  • Voice control
  • Compatibility with both Android and iOS
  • Bluetooth Technology and USB charging
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Only possesses lumber heat 

Infinity Evolution blends convenience and luxury together. It is one of those special variants of massage chairs that feature voice control. One of the benefits of these attributes is that you can use the power of voice commands to select the massage program of your choice. 

You can rely on the 3D/4D technology of this massage chair to get an instant relief that lasts for a longer duration. The 3D programs of the machine are known to be the best in this regard.

In addition, 4D technology of this chair provides you with a wider range of choices in the in and out motion.

Are you fond of the custom massage feature? If yes, then this chair from Infinity is just the perfect choice for you. You can create up to two custom massages and save them up without much hassle. It is easy to use, so you do not need to spend a lot of time in acquiring mastery over the method to use this chair.  

The chair supports different kinds of massage variants. These include Shiatsu, Knocking, Tapping, Kneading, and Sync.

Powered with Bluetooth Technology, this chair also supports USB charging. The automatic footrest extension will allow you to relax your body while you look forward to relieving your mind with a relaxing massage experience. 

If that’s not enough, there are more features to justify the reason for investing in this product. It stands as compatible with both Android and iOS. Plus, it also involves body scanning technology.


Overall, this chair is tailor-made to allow you to enjoy a personalized form of massage time and time again. You can save them as per your convenience and do not need to exercise your brain in choosing the settings once more. If you wish of having a relaxing massage, this product will perfectly fill your bill.

4. Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D

The ideal massage chair

  • Adjustable individual airbags
  • High-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Good systems for neck and foot massage
  • Low power consumption
  • Absence of L-Track system
  • Lack of padded rollers

For those who wish to experience the feeling of visiting a massage studio, Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D is the ideal massage chair. This innovative chair from the Infinity brand encompasses almost all embellishments that an average buyer can anticipate.

Speaking of the features, the prominent one includes the S-shaped side rail which brings in the feeling of tranquility in the minds of users by hugging their spine in a desirable manner.

You can control the heating mechanism based on your needs. Due to this feature, you can increase the temperature based on your needs. If you are someone whose major activities throughout a day involve working with the foot, you can bank on this massager to relieve your aching feet at the end of the day.

What’s more, you can control the preset massage choices by virtue of your palm. Plus, the Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music while experiencing a massage.

Lastly, it saves you on power bills. If you are someone who is bothered about expensive power bills, then this is the product in which you may want to invest.


Its sensors are just about perfect to gauge the level of discomfort in your body and alleviate it accordingly. Overall, you can say that this massage chair has everything which puts it in a different league altogether if you draw a side-by-side comparison of all massage chairs from the Infinity brand.

5. Infinity Genesis 3D/4D Massage Chair

a chair with premium look and feel

  • Versatile and easy-to-fit wall-hugging design
  • Perfectly customized massage based on optical body-scanning technology
  • Airbags to adjust the position of shoulders
  • Bluetooth speakers to allow users to enjoy their favorite tunes in high quality
  • Only one setting for zero gravity
  • Compression massage and foot massage may not meet the expectations
  • An issue with the accommodation of adjustment for larger people

The Infinity Genesis 3D/4D chair consists of a synthetic leather interior that gives the chair a premium look and feel. One of the highlights of this massage chair is the fact that you can choose from as many as five different intensity levels for massage.

If you have been looking for a product on which you can rely for a spa-quality massage experience, you can certainly invest in this product for its 49” L-Track.

It supports a wide range of massage techniques such as Rhythm, Sync, Shiatsu, Knocking, Tapping, Kneading, etc.

While the zero gravity feature of this massage chair allows you to decompress your spine, the zero wall space-saving technology of this chair allows it to move from its axis to allow users to position as per their convenience.

Beneath the waist bag on the left side, there is a USB port to facilitate convenient charging. You can exercise control over the chair with ease in conjunction with an Android or an Apple device. It supports both these devices equally well.

For a relieving experience from bodily pain and discomfort, the massage chair from Infinity packs a number of features. The prominent among them include decompression stretch, rhythm technique, adjustable shoulder airbags, four-wheel massage mechanism, and airbag compression therapy.


To ensure that the massage chair reaches out to all the body parts equally well, it has the best body scanning mechanism. You can bestow your trust on this feature of the massage chair from infinity to identify all the pressure spots of the body and provide comfortable massage experience in accordance with it.

6. Infinity IT Escape CB Massage Chair

known for quality, and high-priced massage chairs

  • Availability of a wide range of colors
  • Roller track
  • Compact
  • Different heating modules for a relaxing feeling
  • Foot massager
  • Tedious to assemble
  • Neck roller turns dysfunctional at times

In general, Infinity is known for two things: quality, and high-priced massage chairs. But did you know that there are other quality options from this brand that you can have without spending a fortune? The Infinity IT Escape CB massage chair is one such item.

Priced at $3,000, this is the one of the most inexpensive items from Infinity with features that the majority of buyers look for. While its price tag may not look that huge, it packs a number of features that can give any massage chair of a higher price tag a run for the money.

This massage chair helps in equalizing body rhythms, enhancing blood circulation, and stroking your muscles, then this is the massage chair you may want to buy. One of the major features that allow it to ease agonizing pain is its zero gravity.

Do you prefer a relaxing massage with gentle heating? If yes, then this massage chair will meet all your expectations. You can control the temperature based on its remote control technology. 


It corrects a number of physiological conditions, including correcting the heart rate.The lumbar region receives special attention for its S-shape that reaches the glut area. You can also choose between the massage options such as Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking.

7. Infinity IT Evoke CB

comes across with a number of innovations and upgraded features

  • Availability of about 38 airbags
  • Zero gravity feature
  • 3-layered massage airbags facilitate deep kneading
  • Not suitable for all people
  • Incompatible with Bluetooth

True to its name, this massage chair from infinity provides a stellar performance. For its price, this massage chair comes across with a number of innovations and upgraded features.

Among other things, it has 38 airbags that do a perfect job in terms of providing compression massage. If you are troubled with a muscle, this massage chair has all the features to take care of all your needs.


It delivers a studio massage experience at home. You would hardly find any other chair with this level of performance after taking into account the price at which it comes.

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Final verdict

The choice for the best massage chair, given the overwhelming number of options, is not an obvious option. Even as you narrow down your list of choices by including just a few items, it is still an uphill task. However, in the majority of Infinity evolution massage chair reviews, you will find that Infinity IT8500X3 EB-3D fares better than the other products from its brand. Though a little expensive, it is rich in terms of features. 

If you are searching for a quality product, such as an Infinity Imperial massage chair, and do not mind spending a little more in pursuit of quality, then you would want to put your money on this product instead of the other items listed above. However, you can also consider the other options in case you believe the purchase of this item exceeds your budget.