Best La-Z-Boy Recliners

Young or old, back pain has become a prevalent issue among all. It is not only due to the age factor. There can be several reasons behind it. For instance, prolonged sittings on an uneasy chair can lead to back pain. Several accidents can cause back pain too. So, there is not a specific group of people suffering from this problem, and it can happen to anyone. 

One common solution to the problem is a recliner. Recliners are chairs designed to offer comfort by evenly distributing your weight and reducing pressure on your joints and muscles. They serve as good pain relievers that you can easily keep in your room. 

The best recliner manufacturing company so far is the La-Z-Boy. The brand has been in the market since 1927 and has manufactured amazing recliners that add comfort and class to your place. La-Z-Boy has an extensive network of dealers providing its products in various parts of the world, making it a globally acknowledged furniture brand. 

Our Pick

La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recliner

Best Overall

La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recliner is a formal style and exceptionally comfy recliner which your aching joints and muscles are craving for. 

How Was This List Made? 

La-Z-Boy aims to produce high-quality, environment-friendly furniture by increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste. Moreover, the company offers you to customize each piece of your furniture in your own way. You also get the option to connect with La-Z-Boy’s expert designers for free expert advice. 

If you are already planning to look for a recliner, here is a list we made based on the preferences of several customers that have been using recliners and have some genuine results to share. 

La-Z-Boy’s iconic recliners are among the best-selling recliners on Amazon. The following table shows their Amazon ratings.

Best in Budget


La-Z-Boy Calvin Recliner

  • Has a durable build 
  • USB portal 
  • Easy to assemble 

Best in Design


La-Z-Boy Niagara Recliner

  • Great lumbar support 
  • Has sturdy construction 
  • Attractive appearance 

Most Durable


La-Z-Boy Reese Recliner

  • Smaller in size than usual 
  • Durable construction 
  • Noise-free reclining motor

Top 5 Best La-Z-Boy Recliners for Back Pain

1. REFICCER High Back Big & Tall 400lb Leather Office Chair

a formal style and exceptionally comfy recliner

  • Has a durable build 
  • USB portal 
  • Unlimited relaxing positions 
  • Smooth operations 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Slow customer service 
  • No instructions for assembling is provided

La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recliner is a formal style and exceptionally comfy recliner. Its generously cushion-padded body is what your aching joints and muscles crave exactly. 

The brand had this amazing recliner handcrafted in the USA, using imported parts for premium-quality manufacturing. The blown fiber fillings of the cushion of the recliner guarantees its durability. It has an exceptional quality granite textile covering, which feels like butter. 

The recliner has a split-pillow back, which ensures complete support on your head as well as the lower back and hence it is the best lazy boy recliner for sleeping. The sturdy and cushioned armrest and footrest provide extra support and comfort to your body. 

The control panel on the side of the chair enables smooth and easy controls. You can use the provided buttons to adjust your recliner to your best resting position. This recliner can prove to be an awesome choice based on the number of relaxing positions it offers. You can operate the back and the footrest separately according to your needs. You can recline the back into any position, flattening it down to 67.5 inches without moving your footrest even an inch, and the recliner will be fine. You can rock the chair when not reclining. 

Not only this, the recliner has enough room to turn into a single bed. There is a built-in USB port to let you charge your phone, laptop, or tablet while enjoying your time on the chair. The product arrives in two parts, i.e., the body and the backrest, but it is quite easy to assemble and hardly takes a minute or two. The manufacturer has provided a limited time warranty of this luxurious recliner.


This Calvin Power Recliner is quite easy to assemble and offers exceptional comfort with a wide range of positions to set your leg rest. The built-in USB further adds to the enjoyable features of the recliner.

2. La-Z-Boy Niagara Recliner

offers head-to-toe support through its waterfall chaise structure

  • Great comfort and lumbar support 
  • You can adjust the recliner into different positions 
  • Has sturdy and durable construction 
  • Attractive appearance 
  • Difficult to assemble 
  • Handles can be difficult to use 
  • The leg rest is short for people over 5’7” 
  • Does not have a USB port 

This Niagara recliner offers head-to-toe support through its waterfall chaise structure. It provides extra support to your body even to your thighs and legs. 

The comfy and smoky fossil fabric of the recliner, along with the detailed stitching on the polyester fabric, enhances its looks, making it compliment almost all the room themes. You can easily fit the recliner in small rooms due to its limited size. 

La-Z-Boy has used blown fiber-filled cushions to cover the back and the seat of the recliner for extreme comfort and durability. The armrest supports your arm, neck, and shoulder, relieving you from any kind of pain in these parts. The comfy footrest has three adjustable positions to suit your comfort level. There are handles on each side of the footrest to provide ease of adjustability. You can adjust the back and the footrest together or independently whichever way you like. 

The recliner comes preassembled and in two parts, the body, and the backrest. However, assembling it isn’t as easy as the other recliners by the brand. It might take you around thirty minutes or more to get it in one piece. You’ll have to place the recliner at least 15 inches away from the wall so that it can recline completely. 


The size of the recliner makes it a suitable choice for small rooms. It offers complete body support with an attractive appearance. 

3. La-Z-Boy Reese Recliner

for a classic and comfortable reclining experience

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Smooth texture 
  • Smaller in size than usual 
  • Durable construction 
  • USB port 
  • Noise-free reclining motor
  • Easy to clean fabric 
  • Less cushioned than other La-Z-Boy recliners 
  • The handle is a little lower to adjust 
  • The chair is not suitable for people with heights over 5 ft. 7 inches

This recliner is a great piece to add to your room for a classic and comfortable reclining experience. 

The cover of the recliner is a chocolaty and sleek fabric, which gives it a very smooth touch along with the plush cushion filling. The fabric type is iClean, which has spill and dirt resistant properties. That makes it easy to clean and maintain the recliner. 

The pillow-top armrest and split back support not only your back but also your neck, arm, and shoulder. You can leisurely rock the chair when not reclining with a completely noiseless rocking motor. 

The frame of the chair is quite durable and sturdy. It has a built-in USB port to enable you to power your phones, laptops, and tablets anytime you want. 

The footrest, along with the back seat, offers several different reclining positions. You can adjust the two together or independently, depending upon your needs. The footrest offers three different reclining positions to which you can easily adjust with the help of the handle on the right side of the footrest. Once you set the footrest to your required position, secure it by locking the handle. It will keep the footrest in place, and you’ll not have to adjust it repeatedly.


The premium-quality recliner with noiseless motor is a nice piece to add to your room. Its built-in USB port makes it even more desirable; however, its limited height requires one to reconsider before purchasing. 

4. La-Z-Boy Niagara Recliner, Granite

a split-pillow design to support your head as well as the lower back

  • Well-built 
  • Suitable for heights up to 6 ft. 
  • Adjustable leg rest 
  • Quite comfortable 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • The padding on the back has reported slipping once 
  • The lock may not be reliable 

For a good quality recliner, you need to consider this amazing Niagara recliner by La-Z-Boy, handcrafted in the USA with imported parts. 

The recliner has a split-pillow design to support your head as well as the lower back. The armrest has generous padding with super-soft cushions. The blown fiber filled in the cushions of the recliner grants them durability and extra comfort. It also enables them to retain their shape for a long time. 

The recliner, like all the other members of its family, offers different reclining positions. Its footrest offers three height options which you can choose according to your needs. You can also recline the backrest whenever you want. One good thing is that you can recline the footrest and the backrest together or independently. 

You can use the handles provided on the outer side of both the armrests for changing the position of the footrest. They are quite convenient and easy to manage. Once you have found your required position, you can secure it by locking the handle. It ensures a secured reclining experience. 

You can enjoy rocking on the chair when not reclining. The chair is suitable for people with height under 6 ft. and considered as best lazy boy recliner for tall man. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty of this great recliner.


The Niagara recliner is an excellent choice to deal with back pain based on its waterfall shaped chaise seat but only if your height is under 6 ft.

5. La-Z-Boy Duncan Recliner

An excellent construction and durable structure by the brand

  • Easy operation 
  • Leg rest adjustability 
  • Durable 
  • Comes with a warranty 
  • Uses recycled leather
  • Has a noisy rocking motor 
  • It might not be as suitable for people over 6 ft.

The wingback silhouette of this Duncan recliner makes it another classic piece by La-Z-Boy. It can fit a variety of room décors. 

The company has imported certain parts of this recliner from various regions of the country and had them handcrafted together to form the recliner, which guarantees excellent construction and durable structure by the brand. 

The handles provided on the side of the armrest allow you to recline the footrest to three different reclining positions, based on your needs and comfort. 

The recliner utilizes recycled leather, which looks completely new and feels super soft. The seat of the recliner has plush cushions and chaise footrest to support your lower body in the reclining position completely. The blown fiber in the cushions makes them plush and enables them to retain their shapes for a long time. You can turn the recliner into a rocking chair when not reclining. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


The Duncan is a good choice if you are looking for a leather recliner with enhanced comfort and classic look.

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The Essential Buying Guide

Before making the final decision, here are some features that you must look for in any La-Z-Boy Recliner for back pain. 

  • Size of the Room 

Recliners come in various sizes. Some might be too big for your room, while others might just be the right size. There should be enough space behind the recliner for it to recline. You can ask the salesperson about the sizes of the recliners, check them yourself, or look into their manuals.  

  • Size of your Body 

When buying a recliner, you also have to consider your body size. The recliner must have enough space for you to sit. Also, its length should not be too big or small. A too-big recliner will be difficult to control, and a too-small recliner can be uncomfortable. For a comfortable height, you must ensure that your feet touch the ground while in the sitting position. 

  • Material 

La-Z-Boy recliners come with over 900 different covering materials. All of them are of good quality and are durable. They also offer a variety of styles and designs, which makes them an appropriate choice for a wide range of room decors. 

  • Adjustable Leg Rest 

Most of the La-Z-Boy recliners have at least three adjustable leg rest positions. Make sure you have the adjustability feature to be able to manage it according to your needs. 

  • Assembly 

Some La-Z-Boy recliners are difficult to assemble. However, some of them are quite easy too. So, you must check the assembling process of the recliner before you pay for it. 

  • Cost 

La-Z-Boy offers a cost range of $299 to $4000 for its recliners. Although they are worth the price, they can affect your budget. So, try to choose the one that can fulfill your needs at the minimum cost. 


La-Z-Boy offers several recliners with unique properties to help you soothe your back pain in a classy and comfortable way. Their sturdy and durable construction makes them a one-time investment. The Calvin Power Recliner is the top pick by most users. Calvin recliner is the most affordable of all recliners reviewed in the article, with a price of $501. However, the ones with the USB port can offer next-level comfort if they are suitable for your height.