5 Best Recliners Under $200

5 Best Recliners Under $200

Merely searching for the best recliners under 200 won’t help you in buying the right recliner! Let’s face it; buying a recliner isn’t that easy as it seems.

It should be comfortable, durable, and fit inside your budget. And that’s not it! There are some other things to consider, as well.

To save you from the hassle, we are here with the top 5 recliners under $200. Check out the reviews listed below to select a reliable recliner.

Furthermore, we have covered a guide as well that will help you in making an informed decision.

Our Pick

Giantex Recliner Chair

Best Overall

Lightweight, Spill and stain-resistant material makes it easy to maintain. Multiple massage modes with powerful vibration always makes you feel relaxed

How Was This List Made?

After spending several hours researching, we shortlisted the best five recliners under 200. Furthermore, we spend time asking bloggers and read numerous customer forums to look for customer reviews.

What we wanted is to choose the recliners that are highly comfortable and easy to use. Also, we filtered the recliners on various parameters such as material, comfort, durability, and ease of assembly.

What to Look For in your Recliner?

Before you buy the recliner based on its aesthetics, and style. It is essential to look for some important things that will impact comfort and lifespan of the recliner.

When choosing a recliner always consider your budget. When you have a figure in mind, you can easily make a buying decision.

Also, consider things such as how big the recliner should be, the material to choose, and the weight capacity.

With these things in mind you can make an informed decision by investing money in the right product.

Most Comfortable


Giantex Recliner Chair

  • Lightweight
  • Spill and stain-resistant material
  • Multiple massage modes with powerful vibration

Best in Design


JUMMICO Gaming Recliner Chair

  • Durable frame with non-tipping feet
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Excellent lumbar support

Best in Budget


Furniwell Recliner Chair

  • Eight massage modes
  • Comes with a timer feature
  • Big and comfy headrest

5 Best Recliners Under $200

1. Giantex Recliner Chair

COmes with multiple massage modes with powerful vibration

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spill and stain-resistant material
  • Multiple massage modes with powerful vibration
  • The massage vibrators are a bit noisy
  • No drink holders

Here is a power recliner from Giantex that is perfect for people with a big body stature. The big recliner has a beefy and cushioned seat that offers great comfort. Whether you need a recliner for watching TV, or for relaxing, consider this power recliner.

The remote controller lets you recline the chair with ease. Even kids and aged people can use it without any issues. Furthermore, the recliner chair has a massage feature, and it will relieve you from stress.

The chair has two powerful massage rollers placed strategically inside the backrest. You can activate the massage using the remote. Also, the remote has various buttons to adjust the massage intensity.

The PU leather material looks lavish, and is easy to maintain. Several customers appreciated the recliner for its spill-proof material. The reclining angle is between 90-160 degrees, and you can sit straight or lay down to relax.

The lumbar support is excellent, and the chair is good for people with back pain issues. The frame is robust, and durable. And it can support weight up to 275 lbs.

The recliner is easy to assemble, and it becomes ready-to-use as you plug the cable into the wall outlet. Further, there are two storage pockets, so keeping your favorite magazines handy is easy.

Lastly, the leather recliner is available in three attractive color options.


This is the PU leather recliner everyone in your family can use. It has an alloy steel frame for added durability and to resist rusting. Also, the reclines come with a UL-certification which makes it safe to use.

2. JUMMICO Gaming Recliner Chair

Has Dual Tone Color and Proved great lumbar support

  • Stylish design with dual-tone color
  • Durable frame with non-tipping feet
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • You need to get up to recline it
  • The material isn’t that durable

This gaming recliner chair from JUMMICO is something you can use for multiple purposes. The chair is perfect to play games, and to take a nap. So, you get versatility at its best. The look and feel of the recliner are premium.

The material is soft leather that enhances the comfort, and makes the recliner look aesthetic. The combination of blue and black ramps-up the style game. And, you will surely love to sit on this recliner chair.

Assembling it is a breeze, and you can put all the parts together within a few minutes. As it is a manual recliner, therefore you can recline it by pushing the backrest gently.

When it comes to comfort this gaming recliner will never disappoint you. It has a thick cushioned seat, with proper lumbar support and headrest. You will get the right level of comfort required to relax.

Furthermore, the plastic feet ensure added stability. And there is no need to use feet grippers with it, as the recliner won’t slide on the carpet. The big leg rest improves the overall comfort, and helps in reducing leg pain.

The study armrests are big, and let you place the gaming keyboard over it. You can move the chair to any room as it is lightweight, and has plastic feet.

The two storage pockets let you stash in magazines, gaming consoles, and other things. Moreover, the material is easy to clean, and you can keep the recliner in a spotlessly clean condition.

The max weight that the frame can bear is 265 lbs. Also, the seat height is 17.7”, and tall people can also use it to experience comfort.


This comfortable recliner has optimal lumbar support for those who suffer back pain. Also, it is a great product with a robust frame. The bigger storage pockets offer enough space to keep multiple things handy.

Lastly, it is available in two appealing color options that look attractive and stylish.

3. Furniwell Recliner Chair

This recliner comes with 8 massage modes and a comfy headrest

  • Eight massage modes
  • Doesn’t shake when you use the massage feature
  • Comes with a timer feature
  • Big and comfy headrest
  • Not ideal for people with a big body structure
  • Some users faced issues with the remote

Comfortable, and practical, this recliner from Furniwell can be a fantastic choice. Designed to offer comfort, the recliner chair has cushioned seat and backrest. It doesn’t look overstuffed, but you will get excellent comfort every time you hop over it.

The material is PU leather, and the recliner looks exquisite in its black color. Furthermore, cleaning the recliner is easy, and you can wipe it with a damp cloth. It is a power reclining chair that comes with a handy remote.

You can quickly recline the chair using the remote, which is convenient for the elderly. Also, it comes with two powerful massagers placed into the backrest.

The remote lets you control the massage intensity. And the recliner is an exemplary choice to relieve from stress and back pain. The soft foam enhances the comfort, and doesn’t get crushed easily.

You can adjust the recliner from 90-170 degrees, so it is good for watching TV, reading, or for taking a nap. Further, the quiet motor doesn’t disturb your sleep, and recliners the backrest smoothly.

The max weight the recliner supports is around 270 lbs. Even if you are heavy, you can use this recliner with ease. The rubberized feet are non-slippery, and don’t damage the floor.

Assembling the recliner requires 5-minutes only, and you don’t need professional help to do it. Overall, it is a complete package that offers style and comfort.

The curved armrests reward you with an ideal sitting position. And you will never mind spending time sitting on this recliner.


This recliner is best for folks that have a tight budget. The affordable chair is easy to maintain, and is perfect for sitting for a long time. Also, the material is gentle to the skin, and even your kids can use the recliner.

4. Vnewone sx102-brown Recliner Chair

Has Excellent weight capacity and is easy to clean

  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Soft and easy to clean leather
  • Non-marking feet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tall users will find it a bit small
  • Wrinkles can develop on the seat with time

Available in two colors, this comfortable recliner is suitable for every modern home. The material is polyurethane that’s highly durable, and looks exactly like leather. Further, the material requires less upkeep, and a damp cloth is enough to clean the recliner.

The recliner chair has a frame, made using wood and alloy for improved durability. The max weight it can support is 275 lbs, so be rest assured about its lifespan.

Further, the reclining angle is excellent, and you can quickly recline it by pushing the backrest. The leg rest pops up immediately after you recline the chair. Further, the chair offers three reclining positions that are ideal for watching TV, taking a nap, and reading.

It comes ready for the assembly, and all you have to do is put all the parts together, and the recliner is ready to use. The customers reported that the rubberized feet improve the stability, and don’t damage the floor.

The seat, armrests, and headrest have ample cushioning for incredible comfort. Just sit on the recliner, and feel the comfort that it offers.

The best part about this chair recliner is that it doesn’t squeak when you recline it. The reclining mechanism is sturdy and works well for years.

You can place the recliner in your living room, study room, or bedroom as it is lightweight and easy to move. Vnewone offers this best recliner under 200 in two fantastic colors: brown, and black.


This affordable recliner from Vnewone is an amazing option for your home and office. It provides excellent comfort, and anyone can use it to relax. Lastly, you can adjust the recliner within 95-160 degrees, and that makes it a great choice.

5. Tuoze Recliner Chair Ergonomic

Thick Padding and Wide Armrests offer enhanced comfort

  • Comfortable and thick padding
  • Wide armrests for better relaxation
  • Solid feet with high stability
  • Lightweight
  • The fabric requires regular cleaning
  • No drink holders, and storage pockets

Soft, and plush, this textile fabric recliner from Tuoze is what every modern house deserves. The recliner chair has a sophisticated design, with excellent ergonomics. The design looks minimalist,and the recliner doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your room.

The thick and padded seat and headrest are there to provide you ultimate comfort. Also, the armrests have ample cushioning, and the curved design lets you relax.

You can recline the chair from 90 to 165 degrees. Also, the leg rest is adjustable as per your preference. Watching TV, and reading books will be much more comfortable now with this recliner.

The assembly process is straightforward, and you can do it within minutes. Also, the backrest has a good height, and even tall people can enjoy sitting on the recliner.

The rubberized feet don’t cause any damage to the floor, and prevent the recliner from sliding on the carpet. Reclining the chair is easy, and you can do it just by pushing the backrest.

The recliner is perfect for reading books, watching TV, and for working on PC. Lastly, the frame is sturdy, and it can bear weight up to 280 lbs.


Having this plush recliner will add comfort to your life. According to the customers, the fabric feels soft, and is skin-friendly. Even your kids and parents can enjoy sitting on the recliner to relax.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Recliner Under $200

When buying a recliner there are a few things you cannot overlook. The recliner should be able to bear your weight, and it should be easy to assemble.

Here is a definitive guide that’ll assist you in buying the best recliner under $200.

Weight capacity

The first thing you should check is the weight capacity of the recliner. You should look for recliners that can bear your weight. There are some recliners designed for people that are heavy.


What material do you like: leather or textile fabric? The choice of the material is a personal preference. Also, the choice of the material will impact the maintenance and upkeep of the recliner.

Leather or faux leather are easy to clean, and remain stain-free. On the other hand, textile fabric feels soft, and is gentle to the skin.

Manual or power lift

Recliners are available in manual and power lift or electric options. Again, the choice is up to you. If your kids and parents will also use the recliner, go for electric recliners. On the other hand, if you want one that works without power so that you can use it anywhere, go with manual recliners.

Ease of assembly

The recliner should be easy to assemble. Most of the reclining chairs these days come ready-to-assemble. However, you should check it before buying the recliner.

Weight of the recliner

Most people often overlook the weight of the recliner. But it is essential to check it. if you want to move the recliner to other rooms as well, then go for a lightweight recliner.

Massage feature

Some recliners come with a massage feature, and that’s a personal choice. If you want the recliner to help you get rid of stress, buy a recliner that has a massage feature.

Extra features

Some other features of a recliner include pockets, drink holders and adjustable armrests. Again, it is a matter of personal preference.


These best recliners under 200 offer great value, and are easy to assemble. Going through the reviews will help you shortlist an exemplary recliner chair with ease.

The overall winner of this best list is Furniwell Recliner Chair. This is an electric recliner with a massage feature. Also, it is affordable, and is ideal for people of all age groups.