10 Best Office Chairs under $200

What is the most essential piece of furniture in your office or home office? We are sure you would say the ‘office chair’ and why not, as you spend up to 10 hours in that chair every day. Studies show that more than 35% of the professionals suffer from work-related musculoskeletal problems which include chronic back pain due to the wrong posture. If you are someone who knows what that pain feels like or if you wish to avoid it for the rest of your life, it is time to take a prudent decision. Switch your regular chair with the right ergonomic office chair that will improve your posture, reduce fatigue levels and enhance your productivity at work. 

Our Pick

Smugdesk Ergonomics Chair

Best Overall

This model means business with a robust design with aggressive lumbar support.

Our team of experts has put together a comprehensive list of the ten best office chairs under $200 to get you started. This credible list is based on our study of several office chair brands, leading trends, customer reviews, and our analysis. We assure you, without spending thousands of dollars, you can own the most stylish and comfortable office chair. Allow us to help you make an informed decision in buying the best budget office chair.

Best in Design


Ergonomics Mesh Chair

  • Excellent lumbar support 
  • Waterfall edge for support
  • Lightweight office chair 

Best Support


Duramont Ergonomic Chair

  • Unmatched lumber support
  • Fine grade mesh
  • Rollerblade caster wheels

Best in Budget


REFICCER High Back Chair

  • Premium quality leather 
  • 360° back twist massage 
  • Long-lasting structure 

5 Best Office Chair under $200 in 2020

1. Smugdesk Ergonomics Mesh Chair

means business with a robust design with aggressive lumbar support

  • Excellent lumbar support 
  • 3D adjustable headrest and armrest
  • Premium quality mesh keep you fresh, cool and relaxed
  • Waterfall edge better supports your thighs
  • Lightweight office chair weighing 45.4 pounds 
  • Robust steel frame supports up to 300 pounds of weight 
  • Casters may get stuck if your chair is placed on a carpet or an uneven surface
  • The backrest should have offered more tilt

Who says your office chair has to be anything boring? The Smugdesk Ergonomics Mesh Chair is our top choice for the best ergonomic chair for working professionals. This piece of furniture fits in all the premium features within a sleek price tag. The back frame is divided into two sections to support your spine and lower back separately as well as to reduce fatigue. Superior quality breathable mesh back keeps you relaxed and sweat-free all day long. 


The hundreds of users who have used this chair are all praises with someone saying it feels like ‘lying on a cloud’. The one feature that most of them talk about is the unmatched lumber support this chair provides. The sturdy, robust structure makes it extremely durable yet easy to handle.

2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Various adjustment features help you customize the best seating experience

  • Unmatched lumber support with noteworthy adjustment features 
  • Slight ‘s’ shaped back for maximum back support 
  • Fine grade mesh keeps you fresh and sweat-free
  • Rollerblade caster wheels for better movement 
  • Can manage up to 330 pounds of weight effortlessly
  • You have to shell out an additional $50 for this chair
  • Some users found the cushion to be a little too firm

Here is an office chair that your back will fall in love with. The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair lives up to its name, offering a long list of adjustment settings to suit every user. The neatly crafted ‘s’ shaped backrest eliminates chances of spine fatigue that professionals commonly suffer from. The breathable mesh is the perfect fix for those sweaty days. 


This is a highly recommended and loved office chair for the absolute comfort it provides. People with severe back pain have switched to this chair and found commendable relief. Adjustable height, tilt and armrest offer unmatched flexibility to the user. You should not be surprised if you fall asleep in this chair someday or the other, for it’s that comfortable!

3. REFICCER High Back Office Chair

thick and soft lumber cushion for excellent support with 360° back twist massage

  • Premium quality bonded leather 
  • High-density foam padding for excellent lumber and back support
  • 360° elastic back twist massage 
  • 360 degrees swivel for effortless movement
  • Tilt tension knob to adjust flexibility from 90 to 110° while rocking back and forth. 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting structure 
  • Superior steel frame supports up to 250 pounds of weight 
  • Marginally over budget 

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long hours can lead to excruciating pain in the neck and back. If you have been suffering from such pain, the REFICCER High Back Office Chair is the product to go for. This is one of the highly-rated office chairs under $200, bringing you unmatched comfort within your budget. Weighing just 44 pounds, the chair is easy to assemble and move around. The breathable bonded leather adds a classy touch to your office. 


The high back design is specifically meant to provide additional support to your entire spine. Users have found this chair to be extremely comfortable and relaxing even after sitting in it for hours. Breathable leather avoids excessive sweating. The rocking feature better supports your posture, thus reducing back pain. 

4. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

The comfort of a recliner in an office chair that looks premium, feels premium

  • Excellent design and built with quality material 
  • A classy design adds a posh element to your office 
  • Excellent lumbar support to your head, spine and lower back 
  • Recline from 90 -155 degrees with a footrest to relax during work hours 
  • Mesh back keeps you fresh during a summertime 
  • Taller users found the footrest to be a little too short of supporting their legs

Are you looking for the cozy comfort of a recliner clubbed with the ergonomic built of an office chair? Hbada turns your wish into a reality that offers elevated comfort  as one of the best leather office chair. The looks and finish of this chair can give those expensive high-end office chairs a run for their money. The contour of the chair matches the natural shape of the human body, and the angle of the headrest adjusts according to your posture.


Users have fallen in love with this chair at first sight. The sleek and plush design speaks of class, quality and a sense of premium taste. Apart from the excellent lumbar support, users adore the recline feature, which allows you to relax or take a quick nap right in your office chair. Armrest, headrest and the footrest can easily be adjusted to a reclining posture.

5. OFFICE FACTOR Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Back Mesh Leather Seat

Contemporary design brings the best of aesthetics and comfort within the budget

  • Ergonomic yet minimalistic design 
  • Carved back provides maximum support 
  • Extremely lightweight yet sturdy model 
  • Flip-up armrest for additional flexibility
  • Can handle up to 250 pounds of weight 
  • No headrest 
  • Poor quality wheels

A sleek office demands an elegant office chair that does not compromise on comfort. The Office Factor Executive Ergonomic office chair seamlessly meets such a demand. While the breathable mesh back keeps you relaxed, the bonded leather seat with enhanced foam density provides better thigh support. 


The most appreciated feature of this office chair is its minimalistic design. It is a perfect piece of furniture for your home office, workplace or even for students. Forward pitch mechanism helps you maintain the right posture all day long. Users could easily adjust the height of the chair to meet their requirement. 

6. Hbada Ergonomic Office Desk Chair with Adjustable Armrest

Backrest design mimics the shape of the human spine to provide constant support

  • Sturdy frame with a skin-friendly mesh back 
  • Excellent lumbar support 
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest 
  • Recline angle of 90° to 125°
  • Contemporary and sleek design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds 
  • Some users found the seat to be a bit stiff

The best way to fix your posture is to use an office chair that has a smart design. Hbada Ergonomic office desk chair packs in all the features of a high-end office chair within the $200 budget. Headrest, armrest, recline and height can all be adjusted to deliver maximum sitting comfort. Breathable mesh back and well-cushioned seat keeps you relaxed all day long. 


People who spend hours together in their office chairs say that this is one of the best chairs they have used, hands down! The various adjustment features help customize the chair to your liking. Additional recline angle enables you to relax for a moment right in your Hbada Ergonomic office chair.

7. Big & Tall Heavy Duty Executive Chair 500 Lbs

Sturdy, classy and extra-large office chair to provide comfort to users of all sizes

  • Well padded frame for enhanced back and thigh support 
  • Ergonomic design with padded armrest 
  • 360° swivel for additional mobility 
  • Extra seating comfort with high-density cushion 
  • This heavy-duty chair can handle up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Excessive lumber support makes you feel uncomfortable 
  • Too high to fit into a desk

If those regular office chairs scream discomfort to you, it’s time to change your office chair. The Big & Tall Heavy Duty Executive Chair 500 Lbs is built, keeping in mind the heavyweight professionals. The backrest is designed to suit the natural curve of your back, providing maximum support. Thick cushioning and tilt adjustment ensures that your thighs are well supported. With this office chair, you can say goodbye to discomfort. 


People who prefer a more spacious chair have given big thumbs up to this office chair. It can easily bear the weight of users with a heavier built. The sturdy frame makes it more durable. People who have used it for several weeks experienced considerable relief from back and knee pain.

8. KERMS High Back PU Leather Executive Office Chair

Superior leather, high back design and soft cushioning make this chair a stylish choice

  • Aesthetically appealing and modernistic design 
  • Recline from 90 to 120 degrees with tilt lock mechanism 
  • High-density foam prolonged seating comfort 
  • Carved backrest reduces the stress of on your back 
  • Can handle up to 250 pounds of weight 
  • 360° swivel adds to your mobility 
  • Requires frequent cleaning and maintenance

You might be one of those people who are not very fond of mesh back and would prefer a more classy office chair. If so, consider the KERMS High Back PU Leather Executive Office Chair. The glossy PU leather delivers the premium looks, whereas the quality lumbar support elevates the comfort level. Adjust the height or recline angle to enjoy the right sitting posture. 


Working professionals, gamers, students and even the users at home are all praises about the comfort this chair offers. The chair is lightweight and easy to manure. Even after sitting for hours together, your thighs or back won’t feel exhausted. Users say that the all leather design makes this office chair look expensive and ‘beautiful’. 

9. AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair

Adds a wow factor to your corporate office or home office blending class with comfort

  • It is an excellent blend of style and durability 
  • High-back design supports your back completely 
  • Rolling caster wheels for extra safety and mobility 
  • 360-degree swivel 
  • Segmented padding for adequate support to your body
  • Recline adjustment is a bit stiff 
  • Leather needs additional maintenance 

Do you want your office chair to make a style statement? If so, take a look at the AmazonCommercial Bonded Leather Executive Chair. A similar design by a premium brand may cost you thousands of dollars, whereas this chair fits right into your budget. It stands out among all the regular office chairs with its luxurious looks and enhanced comfort. 


Users were impressed with excellent lumbar support suitable for long working hours. It is easy to assemble and has a sturdy built. The bonded leather feels soft and comforting. One can adjust the height, recline and armrest according to their posture. 

10. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

Classy design and appealing looks with excellent lumbar support

  • Gives a premium feel within your budget 
  • High-back design minimizes back fatigue 
  • Ribbed Puresoft PU offers enhanced seating comfort 
  • 360° swivel adds to your mobility 
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds 
  • Tilt adjustment not available 
  • Back and the seat padding is thin compared to other products in this price range 

The AmazonBasic High-Back office chair can simply be defined as premium yet affordable. This chair can elevate the aesthetics of any office instantly. The high back curved design supports your back all the way through. Superior grade faux leather and chrome finish will maintain the plush look for a long time. 


The chair is meant for everyday use, be it at home or office. People who have used this chair for months together say that is quite comfortable. It is easy to manure even in small office spaces. With a curved back and good seat depth, users did not feel any noticeable stress or fatigue. 

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Buying Guide for Office Chairs Under 200 dollars

We all know by now that not all office chairs are created equally. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of features in terms of design, comfort, aesthetic appeal and much more. These details may simply leave you overwhelmed and utterly confused. Here we bring you our comprehensive buying guide for the right office chair to help you understand the vital features and buy the best ergonomicoffice chair under $200 for yourself. 

  1. Backrest design: long working hours take a toll on your spine, leading to chronic back pain. An office chair designed to follow the natural curve of your back provides support and helps maintain the right posture. You should select an ergonomic office chair with tilt adjust feature.  
  2. Lumbar support: Always pick an office chair with a contoured backrest that offers maximum lumber support. The design should ensure that your lower back is slightly arched so that you don’t slump while working. This feature prevents any stress or fatigue of the lumbar disks in your spine. 
  3. Breathable skin-friendly material: On average, you would spend 1/3 of your day on your office chair. To ensure that you go through your working hours relaxed and comfortable, opt for an office chair with superior quality breathable material. Office chairs with a skin-friendly mesh back would be the ideal choice for anyone who is prone to excessive sweating. 
  4. Seat depth and width: the seat of your chair should be spacious enough to support your bottom. Not only is the depth and breadth of the seat important, but the shape plays a vital role as well. Adequate thigh support is required to relieve pressure from your lower back knee while sitting. Depending on your height and weight, select a chair with a comfortable seat.
  5. Height adjustment: One of the most critical features in your office chair is height adjustment. With the help of a simple lever, you should be able to increase or reduce the height of your seat to ensure your feet are firmly grounded, and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Ensure that the height adjustment level is easily accessible and not overly complicated.
  6. Comfortable armrest: An office chair with armrests is always a better choice. Armrest height adjustability and flip features offer flexibility and comfort. Placing your arms on the armrest takes some stress off your shoulder and neck, helping you to relax better.
  7. Adequate recline angle: A good office chair will always have a backrest that reclines about 20-30 degrees. This feature helps you to relax your back and neck every once in a while. Recline lock mechanism enables you to position the backrest in the most comfortable position. 
  8. Swivel and casters for mobility: There is nothing more annoying than an office chair with a stiff or immobile seat. Select a chair that has 360° swivel, which helps you to turn in any direction. Robust casters will allow you to move around the floor with ease. 


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best office chair under $200 simply because there are that many choices in the market. So our recommendation would be the Smugdesk Ergonomics Mesh Chair.​ It all boils down to what your priorities and style preference are. Go ahead and order what your heart is fixed upon.