Types of Balance Boards and their Benefits in the Office

Do you spend half of your day standing in the office and working? Well, if you nodded with a yes, then it is high time to invest in a balance board.

Balance boards not only bring movements to the body, but they are good for overall health. There’s nothing you can do about standing, but you can make it fun with a standing board.

Most folks out there aren’t aware of what standing boards are and which type to buy. Well, in this post, we have highlighted different types of standing boards and their benefits in the office.

Let’s get started:

Different Types of Balance Boards

 The type of balance board you are buying will impact your standing posture. Every type has some exclusive benefits, so you should know about them before buying one.

Here are the common types of balance boards.

Roller Balance Boards

Roller balance boards aren’t great if you are a beginner. Since balancing on such boards isn’t that easy. But once you start using such boards, there’s no going back.

Roller balance boards are good to bring movements to your body. The boards are compact, and you can even take them in your car from home to the office, and vice versa.

Rocker Balance Boards

These balance boards are the easiest to use, so even beginners can enjoy using them. The boards have a flat upper and semi-circle base that helps you in maintaining balance.

Furthermore, the boards are usually easy to balance because of the thick base, and you can even stand still if required.

There are a lot of therapists that use rocker balance boards and recommend using them. Even the elderly can use these boards to bring movements in their bodies.

Spring Balance Boards

Spring balance boards are also popular among working professionals. The boards are a bit heavy due to the design. There are two hard boards attached with springs.

With these balance boards, you can work out while working in your office. Yes, balancing them can be a little challenging in the beginning. But you’ll easily learn how to use them after some time.

However, spring balance boards are expensive among all options, so be prepared to spend a little more.

Wobble Balance Boards

Wobble balance board somehow looks like rocker balance boards as there is a spherical base. If you are a beginner, then you should invest in these types of balance boards.

The balance board comes in one-piece, so you can take it wherever you go. Furthermore, they are available in a range of options, such as boards with small and large bases.

With these boards, you can do multiple types of exercises that make them superior to rocker boards.

Now that you know about the types of balance boards, it is essential to know about their benefits.

Undeniable benefits of using balance boards in the office

There are numerous reasons why working professionals love using balance boards. If you also have a desk job, then it is important to know about these benefits.

It Improves the Working of Your Brain

As per some studies, balance exercises help in strengthening your brain. When you use a balance board, your brain gets better at communicating with the two hemispheres to improve the overall motor skills.

Several doctors have claimed that using balance boards is a great way to improve the working of the brain. And that’s a concrete reason to start using it in your office.

It Stabilizes Your Muscles

Your muscles remain healthy if you keep moving them. In the modern lifestyle, people don’t even get the time to get up and move when they are working.

When you use a balance board, your body moves continuously to maintain the balance, and that’s why it helps in strengthening the muscles.

Lesser Chances of Muscle Injuries

With balance boards, you can reduce the chances of muscle injuries. Strong muscles are prone to breakage and are highly flexible. A good balance board can bring movement to your body, and that’s how it strengthens your muscles.

It Keeps You Alert!

Do you often feel numbness in your legs while sitting and working on your desk? Well, you are not alone, as it happens with thousands of people out there. But when you start using a balance board, you can get rid of the numbness.

You can stay more alert than before, so using a balance board is a great idea to stay active throughout the day.

It Gives You a Good Posture

You get a good posture with balance boards. If you feel like slouching on the office chair, then you should go for a balance board. Standing on a board and maintaining balance helps your body by correcting the posture.

Start with a rocker balance board, as they are the easiest to use.


Now that you are aware of types of balance boards and their benefits in the office. It would be great to pick a balance board. Start with rocker boards, and then switch to spring and wobble boards.

People of all ages can use these boards to keep the muscles healthy and fit. Make sure to buy a branded balance board so that it doesn’t break down while you are standing on it.