How To Maintain Good Posture While Sitting at Desk All Day

Good posture is the position in which you hold your body against gravity to sit, stand and walk properly because of muscle used to support your body to do various functions, not get harm and work healthy and properly. Sitting in a bad position or uncomfortably would affect the muscle and blood circulation in the body that causes muscle problems, backbone pain, sleeping problems, etc.

For the body’s good health and work properly, you should develop a good posture while sitting, standing, and lying. Good posture will help improve the bodywork properly, and it keeps the muscle and joint in the correct position. Good posture prevents backache, muscular pain, and fatigue.

 In a good posture, the body uses less energy and works more because muscle is being used more efficiently. Sitting wrong at the desk all day affects different parts of the body, especially weak eyesight, and back pain. 

Nowadays, many people have these problems because all the work is desk work and people have the bad habit of sitting not correctly which they thought would be a  comfortable position. Still, later on, they see the result of their little comfortable converting into serious backache and muscle pain. Bad posture affects the shoulder, supporting muscle that will weaken the body, and the body will not do any heavy work/ or cause all-time back pain. 

Sitting not correct is the main reason for many problems in the body. Office workers should maintain a good posture because they work all day at the desk. They have more chances compare to other people to have muscle problems.

How can we maintain good posture at the desk?

Working seven to eight hours a day is not easy. We all lose temple and energy for work and need motivation or a proper way to do our work properly. People who work in offices need to know how to maintain energy to work properly and significantly and do other activities.

To maintain a good posture at the desk. Firstly, you should know how to sit properly at the desk where you comfortably do your work your muscles use efficiently. Your body uses less energy so that at least you have some energy to do some other activities. 

Secondly, you also have the stamina to sit properly at the desk all day by doing somebody exercise or yoga one hour a day and some healthy diet. Before going to work, you should get a  night of proper sleep at least  6 hours a day. Sleeping well will freshen up you during work, and your body doesn’t feel sleepy and work properly.

How to sit properly at the desk?

Many people complained about back and shoulder muscle pain; this happens because while sitting improperly at the desk, three body parts, shoulder muscle, backbone, and neck bone, would be affected. And these are the main body parts that support our body. 

By sitting not correctly, these body parts become weak, and the body will go to an abnormal position. Sitting in the correct position is the only way to eliminate these problems and work more properly and efficiently.

 We should know the proper and correct sitting position. 

Following are the tips of body position to sit 7-9 hours properly at the desk:

  • Choose a comfortable chair, and it should be whatever your height allows so that you can sit properly and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Sit properly and at the end of the chair where your buttock should touch the chair back.
  •  To reduce back pain, you can use a comfy pillow to maintain the back’s normal curves.
  • Adjust your desk as that where your hand and elbow are on the desk. Your shoulder should be relaxing.
  • At the desk, your laptop or computer should be in the right position so you can sit straight.
  • Your neck shouldn’t bend your desktop should be right in front of you.
  • Position your screen right in front of your eye level to avoid back pain.
  • Your elbow should be on a 90-degree angle and the desk so that your shoulder muscles relax.
  • Don’t put your body weight on one side. It will cause an abnormal position of the body and cause hip bone pain.
  •  Your body should be balanced, distribute your body weight on both hips equally and sit properly. 
  • Do not cross or bend your feet. Your feet flat should be on the floor.
  • You also get tired while sitting in the same position.
  • Change your position at least after 40 minutes. It will help you not to get tired of and will not reduce your more energy level.
  • Try to close your desktop system like mouse and keyboard to get a comfy position.
  • Try to stand up and stretched the body after an hour to not get tired while sitting in the same positing.
  • Sitting in the same position for an hour will tire you and reduce your energy level.
  • Try to move your neck upward and downward or roll your shoulder for blood circulation and work efficiently.
  • Straighten your legs before standing up and do backbends. Try to avoid the forward bending at your waist. Because while sitting, your all weight is on your waist. If you do the forward bend at your waist, you will get a cramp, and you would hurt badly.
  • As you know, you’re working on the computer, and you should complete your work in your working hours, and you didn’t take more breaks and had no time for exercise properly.  So it would help if you take advantage of mini-breaks go-to café take a walk.
  • Skip the elevator and go by the stairs. It will also stretch up your body. 

Working for 7-9 hours a day at the desk and in the same position would not be easy. It would need stamina/energy/, and exercise because if the body does work 9 hours a day in only one position would cause many problems. Other body parts will not work properly and get weak, so the body needs to exercise at least one to two hours a day for proper work and stamina to do work after sitting in the same position all day. 

Exercise and a healthy diet will give the energy for doing work and building up the stamina to work properly and fresh your mind.  For a healthy body, a good diet and daily exercise are very important to work properly. Good posture will help us do work properly, but after some hours, we get tired of these, and the body reduces all its energy. Blood circulates by a little bit of exercise and body stretching that will help energize your body to work 7-9 hours at the desk. 

Stretching up the body during work will help you reduce tiredness and energize yourself to do more work. Try to eat healthy and nutritious food; it will give you more energy than eating fast food. And try to hydrate your body with water or juice after 20 minutes. And get yourself a coffee if you feel a little tired. 


Nowadays everyone is doing office work for 8 hours a day, complaining of back pain and muscle weakness. Eight out of ten people complaining about back pain and muscle weakness. It is all because of improper sitting position while sitting at the desk. People do not know how to sit properly and correctly at the desk. They find their comfortable abnormal position, but it would affect them badly and get the backbone pain and other problems in the body. Sitting improperly at the desk all day affects the backbone, neck bone, and shoulder muscle. 

Sitting on a chair for seven to nine hours is not easy, and if we sit improperly, that will cause various problems for our body health and our brain because it will reduce our energy level. Good posture will help you sit properly and correctly so that you don’t get while doing work. 

Some important tips are given to you which you should check before doing any work at the desk. Especially sit properly on the chair so that your buttock touches the chair’s back and your foot flat on the floor. And your elbow and hand should be on the desk so that your shoulder muscle is relaxed. And your body shouldn’t be unbalanced sit like your weight would equally be distributed on your hip .and most importantly you should set your screen right in front of your eyes so that your neck would not bend. 

Try to move from the previous position and stretched up to your body so that your muscle would work properly and efficiently. Good posture will help the bodywork more properly, and it will use less energy, and these muscles work more efficiently. Before doing work, check the tips given and exercise daily so that your all body part works properly. To maintain a good posture while sitting all day need stamina and energize the body. Sitting in the correct position will prevent back pain and use less energy level.