5 Best Small Recliners for Small Spaces

5 Best Small Recliners for
Small Spaces

An average American faces frequent body ache because of long working hours. It often results in chronic neck pain and backache. It is where a recliner comes into the picture. 

A recliner can help you ease the pain by supporting the back of your neck. They are often expensive, but the cost is worth it as they provide relief from pain and hence saving you thousands of dollars spent on a massage therapist.

But trying to fit large furniture in a small space can cause significant problems as a big sofa or chair can take more than half the space in your small living room. Therefore, when buying furniture, it is important to buy a compact and proper size of furniture which fits rightly into your home.

Given a wide range of recliners available, how to know which will suit all your requirements yet go along well with your small living room? We have done thorough research on different types of recliners and reviewed each one of them. Read on to find more!

Our Pick

Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

Best Overall

This slim recliner provides the perfect amount of support for your back and legs thanks to its laid-back style and soft construction.

How Was This List Made?

To make this list of best small recliners, we spent several hours scouring the internet for forums, blogs, and articles where the products were discussed. We also spent several hours interviewing consumers and understanding their needs.

Before shortlisting the following products, we spent a considerable amount of time analyzing Amazon reviews and checking their authenticity. Following is the list of recliners that will not only suit your comforting needs but will gel up well with your small living space.

What to Look For?

When choosing a small recliner, width, and depth are the most important measurements. Height should never be the concern; height should be taken into account for the person sitting on the chair.

Most Comfortable


Dorel Living Slim Recliner

  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to assemble

Best in Design


HOMCOM Manual Massager

  • Five pre-programmed modes
  • Remote control available
  • Elegant design

Best in Budget


Devoko Manual Recliner

  • Elegant style
  • Beautiful color
  • Affordable

Best Small Recliners Reviewed

1. Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

Best Slim Recliner

  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable and well-padded
  • Easy to move around
  • Perfect small apartment recliner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Three functional positions
  • Provides good back support
  • Does not recline to 180 degrees
  • No handle mechanism, so you have to push back manually
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Short footrest
  • Hard to recline, requires effort to push back

It is the best slim recliner perfectly suited for your small living space. This slim recliner provides the perfect amount of support for your back and legs thanks to its laid-back style and soft construction. It can be easily put in a living room, bedroom, balcony, or in your home theatre, and it’s the perfect fit and blends with almost everything. Tufted backchannel cushions, thickly padded seats, and pillow-top arms ease the nerves and maximize comfort. Thanks to the smooth reclining pushback feature, you just need to lean back and recline the chair to lift the footrest. 

The upholstery is made up of a beige microfibre that is easy to clean, allowing this comfortable chair to blend into any room decor. Relax comfortably with the Slim Dorel Living recliner. All hallmarks of this flexible recliner are the combination of supreme comfort, comfortable classic style, and soft-microfibre.

About Brand: Dorel Living leads the way in the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of quality furnishings. Specializing in finer wood and upholstered furniture, the brand has made a commitment to quality and safety in all aspects of operations – from initial conception to final production.

It is among the best small space recliners, thanks to its features.


  • Upholstered in a soft beige microfiber fabric 
  • A high seat back ensures comfort from the smallest to the tallest 
  • Adjustments are made easy with the smooth pushback mechanism 
  • The casual design features a tufted channel back cushion
  • Minimal assembly required.

Some of the Customer’s Reviews:

Perfect.”, “soft and comfy, Better than some reviews suggest! Reclines fully!” “5.0 out of 5 stars Small, but comfortable,”, “GREAT CHAIR”, “Perfect comprises chair!”


Despite all the cons, it is the most recommended, cheap, small best recliner available. It is not only comfortable but gets along well with your small living room space. The color is beige, which almost goes with any other color; hence you need not think much before buying. The only problem is if you are too tall, above 5.6 feet, then it might be a problem for you to fit it in.

2. HOMCOM Manual Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Remote Control, 8 Massaging Points, PU Leather, Brown

Multi-purpose massage recliner

  • Five pre-programmed modes and two intensity levels 
  • The reasonable price despite the features of the chair
  • Remote control and cupholders are great
  • Extra-padded and thick cushion provides great comfort
  • Elegant design
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Not so durable
  • Reclining positions though flexible aren’t that comfortable
  • Fake but comfortable leather

Are you looking for a perfect massage recliner that merges heat and massage into a comfortable seat? With HomCom chair, you can enjoy a varying level of relaxation when reading a book, sitting, watching a movie, or meditating. The extra padded soft faux leather upholstery will undoubtedly do some good for your back while the five pre-programmed modes and two different levels of pressure will help you find total relief. It has a high back and padded headrest, offering support for people of different heights. This stylish recliner gives your ultimate comfort!

The recliner has eight vibration massage motors that target vital zones in the upper and lower back, and the thigh and calves, all of which can be triggered at once or individually selected. In particular, the massage covers several areas of the body and also provides a variety of options for speed and strength. For most consumers, the most incredible feature is the heat feature in the waist region. It warms and soothes the pains and aches of the body when sitting. Heating is centered around the waist to help relieve the pain in the lumbar region. The chair is supported by a metal steel frame that makes it stable and durable and can comfortably accommodate up to 330 lbs.

The massager doesn’t completely lean back but helps you to recline to a very relaxed position to rest or nap. The chair has a 360-degree spin and a rocking back and forth that adds rhythm to the relaxation. 

Complementing this recliner chair’s versatility and grand design is the attached remote control, which simplifies the activation and monitoring of the chair’s massage and heating functions. On one side of the seats, a storage pocket is provided, while two cup holders help keep your drinks, phones, or remote.

It is an excellent massage recliner, put this in your living space, and enjoy massage therapy!


  • Vibrating function: Can use all at once or select individually for full-body relaxation
    • Four massage zones
    • Five pre-programmed modes
    • Two intensity levels
    • Zero gravity regulation
  • Heating Function: Warms and soothes the body’s aches and pains in the waist area
  • Multi-function:
    • It’s a recliner, and it’s a rocking chair
    • Can spin 360 degrees


  • Time Adjustment
  • Handy Remote Control
  • Thick foam padding
  • Two cup holders
  • Side pocket for added storage
  • Two front pockets
  • Recline control handle
  • Durable and Easy to clean
  • Wide and curved armrest
  • Retractable and stable footrest

Some of the Customer’s Reviews:

Value for the features. Swivels, rocks, heats, vibrates, reclines. Good luck getting the footrest back in, however…”, “It’s very comfortable and I find myself falling asleep in it even …”, “I haven’t found any other chair with all four recliner features.


If you are looking for a multi-purpose massage recliner, this is the product for you. The recliner is not only comfortable to lie down but has extra pockets to keep your stuff in. The unique feature being the Heating function, which soothes your body-ache and provides you great comfort.

3. Devoko Manual Single Recliner Chair PU Leather Modern Living Room Sofa Padded Cushion Adjustable Home Theater Seating (Brown)

Durable-Flexible recliner

  • Comfortable
  • Elegant style
  • Beautiful color
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible adjustments
  • Three modes of usage function enhance ease of operation
  • Wide curved armrests provide support and comfort
  • Not suitable for people taller than 5.6 feet
  • Not recommended for people who weigh more than 250 lbs
  • Manual push back required
  • Backrest and footrest are connected, both moves simultaneously

The Devoko Manual Recliner frame is made up of metal and wood combination, and the sofa is made up of PU leather that ensures longevity, softness, and maximum durability. It is easy to clean PU leather as it rubs quickly. The recliner allows for 900-1800 adjustment and can be used flexibly in three modes to meet your demand. The reason this Recliner makes our list is because it’s both comfortable to sit and sturdy in structure and helps relax the whole body and legs with supportive footrest. It is the best recliner for your living room, bedroom, and home theatre.

Not all of that, it also comes with extra back padding, footrest, and comfortable seating area. This also has a double-thick padded footrest and broader curved armrests. When you have this sofa, you will never worry about installation, as every recliner is pre-assembled before delivery. It has a maximum capacity of 275 lbs.


  • Wider curved armrests
  • Simple assembly required
  • Extra padding to the seat and back
  • Fine PU leather, nice to the touch
  • Double thick padded footrest
  • Easy, flexible adjustment function

Some of the Customer’s Reviews:

GREAT BUY”, “Stylish chair”, “easy assembly and great price (not the best for tall people)”, “great recliner”, “I am happy”, “Very comfortable and easy to recline”!


Looking for an affordable, durable, and soft recliner? Then Devoko Single Recliner is the best choice for you. It comes with extra back padding, footrest, and seating area, which makes you extra comfortable. One of the customers wrote: “It looks just like in the pictures and it is quite comfortable. Assembly is also super easy and requires no tools. Can’t beat it for the money.”

4. Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)

Stylish modern recliner

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move and carry around
  • Very easy to setup
  • Scratch-free
  • Not pure leather but the material is nice
  • The recliner has a plastic smell

If you’re looking for an elegant recliner to go to your living room, bedroom, office, or even your leisure area, this is the one for you! It also features a thicker sponge with high density, which enables it to bring extra comfort to your living room. This recliner has a high-quality PU leather which is not only soothing to the skin but also comfortable to cleanse. The long armrests with a curved design, the broad seat cushion, and the thick recliner back provide the ideal comfort for your body.

The Chair is made of high-quality, nice to touch PU Leather. And the double thick padded footrest lets you rest your foot. One of the excellent features that brought this recliner into our Best list is the retractable footrest that makes it easier to change the modes to suit your needs. Complementing the design is the exquisite dual stitching design, which offers an elegant and comfortable experience.


  • Retractable Footrest: Retractable footrest easy to adjust the modes to meet your requirement 
  • Four Plastic Feet: Prop up the bottom of the recliner and separate it from the floor 
  • Exquisite Stitching Design: Perfect dual stitching design offer an elegant and comfortable experience 
  • Thick padded seat and back for comfort
  • The double thick padded footrest allows the foot to rest
  • Made of High-quality PU leather, nice to the touch
  • Wider curved armrests add the extra comfort
  • Easy to adjust the modes as per your need
  • Homall easily assembly required

Some of the Customer’s Reviews:

Love this chair!”, “A nice recliner even for large men”, “The assembly was very easy. The reclining mechanisms are sturdy and have had …”, “The assembly was very easy. The reclining mechanisms are sturdy and have had …!


If you are looking for a stylish recliner, then this is a product for you. It is not only comfortable but also lightweight. It is affordable and easy to clean. It is a perfect small comfortable recliner for your small living room.

5. Mecor Lift Chairs for Elderly, Power Lift Recliner, Bonded Leather Lifting Sofa Chair with Remote Control, Reinforced Heavy Duty Reclining Mechanism Stand Up Recliner Chair for Living Room (Black)

10-in-1 small recliner

  • Relieve neck pressure
  • Beneficial for spine
  • Stretch joints more relaxed
  • Stretch shoulder muscle
  • Easy to use features
  • Made from real leather
  • Quite comfortable
  • Expensive

For those who want extra assistance for mobility problems, the Mecor Lift Chair is a great choice. It comes with options for remote control and power recline, including an option for power rise. It can completely recline to 135 degrees as a complete recliner and has an extended footrest. It helps you to rest and relax while watching TV or even to take a short nap.

Whether you have elderly people living with you, or if you have trouble standing, the best solution is the power lift on this chair. It consists of a silent electric motor that lifts the chair, making it easy to stand. 

This chair is made up of genuine, high-quality leather. It has an underneath pillow top polyester pad with an additional sponge for headrest, back, and armrests. The controller can be used on both sides, making it one of the most comfortable and versatile chairs on this list.


  • 10-in-1 recliner:
    • Recliner Chair
    • Power Lift Chair
    • Remote Control
    • High-Quality Materials
    • Cup Holder
    • Front Pouch
    • Side Pouch
    • High Back
    • Padded Armrest
    • Simple Operation
  • 2-cup holders
  • Front pouches
  • Side pouches


For those with the right budgets, this is a strongly recommended chair. While on this list it’s slightly more expensive than some, it does much better than any other chair available. You can quickly find a relaxation mode with a power recline and power lift, as well as a remote control to put you to sleep while lounging. It is a value for money product.

The Essential Buying Guide

Before buying a piece of furniture, the first thing to look at is how durable it will be. With a recliner, you’re also looking for convenience, versatility, and ease of use. You have to see that the recliner goes well with your space and isn’t too big for it. We have listed down a few features that you should consider before buying the best suitable recliner for you.


If you’re looking for a small recliner, you’ll want to make sure it fits in the corner of your living room that you’ve set aside for the chair. You should first measure the room space, and also the wall distance. Most of the recliners would have length by width by the height measurement. It is to ensure that your recliner doesn’t hit against the wall.

Durable Frame

When purchasing a chair, you wouldn’t want it to fall out in a week or months. So, before buying a recliner, you should check the reviews thoroughly. Though wooden and steel are more popular, steel is the most durable one. If you are buying online, you should check for video demos and pictures posted by the customers.

Power Recliner vs. Manual Recliner

If you are looking for convenience, Power Recliner is an obvious choice, but how long do you think they’ll last? There are many issues with Power Recliners; you have to purchase replacement parts too. But with Power Recliners, you don’t have to push or pull levers every time to adjust your chair. Manual Recliners are more challenging to recline in.

Remote Control Options

With a remote control function, it is easy to recline your chair every time you feel like it. If you have a massage option with your chair, then this option can be advantageous.

Power Lift

This feature is specially designed for elderly people. By simply pressing a button, you can lift your chair. 

Additional Features Like Massage

Massage feature is an additional feature, and not all recliners will have this feature. You will have to pay an extra amount for this feature, but it is worth it as it makes you comfortable and relaxed. Other features that a recliner can provide are storage options, cupholders, heating, and remote control.


If comfort, style, quality matters to you and money isn’t a problem then “Mecor Lift Chairs for Elderly, Power Lift Recliner, Bonded Leather Lifting Sofa Chair with Remote Control, Reinforced Heavy Duty Reclining Mechanism Stand Up Recliner Chair for Living Room (Black)” is an excellent choice for you. You can sleep well with a relaxation mode. 

But our best choice would be Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige. It is the best small recliner, and it is not easy to move around and lightweight but super comfortable too. It is perfect for your small living room. The color, beige, goes with every color, and hence you need not worry if it would suit your living space. Though it is not recommended for very tall guys, like 6 feet. It is super affordable and comfortable choice out there.