How To Protect Vinyl Flooring From Chair Legs Furniture

Over the past few years, vinyl flooring has created its place in the market. Vinyl tile offers years of carefree usage. Its innovative system forms a tight seal that prevents dirt accumulation beneath your floor. It is also wet resistant; thus, cleaning and maintenance become easier for you. 

You can simply use a mop for cleaning vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is very widely used around the globe. As we love to make our interiors more vibrant and, elegant vinyl flooring provides an easy method.  


Flooring serves as a base for your home. Selecting the right flooring option is important to get rid of problems afterward. The most used flooring around us includes; hardwood, ceramic tiles, linoleum, marble, and linoleum. 

There are several other options present as well in the market. It completely depends upon your choice and preference. You must also look around the requirements of the area for which you tend to purchase flooring.  What may be suitable for the bathroom may not go well for the living room or bedrooms. 

If you want to have vinyl flooring in your house or tend to have this in your house, you just need to know some important steps and precautions to keep it safe from damage and hence long-lasting It is a durable material but needs some protection and maintenance.

Vinyl flooring consists of vinyl resigns and color pigments.  They can be designed in different patterns.

How to protect vinyl flooring

To maintain the shine and quality of sensitive flooring, more care is required. Here are some important steps and recommendations that will surely help you protect vinyl flooring from furniture.

How can furniture pads help you out?

The felt furniture pads are made up of soft material, usually of wool or fibers. Their soft composition makes them a good choice for flooring as they do not go hard on your tiles or floors.

The strong quality felt furniture pads are adhesive, which makes them easy to use. No extra tools or assistance is required to use them. Furniture pads are placed on the legs of chairs or other furniture items.

It comes in versatile shapes and sizes due to which you can use them with all furniture items at your home included beds, sofas, tables and chairs, and other heavy furniture. They are flexible and can be cut in any desired shape and size according to your need.

The benefits of using felt pads are you will get rid of scratches from your furniture, and they will stay there with you for a long time. In addition to that, sometimes, children keep on dragging small, lightweight items all-around, making loud noises.

You can put them on small tables and will be able to achieve a noise-free environment. The floor protectors are not expensive yet durable.

The self-adhesive pads are available. Other than that, gliders are also used for the protection of floors. Vinyl flooring can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens. 

How can glides protect your flooring?

While you drag around the furniture, your flooring gets scratched. To protect your vinyl flooring, gliders can be very significant. Constructed in nail-style gliders can be easily hammered into the wood. This prevents it from getting detached while dragging.

The good quality gliders are made of superior quality Teflon ensuring that they do not wear out and last long. These are suitable for sensitive floorings and are available at very low prices.

The use of glide protectors lasts long than adhesive pads as their sticky material can diminish with time. But hammering into the furniture can result in cracks as well.

Use of furniture lever

A single person at home can not carry heavy furniture items from one place to another, so you have to drag them around, which results in damaging the flooring. If you are the one, do not worry; there is a solution. The furniture lifters can help lift the furniture and place pad sliders under the legs of the furniture.

In the lifter, four moving wheels or rollers are attached as we know; rollers ease the movement as they reduce friction with the floor. After placing sliders, you can use a lifter to move the furniture from one place to another, protecting your flooring.

The lifter is easy to assemble and does not require additional tools. Though it is expensive than adhesive pads or glides, it is durable. The short size and length enable it to lift heavy furniture up to weight 330 lbs. 

Use of furniture sliders

Super sliders are wide sliders that can be up to 5 inches in length. They can be placed under the furniture bottoms. It can be used with all furniture items. Different applications, chairs, sofas, and beds can be moved with it.

They are breathable materials and flat in structure. It is of high quality and durable. This can be suitable for any furniture and can bear a large variety of weights as well.

The one thing that appeals to me is that they are usable, unlike adhesive pads, which can not be used repeatedly. So you must have a large number of self-adhesive pads. 


The chairs used in our study or workplaces also cause scratches to the sensitive floors like vinyl flooring. The recommended thing to do is while purchasing chairs look for casters on the legs of chairs. The casters or wheels help the chairs to glide smoothly.

Most of the chairs have attached casters on the legs. The wheels help reduce friction; thus, you can move them easily. 

Additional precautions to carry out 

The protection of hardwood floors and vinyl flooring demands precautions and timely actions. If you want to maintain the elegance of your décor to keep flooring in good condition is very important.

In addition to the use of protection tools below, some recommendations are listed to help you out in your maintenance journey ;


  • The protections used should be replaced frequently. Damaging your flooring will be more costly for you than purchasing economic floor protection, protecting your flooring from any damages.
  • Do not drag your furniture; instead, prefer lifting them from one place to another.
  • Keep a doormat in front of your house so that you clean your shoes while coming in.
  • Remember to regularly clean the floor so that dirt does not compile up.
  • It would be best if you chose proper floor protection which suits your requirements.
  • Keep in mind the size of chair or furniture for you want to purchase the protectors.
  • Protect your flooring from burns and hot items as vinyl flooring is sensitive.
  • It is very easy to clean. You can clean it with regular sweeping, and to wash, you can use a non-abrasive floor cleaner.
  • Avoid directly placing heavy furniture on vinyl flooring. It can cause dents instead, prefer using rugs or floor protectors.


  • Do not use soap-based detergents.
  • Avoid using abrasive or shiny products.
  • Protect flooring from wax.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner that contains a rotating beater bar.
  • Avoid ammonia or bleaches.
  • Avoid tracks of tar and asphalt as you will bring them with your feet to homes.
  • Do not flood the flooring with water, meaning avoid standing water on the floor.
  • Do not expose the surface to heat or burns. 

How to repair damaged flooring?

Despite precautions and care, our floors still get scratches which result in decolorization. To repair the damaged floor, furniture repair wood fillers can be used. Consisting of resin repair compounds available in different shades, you can mix them to get your desired share for your flooring.


We all love to furnish our homes with stylish and lavish furniture. And we spend hundreds of dollars on our interior. But what if we fail to maintain our décor? What if we are destroying our flooring and look of our homes?

We usually buy heavy furniture, including sofas, tables, beds, or other items. Moreover for our study our living room we buy chairs having metal or steel bases or legs.

Due to the heavyweight of items, you cannot lift them, so no other option is left other than dragging them around your house. This not only causes scratches on your floor but also destroys your furniture. 

The right way to avoid any such thing happening is to lift your chair or sofas from one place to another and place them slowly. So that it does not cause any dents to the flooring, for this purpose you can take help of any other person or if you are alone furniture lifters are also available which can lift heavy weights easily.

Moreover, you can use floor protectors as adhesive pads or glides for smoothly moving your furniture whether you are using protectors or not keep your floor clean. It is good for hygiene as well as for the durability of the flooring.

Thus by taking precaution measures and taking good care of vinyl flooring by keeping them clean and preventing them from scratches, you can make sensitive flooring more durable and economical.