Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: What’s the Difference?

Buying a chair can be a perplexing decision! Most folks get confused between gaming and office chairs, thinking that there isn’t any difference. However, there are some significant differences that set both chairs apart.

Buying the right chair is essential to experience comfort and convenience. So, you should know the exact differences between gaming and an office chair.

Here in this gaming chair vs. office chair article, we have done an in-depth analysis of both gaming chairs. From features to comfort, we compared everything to help you make the right decision.

What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are the trendy and ergonomic chairs that you see everywhere these days. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that gaming chairs are the new trend, and everyone loves using them.

Available in a plethora of types and options, gaming chairs are perfect to experience comfort for long hours. Many people have a misconception that gaming chairs are only for gamers, but that’s not true.

Gaming chairs are for everyone who wants to experience comfort. The chairs are good for people who have to sit for hours every day.

Here are some common types of gaming chairs that you’ll find in the market:

Rocker gaming chairs

As you can guess from its name, rocker gaming chairs move back and forth on the floor. The gaming chairs come with multiple tilt-angle options, and you can recline it as per your comfort. If you are a gamer, then you should go for rocker gaming chairs because of the right sitting position.

PC gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs are high gaming chairs that are good for use with a PC. With these chairs, you get enough height to access the PC and the keyboard for gaming.

Generally, these chairs have a racing-style design that looks luxurious and premium. You get a great sitting posture due to the padded seat. In a nutshell, PC gaming chairs are stylish, sturdy, and comfortable.

Floor gaming chairs

These are the cheapest of all because of the minimalistic structure. Some folks even call them semi-structured gaming chairs. The super-plush gaming chairs don’t have many features, but they are good to use for gaming and working.

What is an Office Chair?

Office chairs are the basic chairs that you see in your workplace. The chairs don’t have a lot of features as they are specially for comfort. Furthermore, these chairs don’t look trendy and have basic colors such as black, grey, and much more.

Moreover, these chairs have a limited reclining feature and have a flat seat pan. Office chairs are good for use at workplaces and offices.

Gaming chair vs. office chair: Which is better, and why?

Here we have highlighted the major differences between a gaming chair and an office chair. There are several pointers that we covered to ensure that you can easily select the right chair.


The first and the foremost difference between a gaming and office chair is the armrests. The armrests make a huge difference, especially when it comes to comfort. Usually, office chairs come with static armrests that don’t move, so you cannot adjust them.

On the other hand, some office chairs have 2D adjustable armrests that are adjustable for height. If you go for gaming chairs, then you’ll find 3D and 4D armrests as well.

Gaming chairs have thoroughly adjustable armrests, which enhance comfort.


When it comes to padding, gaming chairs never disappoint you. These chairs have better padding than office chairs. Padding is paramount because it impacts the comfort of the chair.

If you need a chair to sit for 5-6 hours continuously, then going with a gaming chair will be a great idea. However, if you need a chair to sit for around 2-3 hours, then you can go for an office chair as well.


Adjustability is something where gaming chairs win with huge marks. Gaming chairs come with complete adjustability. These chairs have an adjustable backrest, armrests, and seat height, so you get personalized comfort with them.

On the other hand, office chairs have limited adjustability. These chairs are for people who hate the fuss of adjusting a chair.


It comprises the neck, shoulder, and back support that you get from a chair. Gaming chairs are popular for the support that they offer. With the best gaming chairs, such as the Vertagear SL series, you get excellent neck and lumbar support.

When it comes to office chairs, you don’t get a lot of support from them. Yes, the chairs give you a good sitting posture, but the support isn’t that great.


Aesthetics are a matter of personal choice. Yes, gaming chairs look quirky and trendy, but some people fall for the regular looking office chairs.

If you need a stylish chair that looks great and is available in a range of colors, go for gaming chairs. However, if you need a basic-looking chair, you should go for office chairs.

Seat shape

The seat shape is another factor that impacts the comfort. Office chairs have a flat seat that doesn’t have any wings. These seats are thick and flat so that you can sit comfortably.

When it comes to gaming chairs, the seats have wings and have a bucket design. These seats hold you in place, and you can sit for longer when compared to office chairs.

Detachable head and lumbar pillows

Detachable head and lumbar pillows are the two things you’ll only find in gaming chairs. Some popular gaming chair manufacturers, including GTRacing, and Vertagear have gaming chairs that come with detachable pillows.

These removable pillows are good for comfort. However, you don’t get them with office chairs.

High-level reclining

Reclining is an essential feature of any chair. Some gaming chairs let you recline the backrest up to 180-degrees, which is great for relaxing. You can even use these chairs for taking a nap. But when it comes to office chairs, you get limited reclining.

These chairs aren’t best for sleeping or taking a nap because of professional use.


Price is another factor that helps you decide which chair to buy. Some people have a misconception that gaming chairs are expensive, but that is not true. You will find a range of gaming chairs that are available at affordable prices.

Similarly, not all office chairs are cheap, and some of them are expensive due to the design, comfort, and other such factors.

Extra accessories

If you need to attach extra accessories with a chair, you should go for a gaming chair. These chairs let you use massaging pillows, LED pillows, and other such things. You don’t get a lot of accessories to use with office chairs.

Gaming chair vs. office chair: which should be your choice?

Well, it all depends on where you will be using the chair and how much comfort do you need. With this gaming chair vs. office chair article, you can quickly decide which chair to buy. Nowadays, people are choosing gaming chairs because of their style and comfort.

No matter which type of chair you are buying, make sure to check the customer reviews in order to buy the best chair.