Undeniable Reasons You Have Neck and Shoulder Pain While Sitting at the Computer

Well, the lifestyle has changed post-COVID, and companies prefer their employees to work from home. What comes free with working from home is neck and shoulder pain when you sit for hours in front of the computer.

Do you also experience unbearable pain sometimes while sitting on your PC desk? Well, if yes, then you should know about the reasons behind it.

In this post, we have highlighted some reasons why you have neck and shoulder pain while sitting at the computer.

Furthermore, we’ll recommend some solutions that experts use to get rid of the pain.

Improper Sitting Posture

One of the biggest reasons why you experience neck and shoulder pain is due to improper sitting posture. When people are at home, they sit in any position while working, and that’s how the pain starts establishing its roots.

Furthermore, sitting in the same posture for hours can result in neck and shoulder pain. When you don’t move for hours, the blood in the nerves slows down, and it can also lead to pain.


The only solution to this problem is sitting in the correct posture. Make sure to get up after a few hours to move a bit. Stretching will be a great idea to give your muscles.

Also, sit with your back straight and neck in a position that you don’t have to slouch to see the screen.

Not Setting the Chair Properly

Not setting the chair properly is another reason why you feel pain in your neck, shoulder, and back. Not everyone is aware of how to set the chair properly so that you get an optimal sitting posture.

The armrests should be in a level with the desk so that you can rest your arms on it to work comfortably.


Buy a fantastic gaming chair, and set it accordingly so that you get comfort while sitting. Adjust the chair’s height, and look for the armrest position as some gaming chairs have 4D armrests.

Lack of Neck Support

Another reason why there is a lot of neck and back pain is due to the lack of neck support. You need excellent support under the neck so that the muscles remain relaxed and you can enjoy working. Some office chairs don’t have a headrest, and that’s how the problem starts.

When your neck slouches, it can lead to severe pain in the muscles and can even lead to long-lasting issues.


Always buy a chair with excellent neck support. You’ll find some chairs with neck cushions and adjustable headrests for added support. Furthermore, make sure that the headrest is adjustable so that you can adjust it to experience personalized comfort.

Changing the Chairs Frequently

Changing the chair frequently is also a huge reason behind the neck and back pain. Some people love switching chairs, and trying multiple changes isn’t good for your body.


If you have a comfortable chair, don’t ditch it. Keep using the same chair to get great comfort while eliminating the hassles of neck and shoulder pain.

Poor Positioning of Monitor

Just like a poorly positioned chair, a monitor with poor positioning can harm your posture. If you put the monitor too low or too high, then it can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

As per the experts, always position the monitor so that you can see it completely without slouching your neck.


If you have a monitor with an adjustable screen, adjust it so that you can work for hours without getting tired. Also, keep taking breaks so that your neck and shoulders don’t hurt.

Also, you can use monitor stands and risers to make them adjustable. Furthermore, if you have more than one monitor, place them simultaneously, and check the height.

Placing both monitors at the same height will help you reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Final Thoughts!

These are the common reasons why you have neck and shoulder pain while sitting at the computer. Also, we have listed the best solutions that you can use to minimize the pain for improved productivity.

Keep taking breaks and get up to stretch your body while working. With an improved posture, you see an improvement in your confidence as well.