Best Ergonomic Office Chair under $1000

If you were to take a poll of 100 people asking them to name that one thing they look for in an office chair, they all would have their own personal preferences. This is simply because the concept of a ‘perfect chair’ is a relative term. 

For some users, the top priority is comfort; for others, it could be the aesthetic appeal or features, and for others, it’s the price tag. But when you are looking for the best office chair under $1000, it should be a fine blend of all these qualities.

Our Pick

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Best Overall

A chair known for unrivaled comfort, support, and adjustability.

While putting together our top choices for this category, we went beyond the usual tests and considerations. Along with size, shape, adjustability, and add-ons, our team of ergonomists considered the unique engineering, technology, and specially designed materials that the manufacturers boast of. 

What we have here are the most aesthetically appealing and utterly comfortable seating solutions that are designed for the long run. So let’s get started and unravel our recommendations.  

Best in Design


Steelcase Gesture Chair

  • 360° adjustable armrest 
  • 12 years Steelcase warranty 
  • Shipped pre-assembled

Most Comfortable


Ergohuman Swivel Chair

  • Breathable mesh back 
  • Adjustable lumbar support 
  • Helpful for chronic back pain

Best in Budget


Steelcase Fabric Chair

  • Natural glide design
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Shipped fully assembled

Best Office Chair under $1000

1. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

Finest quality with the best of style, ergonomics, and comfort

  • Intelligent design that customizes seating comfort for every user
  • Butterfly mesh backrest for better airflow 
  • Adjustable seat height, tilt, armrest, and lumbar support
  • FlexFront Adjustable Seat Depth
  • 12 years Herman Hiller warranty 
  • Eco-friendly product: Made of 43% recycled materials. The chair is 93% recyclable. 
  • Shipped pre-assembled by experts
  • N/A

If you have researched the office furniture segment a bit, you know that Herman Miller is a legendary brand to own. The dynamic hybrid design of the Mirra 2 catches your eyes instantly. The designers say that the Mirra 2, shaped like a ‘running shoe,’ is designed specifically for motion. 

This chair takes the comfort of an excellent office chair beyond the mere lumbar support. The ten different adjustment mechanisms are intended to customize your seating solution to perfection. 


We feel like a child in a candy store when we test fabulous chairs like the Mirra 2. The chair is pure excellence in design, which sets a new standard for its competitors. Visually stunning butterfly backrest well supports your back. 

A seasoned blogger who has tested the chair for several months says that the Mirra 2 offers the perfect spot for working professionals looking for optimum comfort. The highly advanced ergonomic design and adjustment mechanism helps you move, relax, and swivel with ease. 

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair

A chair known for unrivaled comfort, support, and adjustability

  • Sleek and futuristic design makes a strong style statement
  • 360° adjustable armrest 
  • Adaptive bolsters in seat adjust comfort and support for each user
  • 3D LikeBack automatically adjusts to the natural curve of your spine
  • 12 years Steelcase warranty 
  • Shipped pre-assembled by expert
  • N/A

There are office chairs, and then there are exceptional office chairs! The Steelcase Gesture is a leader among its equals. A chair that demands an investment of nearly $1000, fully justifies the price tag with its advanced technology and high-class style.

The experts at Steelcase say that they studied more than 2000 working professionals and their postures before creating Gesture. The futuristic design of Gesture is meant to cater to the ergonomic needs of people in different working conditions. 

The makers have thrown in an expansive color pallet and material combination to help you personalize that perfect looking office chair. It certainly pleases your back and your sight! 


The Gesture is much more than a comfortable chair. It actively supports your entire body in varied positions thanks to the synchronized movement of the backrest and seat. 

A Reddit user who spends nearly 10 hrs in this chair daily says, it behaves more like an Iron Man suit, perfectly supporting your back and butt. Another user is so pleased with the prime quality materials that he gladly says, ‘it feels like a Porsche.’ 

Even though there are numerous adjustments, the chair is intuitive and easy to handle. Being one of the best office chairs under $1000, the Gesture is a worthy investment. 

3. Haworth Fern High-Performance Office Chair

A sustainable and healthier seating solution that's good for you and the environment

  • Innovative ergonomic design that responds to your movement 
  • Strong aluminum base and rolling casters for stability
  • Compact design and adjustable armrest makes it suitable for compact office space
  • Shipped pre-assembled by expert
  • GREENGUARD Gold and BIFMA, level 3 certified.
  • Comes in pleasant color combinations 
  • N/A

Owning a chair that is inspired by nature is quite soothing! With an innovative design concept, the Haworth Fern is a first of its kind task chair offering’ edgeless comfort’. 

The Wave Suspension system of Fern is designed using advanced engineering and research meant to elevate the comfort, flexibility, and balance of an ergonomic office chair. We certainly know that this is one of the most practical options for the best budget office chairs.

The Fern looks aesthetically more approachable and warm rather than mechanical. When you purchase a Haworth Fern, which contains fewer chemicals and more eco-friendly materials, you are making an environmentally responsible decision.


This deceivingly simple looking chair packs a punch when it comes to comfort. The soft seat with adjustable seat depth and prime mesh back put the user at ease right away. 

Regardless of your height, weight, posture, or duration of work, the unique back design supports your every motion. Several users who are all praises for the Fern say that its lumbar support is top-notch. 

People who were previously using an expensive office chair switched to Fern for good. They seem to have found relief from chronic back pain and stiff legs. A tall professional who absolutely loves this chair says that his back feels happy even after 8 hours of sitting. 

This sure is a chair built to enhance your wellbeing! 

4. SIDIZ T80 Ergonomic Home Desk Chair

Best in class ergonomics and comfort with the specially designed synchro-tilt mechanism

  • Designed using the most modern technology in the field
  • Ultimate comfort with the ultimate sync tilt system
  • High-grade seat cushion with memory foam and elastic sponge 
  • High quality breathable mesh back
  • Grabs your eye right away 
  • Durable construction 
  • N/A

It is incredible to know that T80 is the result of 6 years of research and collaboration between some of the smartest minds in the industry. Authentic German design doesn’t stop to ‘wow’ you with its distinct built.

As one of our favorite contenders for the best office chair. T80’s extremely refined design is both elegant and futuristic. This chair is sure to grab eyeballs wherever you place it. The “Ultimate Sync” mechanism optimizes the chair’s ergonomics based on your movement.

You can adjust the height and angle of the headrest to support your head in every position adequately. Allow your shoulders to be relaxed with the 4-way adjustable armrest. Quick and easy access to tilt tension adjustment helps you shift positions with ease. 


Hundreds of users and our experts don’t shy away from calling the T80 as the ‘ultimate seating comfort.’ Priced nearly $300 below your budget, this chair delivers extreme lumbar support and joy of sitting like no other chair. 

A Reddit user says that the seat cushion is so comfortable that it embraces your body in every working mode. The 4 level tilt angle controls help you find the perfect posture. 

The plethora of adjustment features allows the tallest and the weightiest of users to adjust this chair’s ergonomics to suit their comfort. It sure is an economical alternative to a pricey designer office chair. 

5. EUROTECH Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

A high-grade mesh chair with eight ergonomic adjustments to suit every kind of user

  • High-grade breathable mesh back 
  • High back adjustable lumbar support 
  • Plenty of adjustment options for a perfect seating experience 
  • Chrome/polypropylene base with nylon casters.
  • Helpful for people with chronic back pain
  • Some users found the armrest to be uncomfortable

If you are a gamer or working professional who spends more hours on his office chair than usual, you need the best lumbar support. The EUROTECH Ergohuman chair is specially designed, keeping in mind those long working hours. 

The makers have thrown in 8 different kinds of adjustability features to cater to every user’s unique seating needs. Adjustable headrest and 2 part backrest can be customized for the tallest and shortest of users. 

With 97% recyclable components, this is an extremely eco-friendly chair that deserves a place in your office. 


Our team of experts took the time to test all the various adjustabilities on offer, and we must agree that it is a versatile office chair. The mesh material is superior and durable. 

We read that a weighty user is pretty impressed because the lumbar support and seat base of this chair is much better than the $900 chair in his office. 

With a price of nearly $300 lesser than your budget, the Ergohuman chair is a steal deal without giving up on the quality of ergonomics. If the mesh chair is what you are looking for, this is one of the choicest picks for the best computer chair for long hours.

6. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The unique LiveBack feature offers customized support mimicking the user's spine shape

  • Liveback patented technology mimics the natural shape of your spine for ultimate comfort 
  • Natural glide design promotes healthy posture
  • Sustainable product with 30% recycled content 
  • Adjustable seat depth, four ways adjustable armrest
  • Roller wheels for effortless mobility
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • No headrest 

Our back displays a unique movement when we recline. Engineering  a chair that understands this spinal movement is hugely vital to designing the ultimate ergonomic seating experience. 

Steelcase Leap is a new-age seating solution inspired by users and meant to deliver next-level comfort and productivity. It is an excellent example of craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and sustainability.

The Leap with its minute adjustments can support your back at the right pressure points, divert stress, and fatigue away from lower back and help you develop a healthy posture. 


When the makers of Leap say that it changes shape, they mean it. When our team of experts with various body types tried the chair, each one of us felt well supported by the backrest. 

The natural glide system enables you to maintain the right posture even when you recline at different angles. This essentially means that you can find the most relaxing position without hindering your work. 

The fact that the Leap is Steelcase’s No1 selling ergonomic chair speaks volumes about its comfort and quality. It is highly appreciated for its uncompromising quality, excellent engineering, and upmarket styling. 

7. X Chair X2 Executive Task Chair

SciFloat Infinite Recline technology, improving circulation and energy

  • Executive chair with K-Sport skin-friendly mesh 
  • Excellent lumbar support and recline technology
  • Modern design and vibrant colors 
  • 4-way adjustable armrest 
  • Independently adjustable headrest 
  • Few users found the backrest to be too stiff

Sitting in your office chair in a static position can not only damage your back but the nervous system too. The solution is to find the best office chair for lower back pain that helps you recline and flex your back and legs regularly. 

The designers of X2 use dynamic variable lumbar (DVL) support technology to customize ultimate seating comfort for every user. As the high back design supports your entire back, the adjustable headrest renders additional flexibility. 


If you prefer a high-grade mesh office chair over leather or fabric, then the X2 is the right fit for you. The unique K-Sport mesh back is divided into two parts with height adjustment control to support your upper and lower back separately. 

Adjustable seat height and depth can be tweaked based on your posture. Tilt tension and lock system along with SciFloat recline technology promote motion, better circulation, and minimal fatigue. 

Working professionals say that this chair has increased their work productivity and fitness level. The chair can last for years together, making it a worthy investment. 

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The Essential Buying Guide for Ergonomic Office Chair Under $1000

With a $1000 budget for your office chair, you enter the premium segment. You are spoilt for choice as far as quality and functionalities of office chairs in this category are concerned. 

While each of these features is aimed at enhancing the ergonomics and comfort of a chair, you may not require your chair to have all of them. It is imperative that your understand them and know what you need and what you don’t. 

Get clued-up and understand office furniture better with our expert buying guide. 

1. Lumbar Support

Chronic back pain is becoming increasingly common among working professionals who spend hours at their work desk. As simple as purchasing an office chair with adequate lumbar support, can be the solution for this suffering. 

A chair’s lumbar support must be height and depth adjustable for people of different sizes. Smartly engineered office chairs come with advanced lumbar support that adjusts itself to the curve of your lower back to help you find a good sitting position. 

2. Types of Backrest Design

The contenders for the office chair under 1000 dollars will offer you several design options, especially with their backrest. You can opt for a high back or a medium back chair based on your height. 

Wing-shaped backrest, S-shaped curve, or wider backrest offer distinct comfort and support. The number of hours you would spend on this chair every day, your body structure, age, and health issues should be considered while selecting the most suitable backrest design. 

3. Seat Design

As crucial as the backrest is a chair’s seat pan. If a chair makes you feel like sitting on a stone slab, it needs to be replaced right away. The ideal ergonomic chair should have a firm yet comforting seat. 

It should be sufficiently wide, deep, and have a waterfall design to enhance under-thigh comfort. The soft contours of the seat help distribute the weight evenly, relaxing your knees and lower back. 

4. Tilting Mechanism

If there is one essential mechanism to be present in your office chair, it would be an advanced tilt mechanism. This controls and refines the reclining motion of your chair to perfection. 

Tilt tension knob controls how hard or gentle the recline of your chair would be. You can use the tilt lock to hold the recline at the desired angle and enjoy a comfortable posture. If a chair offers a forward tilt feature, we recommend you to consider it. 

5. Adjustability 

While a few standard adjustment features are common in most of the good office chairs, there are a few more that make a great deal of difference. 

You should consider features like headrest height, depth and angle adjustment, 4-way armrest adjustment, seat depth, lumbar pillow depth, backrest curve, and so on. As engineers work towards refining these adjustments, seating solutions are becoming more comforting day by day.

6. Material 

You can be confident that a under $1000 office chair will be made of superior materials. The real question is, what would you prefer – leather, mesh, or fabric? While leather looks luxurious, fabric and mesh are more breathable. 

Leading office furniture manufacturers are preferring sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are good for the users as well. It would only be wise to select a chair that is stunning to look at and healthy for your body. 

7. Manufacturer and Warranty

The manufacturer matters when you are spending $1000 on your next office chair. Invest in a chair engineered and designed by a brand that is on top of its game. You can enjoy their brand assurance, latest technology, and top-class customer support. 

A manufacturer would have built their best office chair to last for years together. A manufacturer warranty for 5-10 years covering every part of the chair is a good deal. 

You should also take into consideration the return and money-back policies, just in case you dislike the chair you ordered. 


With our top recommendations for the best office chair under $1000, being Steelcase Gesture Chairit’s time to upscale your working style. Excellent engineering and superior comfort offered by the top brands in the market are within your reach. 

We are sure that bringing in one of these stunning chairs would turn your office or home office into your most favorite space. So, go ahead and make a choice.