Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review: Best Office Mesh Chair [Remastered]

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Amazon Rating:-
  • High end build quality
  • Nice recline function
  • Comfortable arms
  • Forward seat tilt
  • Strong warranty
  • Rated for 24/7 use
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Can feel frame on seat and back
  • Seat may not be comfortable

We were supposed to be walking beings. However, today we spent a long time working at our desks. Whether at home or the office. Long sitting hours have led to various lifestyle diseases. Not to forget, it has created various spine-related problems.

Herman Miller was aware of all this. They created a design that would save you from all these problems. Their office chair collection is ergonomically designed. It is made keeping in mind your body. It helps you maintain a natural posture. Whether it means inclining towards the screen. Or relaxing while you think. Thus supporting your body all the way.

Many others tried their hands. But not many could create comfort without foam, padding or leather. Creating a weightless, elegant design. Thus giving the world a unique design. One that became a signature. And thus found a place in people’s hearts. Hence, came to be known as Herman Miller Aeron chair. 

Though their classic edition is as old as 1994. They came up with new modifications. What came to be called Herman Miller Aeron remastered. Because they believe changing times invoke changing expectations of comfort.

A good quality design demands a higher price. This one does too. So to help you make an informed decision of whether to buy it or not. Which size to buy. We are here at your service. Read our buying guide, go through all the details. Thus, making a wise decision.

Detailed Buying Guide: Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair

Aeron chairs come in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large. Further, these are sub-divided into 4 categories. The first one is armless. Next is fixed arms. Another one is height adjustable arms.  And fully adjustable arms. Depending upon the type you like. 

The smallest size is called size A. This one is for those of you who have a small built. It is of a low height range. You can adjust the angle of the seat using the tilt limiter. If you need help with the position. You do have a PostureFit SL™ Adjustment. So that you can find your fit. According to your size and comfort. The wheels or carpet casters are 2.5 inches long. Made up of hard floor material. 

Another most important feature is the 8z pellicle suspension. It helps your body to stay comfortable in 8 different comfort zones. 

The arms are fully adjustable in this one. While you get standard quality arm pads. Coming to looks, you have 3 choices to choose from. You can go for a carbon finish, graphite finish or Minera finish. 

In size B you get a medium height chair. Whereas, in size C you get a long one.

Given below is the Herman Miller Aeron size chart for your reference:

Aeron Chair 

Small (A)

Medium (B)

Large (C)

Total Height




Seat Height












If you are still confused you can opt for Herman Miller’s size fit reference on their website. It helps you determine your size depending upon your height and weight. 

Aeron is of a sturdy built. Hence it can carry your weight easily. But you should know which Aeron chair weight limit suits you. Herman Miller Aeron’s weight limit differs in different sizes. If you are 136kg or below you can choose size A. This one is the smallest. However, if you are 160kg or below, you can go for size B or C.

Aeron task chair doesn’t come with a headrest. You need to buy one for yourself. After going through various Herman Miller Aeron headrest reviews. We found there are 3 popular options available in the market. These fit well with the looks and quality of Aeron. 

The first one is Engineered Now H3. It is one of the most commonly bought models. It has got the mesh style which is similar to that of Aeron. It comes with an adjustment knob. So you can manage the headrest accordingly. 

You can also choose Engineered Now H4. It has similar features to H3. However, it is bigger, around 20% or so. 

Another great option is the headrest by Atlas. Unlike the previous two, it has a padded, soft headrest. It seems more like a comfortable pillow. It is very smooth and soft. The color of the metal complements that of the Aeron. Hence making a perfect match. You can adjust the headrest according to your height.

Aeron chairs can be customized to your needs. It has way too many adjustments to provide with the best possible comfort.

Your seat can be adjusted to a higher or a lower profile. Thus helping your legs stay level on the ground. You can also adjust the amount of tilt your chair should undergo when you lean back. 

For your arms, you can adjust the height and also the angle. Whether you want to work upright or stay relaxed. Moreover, the depth of the arm pad can also be adjusted. Slide back or forth according to your needs. And your chair is at your command.

To provide the desired support to your spine, use posture fit adjustment. Whether you want a relaxed loose state or a proper upright pose. You can choose your fit.

Lastly, the amount of tilt your chair can undertake can be adjusted.

If your chair fits all needs. But doesn’t have lumbar support. You are in for trouble. Lumbar support is required to keep your spinal cord in its natural position. Thus preventing backaches and sprains. 

Herman Miller’s Aeron is aware of that too. It has lumbar support. This can be adjusted to your height and comfort. Thus holding your spine in the right position. 

With such great features, Herman Miller’s Aeron is worth every penny. It comes in three sizes. But the price doesn’t vary according to the size. But that of the finish.

Aeron chair with graphite base and frame is the cheapest of all. It appears fully black. Second in line according to the price is graphite, aluminum. Here the top is graphite. While the bottom of the chair is shiny, polished aluminum.  Even the handle of the armrest is made up of aluminum. 

The other two choices are made up of a mineral frame. They look classy yet transparent. Two options are available for you. One is mineral with satin aluminum. While the other one is the mineral frame with a silky aluminum base. These two stand true to their price.

When you buy a Herman Miller product, you expect quality. Quality not only in terms of the product. But also quality in after-sales service. If you buy a Herman miller product and face any kind of difficulty, you need not worry. They give a 12-year warranty. 

This warranty covers every possible issue you might face. Be it the electrical components or the mechanisms. Though the warranty stands differently on different parts of the product. They will examine your product. If it requires repair, they will go forward with it. But, if it needs replacement, they honor their commitment here too.

Herman Miller Aeron According to Reddit

We scurried our way through many Herman Miller Aeron remastered reviews.

People seem to love the fact that these have several adjustments. This helps them to adjust the chair according to their comfort. And not that of the manufacturer.  Though some even pointed at the downside. If you aren’t a good judge of what is best for you. You might as well fail in making the right adjustments. Thus letting a great chair, stand to no use.

Many reviewers agreed that Aeron is the best possible chair for office use. Many of these people met Aeron while working at their office. Many proudly called it “work or productivity” chair. Because this is perfect for long hours of sitting. After their good experience at work, many of these bought one for home too. Working at home on an Aeron is much easier.

The longevity of the Aeron model is also something worth noticing. Many reviewers pointed to a decade of use, without any sign of a tear. It is low maintenance. But, high-quality piece of furniture. 

Another applause for Aeron is the comfort it provides to your body. Users saw bare minimum cases of backaches or neck problems. Even while working for longer hours on Aeron.  It proves how the design works. It is not an empty promise. 

A great resale value. Well, this one is different. Unlike other brands, Herman Miller chairs have a great resale value. Thanks to the assured quality. That people never doubt. And are still fond of purchasing a second hand Aeron, rather than a new chair. 

All put together, Herman Miller’s Aeron has garnered great reviews. It is a durable and highly functional product. Thus, worth every penny spent. 

Should you buy a new or a used Heman Miller Aeron?

You might take care of your things well. But many people are careless about their furniture. Or else, many might use it for long and then put up for sale. The older the chair, the more it is used and the more chances you have of getting something wrong. 

But on the other hand, this could be the only way you can own an Aeron. Being on a pricey side, it isn’t everybody’s to buy. You might want to consider buying an old one, rather than buying none. These are often called refurbished chairs. These are inspected for broken parts and are repaired accordingly. If you think you get a warranty, you are mistaken, Herman Miller’s warranty is non-transferable. The only kind of warranty you can have is from the seller. The one from whom you bought the used chair. 

But before making any decision examine the chair carefully.

Look out for the sticker underneath the chair. It will tell you the manufactured date. So you might figure out how old the chair is. 

So if you don’t want any risk with your chair, you can go ahead and buy a new one. If you are up to risk and want to save some money. And you are okay with minor scratches here and there. You might as well buy a refurbished one. 

Where to buy Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

You can buy the Aeron, from various retailers. On amazon and Walmart too. Many retailers sell Aeron through third-party sellers. These can be cheaper. Though, there is risk involved.

You might buy a chair thinking its new, but it may not be. Yes, you are vulnerable to getting cheated. Though not always. But many buyers have come across assembled, refurbished products, sold as new ones. They might be used chairs. Or else, repaired with parts from some other company.  If you have an eye for detail. Have owned various Aerons or at least seen or used one. You can buy it from any seller. 

Though, one thing that you should also keep in mind is the warranty. Herman Miller offers 12 years warranty on the product. Whichever buyer you bought the chair from, should be able to offer you the same.

The other option is to buy directly. You can either visit the Herman Miller stores. Or else buy it online. In this case, you would be sure of the originality of the product. Though, you would be getting the chair for MRP. 

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Made in USA with high end build quality
  • Nice recline function
  • Comfortable arms
  • Forward seat tilt
  • Strong warranty
  • Rated for 24/7 use
  • Ships fully assembled

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Can feel frame on seat and back
  • Seat may not be comfortable
  • No seat depth adjustment
  • No back height adjustment
  • Limited color options


After such a detailed discussion, I am sure you must have made up your mind. No, not against but in the favor of buying the Aeron by Herman Miller. It is a marvelous piece. A chair that cries out loud for you to work on it. It is a perfect example of comfort meeting productivity. Likewise too, it adds to any space it is set in. you have nothing to lose when buying this one. You can also check Best office chairs under $500