Top 5 Best RV Recliners

Top 5 Best RV Recliners

Do you love traveling in an RV with your family or friends? Well, if yes, then you need a comfortable recliner to relax. No matter if you are driving the RV or not, experiencing comfort is paramount. There are plenty of best RV recliners available these days, but you need the top one.

The recliner should fit from the RV door, and it shouldn’t occupy more floor space. As an RV has limited space. We are here with these top RV recliner reviews to take you out from a state of confusion.

Below we have listed the top 5 recliners for RV that offer ultimate comfort and are compact. The recliners are of incredible quality and can fit in any RV.

Our Pick

Divano Roma Furniture Classic Recliner

Best Overall

The recliner is available in a brown color that can complement the interior of the RV. it is lightweight and easy to move when cleaning the RV. There is no need for professional installation.

How We Made This List?

To start with, we conducted thorough research by scrutinizing various customer forums. Also, we researched on various platforms to look for customer reviews.

All the recliners that we listed in the article satisfy a list of parameters. We focused on quality, ease of use, ease of assembly, comfort, and aesthetics.

Furthermore, we even watched some YouTube videos to ensure that you get the ultimate comfort from the recliner. Lastly, all the recliners shortlisted by us are branded and come with decent after-sales service.

Most Comfortable


Divano Roma Furniture Classic Recliner

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to clean faux leather
  • Light in weight despite its size

Best in Design


Furniwell Recliner For RV with Massage

  • Superb massage feature
  • Occupies less space
  • Designed especially for RV

Best in Budget


Tuoze Ergonomic Adjustable Single Fabric Recliner

  • High-quality textile fabric
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Highly stable frame

Top 5 Best RV Recliners: Reviewed and Compared

1. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Recliner

lightweight and supports multiple reclining positions

  • Easy to assemble following the user manual
  • Comes with good after-sales service assurance
  • Easy to clean faux leather
  • Light in weight despite its big size
  • No armrest console in the center
  • No power lift reclining

If your RV has some space to accommodate a double recliner, there can’t be a better choice than Divano Roma Recliner for RV. The recliner looks aesthetically appealing with its leather seats.

Divano has used the best quality leather that’s crack-proof and easy to clean. Both seats feature a reclining system, and there is a handle available on both sides.

You will get the best posture for sitting or relaxing after covering a long haul on the RV. The frame is robust, and the recliner remains stable in its place even when the RV crosses from bumps.

Furthermore, assembling it is easy, and you can do it inside the RV for added ease. The width of the recliner is 29″, and it easily fits through the door of most RVs. You can set it up against the wall with just a 2-inch gap.

The recliner supports multiple reclining positions that you can achieve using the handle. The armrests have thick padding for enhanced comfort. Also, the seats are beefy, and you’ll feel like sitting on a mushy cloud.

The leg rest offers ample support to your legs, and you can even take a quick nap. Overall, the fit and finish feel great. And the overstuffed design improves comfort.

The material is gentle to the skin, and your back won’t sweat much when sitting on this RV recliner.

Customer reviews

According to the buyers of Divano Roma Furniture Classic RV Recliner, it offers promising comfort. The recliner comes in two boxes, and assembling it is easy. Also, the material looks great, and it doesn’t develop wrinkles over time.

However, a few customers weren’t happy because the material is not real leather. Moreover, the recliner isn’t ideal for RVs with constricted space.


If all you need is comfort and convenience, this recliner for RV can be a great option. The recliner is available in a brown color that can complement the interior of the RV.

Also, it is lightweight and easy to move when cleaning the RV. There is no need for professional installation. And, the recliner works well with its manual reclining system.

2. Furniwell Recliner For RV with Massage

affordable recliner has multiple features and comes with a handy remote

  • Comes with a superb massage feature
  • Handy remote lets you control everything
  • Occupies less space
  • Designed especially for RV
  • No cup holders and pockets
  • The armrests feel small for people with big body stature

Your journey on the RV will be even better when you can enjoy a quick massage while traveling. Here is a recliner for RV that comes with the massaging feature. The recliner has a minimalist design, and it doesn’t look overstuffed.

However, the comfort it offers is excellent, and you can place it without occupying a lot of space. The recliner comes with a remote so you can adjust the reclining angle on the go.

The motors are powerful and work smoothly without any squeaky noises. Activating the massage is a cakewalk, and the remote lets you turn it on and off.

The thick feet of the recliner has a rubberized coating for added stability. The recliner won’t move when you are driving the RV, so your family can use it to relax. Everything from the headrest to the footrest has ample cushioning.

The recliner has an excellent design to support the human body curve for a natural and relaxed sitting position. Further, the frame is robust and provided ultimate support to the recliner.

The max weight capacity of the recliner is 265lbs, and even heavy users can sit on it. Further, the width is perfect, even for RVs with small doors.

Assembling the recliner doesn’t take a lot of time. And you can do it within minutes. Everything about this recliner is great, including the faux leather material.

It feels premium and is comfortable to relax and take a nap for hours.

Customer reviews

After reading plenty of customer reviews, we found out that this recliner walks the talk. It offers what it promises, and the comfort is commendable. Assembling the recliner takes 10 minutes only.

Also, the chair is good for kids, adults, and the elderly. The only thing buyers complained about is the unavailability of drink holders and USB ports.


If you want a recliner to relax and sleep, then this recliner for RV can be a good option. The affordable recliner has multiple features and comes with a handy remote.

Lastly, assembling the recliner is easy, and it works as it promises.

3. Tuoze Ergonomic Adjustable Single Fabric Recliner

features a powerful motor and is a good option for RVs with limited space

  • High-quality textile fabric
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Highly stable frame
  • Super-elastic foam that resists crushing down
  • No storage pockets or drink holders
  • It can feel a bit small for people with big body structure

Here is a power lift recliner for your RV that’s perfect if you have a tight budget. The recliner features a powerful motor that you can control using the remote.

There is a wired remote available with the recliner that helps you adjust the reclining angle. Also, the chair has a massage function that helps you stay relaxed.

Tuoze has used textile fabric that feels soft and is easy to clean and maintain. Using the remote, you can control the reclining and massage features.

The motors work quietly and smoothly. Also, there is no lag at all. Assembling the recliner is easy as a breeze, and you can do it within minutes.

The armrests are big, and the headrest feels comfortable. When talking about the frame, then it is durable and sturdy. The max load the recliner can bear is 280lbs, which is surprisingly good at this price.

The width of the chair is 29”, and it fits easily through the RVs door. The entire recliner has a seamless design. Furthermore, it is good for adults, kids, and aged people.

You can place the recliner in the corner of the RV without occupying a lot of space. The best thing about the recliner is the water-resistance it offers. Take a soft wipe, and voila, you are there with a clean recliner.

Lastly, the feet have a rubberized coating to prevent slip and irregular motion. You can choose from two appealing colors: blue and grey. 

Customer reviews

After skimming through numerous customer reviews, here is what we found. The recliner is extremely easy to assemble. Also, it takes less space and is a good option for RVs with limited space. Most of the buyers said that the fabric is soft and requires less cleaning.

A handful of customers said that the massage rollers aren’t that effective on thick clothes. Also, the remote feels made using cheap plastic.


If you have a packed budget but need a quality recliner for RV, go for this attractive recliner. The frame is excellent, and it can hold you stable during the ride. The recline angle is 90 to 165 degrees, and the footrest is adjustable as per your preference.

4. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

has overstuffed design for added comfort & heating backplate to relieve back pain

  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Comes with a decent warranty
  • Two big side pockets and cup holders
  • Heavy
  • The power cord cracks easily

This recliner for RV is perfect if you want to travel with your parents. The power lift system eliminates the need for reclining the chair manually, and you can do it using the remote.

The recliner has an overstuffed design for added comfort. Also, the armrests and the seats are thick, so you can use the recliner to take a quick nap. With the armrests, you will find two cup holders to keep your favorite handy. At the same time protecting it from spills during driving.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner comes with a massage feature that helps you relax after a tiring journey. The remote features multiple buttons to adjust the intensity of the massage.

Also, you can activate the heating backplate to relieve back pain caused due to driving over potholes. The recliner supports three reclining positions including the stand assist position to help the elderly get up easily.

You will find a big storage pocket on the side that lets you stash items inside it, such as magazines. The frame is durable and comes with a rust-resistant coating. You can assemble the recliner inside the RV for more ease.

Also, it remains stable in its place, all thanks to the anti-slip feet. The two USB ports available on the side of the armrest let you charge your smartphone.

This is a full-fledged recliner that you will love to use while in your RV. The material is a soft textile that requires less care and doesn’t develop wrinkles over time.

You can choose from a range of colors available in this premium RV recliner.

Customer reviews

A large number of customers appreciated the comfort the recliner offers. Also, they found the beefy seat pleasurable and durable. The recliner is easy to assemble, and for most users, it was a perfect seating spot in the RV.

However, some users weren’t happy with the remote as it stops working sometimes.


If you need an all-in-one recliner that’s easy to use and offers a massaging feature. It would be great to choose Mcombo Power Lift Recliner for RV. The recliner is easy to assemble and offers unbeatable comfort.

If you want to travel with the elderly, going with this recliner will be a good idea.

5. Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Recliner

iron frame is robust & supports the entire recliner

  • Lightweight, so you can move it easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for RVs with limited space
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • No cup holders, storage pockets, and USB ports
  • Spills and stains are hard to clean

There are many reasons why this premium recliner is a favorite among the RV owners. The recliner looks great, and it has got bigger seats for bigger comfort. From the frame to material, everything is durable and feels of high quality.

Assembling the recliner merely requires 15 minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of space inside the RV, so it is ideal for small RVs as well. The upholstered fabric seat rewards you with ultimate comfort.

Furthermore, the iron frame supports the entire recliner and can bear a good weight capacity. You can recline the seat just with a pull using the handle.

It is a manual recliner that doesn’t need any power, so there are no hassles of power cords. You can recline the backrest fully to relax and to take a nap inside the RV.

The wall hugger design makes it good for constricted areas. Cleaning the recliner is easy, and you can do it with a dry cloth. Moreover, it is lightweight, so moving it isn’t a task when cleaning the RV’s floor.

The classic recliner lets you watch TV, read the magazine, and relax with its cushioned seat and armrests. You can choose from four attractive color options to complement the décor of your RV.

Customer reviews

After going through a lot of customer reviews, it was easy to conclude that the recliner is roomy and comfortable. Also, the recliner is easy to use and assemble. Some customers loved the soft textile fabric, and it feels nice on the skin.

Not everyone was happy with the recliners, and some customers reported that it is unstable sometimes.


If you are not a fan of power lift recliners, but you need something that is easy to use. Consider this mushy recliner from Ravenna. The frame is robust, and the recliner has non-marring feet that don’t damage the RV’s floor.

Buying Guide: Factors to consider when buying the best RV recliners

When buying a recliner for RV, you should consider a plethora of factors to make an informed decision. The recliner should fit inside the RV easily, and it should be easy to assemble.

Below are the things you should check before buying a recliner for RV.


The first thing that you should consider is the dimensions of the recliner. Unlike a room, an RV has limited space, so the recliner should fit easily.

Measure the width of the door to ensure that the recliner can fit through it without damaging anything.

Also, measure the area where you want to keep the recliner so that it remains stable in its place.


One of the main reasons to buy a recliner is comfort. You need a recliner for RV that offers ultimate comfort. Check the padding and make sure that the seats are thick and mushy.

Also, check the footrest, backrest, and armrests to get an idea of the comfort you will get from the recliner.

Ease of assembly

The recliner should be easy to assemble as hiring professionals can break the bank. All the best RV recliners reviewed above are easy to assemble.

Weight capacity

Many users overlook the weight capacity when buying a recliner. But you shouldn’t do it. Check the weight capacity of the recliner so that it can bear your weight without getting damaged.

If you are someone with a big body structure, go for recliners with at least 300lbs weight capacity.

Power or manual

Choose from power or manual reclining depending on your requirements. If you are traveling with your parents and kids, power lift recliners will be great.

Extra features

Look for some extra features such as cup holders, pockets, massage features, and much more.


The design of the chair depends on your personal preference. Some people love overstuffed recliners, whereas some love sleek and ergonomic designs.


The price of the recliner depends on the features it offers. Before you start searching for a recliner, make your budget. Having a budget in mind will save you from overspending.


With one of the best RV recliners, you will get ultimate comfort while traveling on the motorhome. You can choose any of the recliners that we have reviewed in this article.

Consider the style you love, and look at other factors to make a rewarding choice. If you are wondering which recliner is the best on all parameters. Then Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner should be your choice.

The power recliner has everything you need, and it will not burn a hole in your pocket.