Gaming Chair User Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Usually, most of the gaming chairs come with a complete user guide. However, it can still be tricky for some people to assemble and use them.

From adjusting the backrest to the height, a gaming chair has multiple adjustable elements. To make your experience smooth, we are here with this gaming chair user guide.

 The comprehensive guide will tell you everything you should know about a gaming chair before using it.

Go through this post to know how to recline a chair and how to use it to experience comfort.

What exactly is a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are extremely popular these days due to their versatility and comfort. The bucket-style backrest, adjustable armrests, and smooth casters make these chairs a must-have.

In a nutshell, gaming chairs are highly exquisite, comfortable, and durable chairs that you can use for working, gaming, and studying.

Below we have explained the components of a gaming chair:


The seats of gaming chairs have thick padding for more comfort. Most manufacturers use high-density cold-cure foam that retains its shape and offers comfort.


The armrests of gaming chairs are highly comfortable and adjustable. Some chairs have 2D adjustable armrests, whereas some have 4D armrests.


Casters are the wheels of gaming chairs that roll smoothly and quietly. Usually, most of the branded gaming chairs come with PU-coated caster wheels.

Supportive cushions

The supportive cushions comprise the lumbar and neck pillow. These cushions enhance the comfort and make the gaming chair good for sitting for hours.


The levers are there to adjust the seat height and reclining. Some gaming chairs have a single lever, whereas some have dual levers that you can use for different functions.

User Instructions: Gaming Chair User Guide

It is indispensable to use the gaming chair correctly to get a correct sitting posture. Here in this section of this article, we have covered how to use the gaming chair correctly.

Set the right height

It is essential to set the right height so that you get a comfortable sitting posture. Set the chair height so that your feet touch the ground.

Raising the feet on the toes can put pressure on your hips, and it can be uncomfortable most of the time. When your feet are on the ground firmly, the blood circulation in your legs improves, and you can sit comfortably for an hour.

Also, all the casters should be on the ground. Always use a gaming chair on a flat surface to get a comfortable sitting position.

Adjust the armrests

After setting the seat height, adjust the armrests according to the height of the desk. When adjusting the armrests, check the height of the desk.

The desk’s height and armrests should be in a straight line so that you can place your arms comfortably.

The adjustments of the armrests depend on the type of armrests. If your gaming chair has 4D armrests, then you can adjust them for height and position.

Try to sit on the gaming chair and hold your mouse to get an idea of the sitting position. Having a lower or higher degree of adjustability can lead to discomfort.

Set the reclining angle

The reclining angle of the chair has a huge impact on comfort. Furthermore, it decides how much you can recline while sitting.

Some gaming chairs recline up to 180-degrees, whereas some have limited recline. The ideal reclining angle for sitting is 100-120 degrees.

If you recline more than that, you will feel pain in the back. But for relaxing, you can set the reclining angle between 120-140 degrees.

The 180-degree reclining angle is great for sleeping or taking a quick nap. Switch between different angles depending on the purpose.

Some intense gamers like a 90-degree reclining angle to sit straight while playing.

Adjust the supportive cushions

The supportive cushions aren’t there just for aesthetics, they are there to offer comfort. To get good comfort from the supportive cushions, it is essential to adjust them properly.

Most of the gaming chairs let you move the supportive cushions, and you can even remove them if required. Set the supportive cushions so that they support your spine, and you can sit for more time.

What to look for in a gaming chair?

Before you buy the gaming chair because of its aesthetics, it is important to ensure that you’ll get comfort from it.

To help you buy the best gaming chair, we are here with this list of factors that you look for before clicking the buy now button.

Weight capacity

When choosing a gaming chair, look at its weight capacity. Not all chairs can support your weight if you are above 300 lbs. by checking the weight capacity, you can determine the comfort and durability of the chair.


Check the size of the chair to ensure that you’ll fit on it properly. Check the seat width, backrest width, and height to get an idea of how big is the gaming chair.

There are many brands such as GTRacing, and Vertagear that offer XL-sized gaming chairs for people with a big body structure.


The adjustability comprises the adjustments that you can make with the chair. Some chairs come with 4D armrests and a 180-degree reclining backrest.

Look for the adjustable features that you need depending on your comfort.


The material impacts the comfort and ease of cleaning. Usually, gaming chairs come with faux leather, which looks plush and is easy to clean.

However, some users prefer fabric because it is breathable and is good for a hotter climate.


It is critical to check the brand before buying a gaming chair. Go for brands that offer good after-sales services so that you don’t have to run into the hassles to get the chair repaired.


Gaming chairs are available at a range of prices. Some chairs are under $200, whereas some can cost you around $500 or even more.

Make a budget before you start looking for a gaming chair to purchase it without breaking the bank. One thing you need to avoid is buying cheap quality gaming chairs.

Yes, these chairs are inexpensive, but they aren’t durable, and you won’t get the true value of your investment.

Gaming Chair Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you have set the gaming chair according to your comfort, it is essential to avoid some common mistakes that folks make.

Below we have covered some things that have a significant impact on your posture.

Avoid sitting for too long

If you are an intense gamer or a programmer, then you will agree that your schedule requires sitting for 6-7 hours every day.

The thing you need to avoid is, keep sitting continuously on the chair. Always take some breaks to stretch your body.

When you get up and stretch your muscles, the blood flow improves, and you feel better. It is advisable to invest in a good fitness tracker that reminds you to get up after some time.

 Buying the wrong size

Not buying the right size gaming chair is inviting discomfort and a lot of problems. When buying a gaming chair, there are multiple things you need to take into consideration, such as the seat width, backrest height and width, and weight capacity.

With all these things in mind, you can select the right size to experience comfort all day long.

Leaning too much

Leaning too much can result in slouching, and it can harm your posture. Always set the right reclining angle while sitting on a chair.

As discussed above, you should select the reclining angle depending on the type of work you are doing.

Crossing the legs

Crossing the legs while sitting on the gaming chair may feel comfortable for some time, but it can have long-lasting effects on your posture.

Sit straight with your feet touching the ground. The lower part of the feet should touch the ground to get a comfortable sitting position.

Choosing the wrong seat height setting

By choosing the wrong seat height setting, you are inviting neck pain and eye strain. Adjust the seat height according to the height of the desk or the monitor.

Your eyes should be in a straight line with the monitor so that you can play games or work for longer without feeling tired.

Conclusion: Gaming Chair User Guide

With this gaming chair user guide, you can learn everything about a gaming chair. It is indispensable to buy the right gaming chair to experience comfort.

Always keep in mind that you’ll be using the chair every day, so it should be comfortable. Don’t settle for cheap options as it can be a complete waste of money.

Go through best gaming chair reviews to choose from the top chairs selected and reviewed by the experts.