DXRacer Gaming Chair Review: 5 Best Chairs to Buy

DXRacer Gaming Chair Review: 5 Best Chairs to Buy

DXRacer is a popular brand, all thanks to the comfortable chairs that it offers! These gaming chairs can transform your sitting experience by delivering ultimate adjustability and comfort.

Now you can play for hours without worrying about bad body posture and body ache. But which chair to buy can be a real struggle!

DXRacer offers a variety of gaming chairs, so it can be tricky to choose the right one. We are here to save you from the hassle; thus, here are some DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews.

In this post, we have reviewed the best gaming chairs from DXRacer. Moreover, there is a buying guide as well that’ll help you in making a quick decision.

How was this list made?

For this DXRacer gaming chair review, we considered each and every factor that can impact comfort and usability. Furthermore, we looked at several factors, such as chair height, weight capacity, tilting mechanism, and swivel rotation.

With all these factors, we determined the top chairs from DXRacer. Also, we went one step ahead and asked bloggers and gaming chair experts about their views.

After all this, we were able to select the five best DXRacer gaming chairs. For your ease, we have broken down this article into multiple segments. There is a comparison table, and a buying guide as well for the ease of buying.

Our Pick

DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series Gaming Chair

Best Overall

This chair is ideal for tall users. A wide frame means extra durability. Has 4D armrests and excellent neck and lumbar support.

What to look for in a DXRacer gaming chair?

There are multiple things to look for in a gaming chair. But comfort and durability should be your priority. Gaming chairs can be expensive, so you should go for one that lasts longer and offers superb comfort.

Moreover, go for a chair with an ergonomic design. These chairs are health fostering and comfortable. Never overlook the weight capacity and dimensions of the chair if you want to move it frequently.

With all these things, you can choose the best gaming chair for the money.

Most Comfortable


DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series Black and Red Gaming Chair

  • Ideal for tall users
  • Wide frame with added durability
  • 4D armrests
  • Excellent neck and lumbar support

Best in Design


DXRacer OH/KS06/NB King Series Black and Blue Gaming Chair

  • Robust chassis
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Premium material
  • Adjustable armrests

Best in Budget


DXRacer Computer and Gaming Chair Series RV131

  • Comes with two supporting cushions
  • Comfortable armrests with easy adjustability
  • Wide caster wheels
  • High-density foam

5 Best DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews

1. DXRacer OH/KS06/NB King Series Black and Blue Gaming Chair

  • Robust chassis
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Premium material
  • Adjustable armrests
  • No massaging feature
  • No tilt lock mechanism

DXRacer OH/KS06/NB is an ergonomically-designed gaming chair that delivers promising comfort. With its significant presence, the chair grabs attention. The bigger and wider seat lets you sit with comfort. Furthermore, you will enjoy the support offered by the massive backrest.

DXRacer has used PU leather that’s plush and soft. Moreover, there are some carbon vinyl patches stitched with leather for better comfort. Cleaning this gaming chair isn’t a task, and you can do it quickly.

The biggest plus point of this chair is that it can bear 300 lbs weight. The high-quality metal frame is robust and is ultra-stable. The chair doesn’t tip over even when you are playing games in excitement.

You get two cushions with the chair, i.e., the lumbar pillow and the neck cushion. Perfect for home and office use, this chair is a favorite among thousands of gamers.

The 4-directional adjustable armrests improve comfort. Moreover, the multifunctional mechanism works with a single lever. The backrest reclines up to 170-degrees, so you can take a power nap in-between.

Furthermore, the smooth-rolling wheels don’t damage the floor and roll quietly. Ideal for tall people, the chair can cater to the needs of anyone, either adult, kid, or the elderly.

People love the color scheme of the chair and how seamlessly the chair adjusts up and down. Lastly, the gas lift used by DXRacer is high-quality and doesn’t explore or wear out easily.


The 2” caster wheels have a nylon base that doesn’t damage the floor. Moreover, the chair is easy to adjust and offers personalized comfort. You get two cushions inside the package, and that makes DXRacer OH/KS06/NB a great option.

2. DXRacer Computer and Gaming Chair Series RV131

  • Comes with two supporting cushions
  • Comfortable armrests with easy adjustability
  • Wide caster wheels
  • High-density foam
  • Not ideal for users with a heavy build
  • The tilting isn’t that great.

This gaming chair from DXRacer is suitable for the tall and small due to its heightened backrest. The chair looks sporty, and the ergonomic design makes it a must-have. If you are searching for a gaming chair that offers convenience and comfort, your search ends here.

With a weight capacity of 225 lbs, the chair is ideal for kids and adults. You get two supporting cushions with the chair that are adjustable and removable. Furthermore, the 4-D adjustable armrests let you personalize the comfort.

The backrest holds your back and relieves you from stress and pain. Even if you are 6”, you can comfortably sit on this chair. The backrest reclines up to 135-degrees for extra comfort.

This chair belongs to the “Racing Series” offered by DXRacer. The alloy steel frame is durable and comes with a rust-proof coating. DXRacer has used an SGS-certified gas lift that is explode-proof and works fine for years.

The color combination of black and red looks fabulous. Cleaning the chair is a cakewalk, as the material is spill-resistant. Moreover, the caster wheels ensure mobility, and you can move the chair to any room quietly.

The thick-density is great and adapts to the shape of your body. Also, the tilt mechanism works smoothly, and you get a tilt lock with this chair.

Available in three colors, this DXRacer gaming chair justifies its value. The chair has a rocking mode as well and comes with a 2-year warranty.


This gaming chair is perfect for intense gamers because of the relaxing sitting posture. You will feel like the backrest is snuggling you and supporting your back. The easy-to-assemble chair is safe and durable, and that’s what you need.

3. DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series Black and Red Gaming Chair

  • Ideal for tall users
  • Wide frame with added durability
  • 4D armrests
  • Excellent neck and lumbar support
  • Not a great option for heavy users
  • The material isn’t breathable

DXRacer OH/RV001/NR is a gaming chair with an ergonomic design. If you are someone up to 6″ tall and weighing up to 200 lbs, this chair is definitely for you. With its stylish looks, the chair can catch the eyes, and your friends will surely adore it.

Further, the chair comes with a lumbar and neck pillow that you can use to add comfort to the chair. The material used is faux leather that feels premium and requires less upkeep. There is a PU cover on the seat that makes the chair resistant to spills and stains.

The 4-directional adjustable armrests enhance the comfort and let you customize the comfort. You can move the chair to any room of the house with its smooth-rolling wheels. The aluminum base is sturdy and stable.

Also, it is resistant to rusting and corrosion. You get two levers with the chair to adjust the reclining and seat height. The backrest tilts up to 135-degrees, and the chair features a tilt lock.

Use this chair for intense gaming or for working in the office due to its versatility. The dual-tone color scheme enhances the appearance and makes the chair look good.

Assembling this gaming chair is a quick task that requires less than five minutes. In a nutshell, DXRacer OH/RV001/NR gaming chair is a fantastic option for buying. The two cushions come included in the box, and you can attach them to the chair.

4. DXRacer PC Gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Removable lumbar and neck pillow
  • SGS-certified gas lift
  • Not suitable for people with a heavy build
  • The backrest has limited reclining.

Here’s another impressive gaming chair from DXRacer that looks great. Designed to offer comfort, the chair is suitable for people up to 5’8 and 200 lbs. Assembling the chair is a quick task that you can do without any help.

The entry-level gaming chair could be your first best chair. The lumbar and neck cushion available with the chair enhances the comfort. The chair even offers cervical spine support, so you don’t feel any pain while sitting on it.

The height-adjustable seat lets you adjust it on the go. Moreover, DXRacer provides 4-D armrests with the chair that are adjustable. The high-quality leather feels great and is easy to maintain.

The color combination of black and red looks fantastic and enhances the appearance of the chair. Furthermore, the Class 4 gas lift is durable and explode-proof. You can tilt the chair up to 135-degrees to experience ultimate comfort.

The fully-mobile gaming chair comes with swivel caster wheels that are smooth-rolling. You can control the seat height and recline with a single lever only, for added convenience.

DXRacer offers a 2-year comprehensive warranty on all parts and a lifetime limited warranty for the frame. Overall, if you need a perfect gaming chair, this one should be your choice.

It has a metal frame that is robust and high-density foam for better comfort. The strong mesh PU cover improves the breathability. And you don’t feel sweaty sitting on this chair.


This premium DXRacer gaming chair delivers the highest level of comfort. Moreover, it has thick foam that takes the shape of your body to offer more comfort. Lastly, the chair belongs to the Formula Series, which is highly popular among users.

5. DXRacer Gaming Chair Formula Series FD01

  • 4D armrests
  • PU caster wheels with nylon base
  • Adjustable neck and lumbar cushions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Weight capacity could’ve been better
  • Available in one color option only

If you are looking for a fabric DXRacer gaming chair, then your search ends here. This gaming chair is among the top options that DXRacer sells. The ergonomic design is fantastic, and the chair offers the right amount of comfort you need.

With its tall backrest, the chair reclines up to 135-degrees. Just press the lever, and you can recline the chair. The material is a strong mesh that is highly breathable and durable. Cleaning the chair doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Perfect for gaming enthusiasts and pro gamers, the chair comes with a lumbar and neck pillow. These supporting elements are adjustable, and you can even remove them.

The metal-frame is robust, and it easily bears weight up to 200 lbs. The SGS-certified gas lift works smoothly and lasts longer. This amazing DXRacer gaming chair has a higher headrest for those who are tall.

The wide seat gives you more area to enjoy comfort. Even the armrests are adjustable, and you can personalize the comfort. The steel frame resists corrosion and has a thick coating over it. You can install the chair within minutes, and it becomes ready to use.

Overall, the users love this gaming chair because of its aesthetics and comfort. The FD01 series chair is available in black color with strong mesh material.


With this DXRacer gaming chair, you can experience comfort all day long. The chair comes with decent warranties and is ready-to-assemble. Furthermore, the smooth-rolling wheels make it a quiet option, and you will love using this chair.

Buying Guide: What to look for in a DXRacer gaming chair?

The gaming chairs offered by DXRacer are of high-quality and are durable. Furthermore, they are ideal for sitting for hours. If your job schedule includes sitting, going with these gaming chairs will be a great idea.

Not every DXRacer gaming chair is the same, so it is important to be sure before buying a chair. Here is a definitive guide that will help you in selecting the right gaming chair.


Gaming chairs from DXRacer are available in a range of options with varying designs. From race car-style chair to full-fledged gaming chair, you get a variety of choices. Go for a chair that you feel is comfortable.

If you have a heavy build, look for chairs with a wide seat and backrest. On the other hand, if you have a regular build, then you should go for a chair with a sleek design.

Weight capacity

The best thing about the DXRacer gaming chair is durability. The material is top-notch, and that makes the chairs highly durable. Always purchase a gaming chair according to your weight. DXRacer offers a plethora of models with varying weight capacity.

It would be great to buy a chair with a higher weight capacity for added durability.

Built-in speakers

Purchasing a DRRacer gaming chair with speakers eliminates the need to buy a speaker separately. If you love the booming sound and bombastic bass, look for chairs with a built-in speaker system. Furthermore, consider the connectivity options, i.e., Bluetooth or wired connections.

Materials used

You will find faux leather, PU leather, and fabric when looking for DXRacer gaming chairs. Check the material and its quality. It can be hard to guess the material quality, so you should check customer reviews to determine the quality.

Moreover, pay attention to the material used in the armrests. A lot of people often overlook the wheels, but you should check them as well.

Tilting and rotating

Some gaming chairs have a backrest that tilts up to 180-degrees, whereas some chairs have up to 135-degrees tilting. The tilting depends on how much comfort you need. Chairs with 180-degree reclining are ideal for taking a nap.

Moreover, the chair should rotate 360-degrees. Additionally, have a look at the base of the chair to determine the stability. Some gaming chairs have a five-star rated base, which is extremely stable.

Supporting cushions

Supporting cushions are there to provide more comfort. You will find DXRacer gaming chairs with neck and lumbar supporting cushions. One cushion supports the lower back, and the other one supports the neck.

Buying a chair with supporting cushions is a great way to experience comfort while eliminating stress and pain.

Ease of assembling

The gaming chair should be easy to assemble, and you know why! Fortunately, all the gaming chairs from DXRacer are easy to assemble, and you can do it quickly.


DXRacer gaming chairs are available at different prices. You will find these chairs within $200-$400. Furthermore, some high-end chairs can cost you around $800 as well. Consider a figure in your mind, and then start looking for a gaming chair.


With the help of these DXRacer gaming chair reviews, you can quickly buy the best gaming chair. Make sure to check all the components of the chair to invest in the right product. To assist you further, we have listed a guide as well that you can use to shortlist a gaming chair.

As per the experts, “DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series Black and Red Gaming Chair” is the best DXRacer gaming chair. The stylish chair has a weight capacity of 200 lbs, and it is suitable for tall people.