5 Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain

5 Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain

Spending nine hours in your office could be exhausting if you have a condition of hip or back pain. You might get an unbearable pain.

It is a general conjecture or rather an accepted fact that the office chairs are not comfortable. People who have problems like neck pain, bad posture, and joint pains get affected by the improper chairs the most on a daily basis. So, having a comfortable ergonomic chair is not only preferred but necessary for people with these problems.

An ergonomic chair requires many different components to provide the best possible posture for an individual. It includes the type of material used, adjustable seats, built quality, etc. 

Getting an ergonomic chair is important for a person’s health and wellbeing. So, a little money spent on a comfortable chair can save you the thousands of dollars you may have to spend on the treatment for pain stemming from sitting in badly shaped chairs. Think of these chairs as an investment rather than an expense.

Our Pick

OFM Essentials Collection Office Chair

Best Overall

The OFM Essentials Mesh Back Office Chair is greatly beneficial for the people who have major back problems.

How Was the List Made?

To get the full picture of the best office chair for back pain, we dug through the internet. We spent a lot of time researching the different products available in the market and compared their price, durability, and features to get to make an informed decision.

We compared the reviews of different customers on Amazon.com. It provided us with their real information and the experience shared by the users instead of what the companies promote.

Analyzing the whole data and the key factors that it contains we came up with the list below.

What to Look for in Your Product?

Decisions for getting an office chair for alignment and back problems cannot be taken lightly. You have to keep in mind the different features that you need in your chair like height adjustment, tilt feature, material, and cloth used in making and the design of the chair, etc.

Most Comfortable


OFM Office Chair

  • Mesh backrest
  • Tilt lock for added comfort
  • Spacious

Best in Design


DRAGONN Ergonomic Chair

  • Weight capacity > 250 pounds 
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt angle

Best in Budget


Furmax Office Chair

  • BIFIMA certification
  • High-quality universal casters
  • Very budget-friendly

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain Review

1. OFM Essentials Collection Mesh Back Office Chair

a simple yet effective product

  • It has a mesh backrest and padded seat with mesh for optimal air circulation
  • Has a tilt tension and tilt lock for the added comfort
  • It is spacious so you don’t feel stuck while working for a long period of time
  • Can be a little uncomfortable for people with short stature
  • It does not include a headrest hence, it does not provide full lumbar support

OFM Essentials Collection Mesh Back Office Chair is a simple yet effective product. If you are suffering from hip or back injury, you can try this one out.

The OFM Essentials Mesh Back Office Chair is greatly beneficial for the people who have major back problems. It helps in keeping the spine straight which is important for posture control.

This chair is made with a breathable mesh back and the seat consists of a combination of foam and meshes, making it more comfortable as it supports the hip and lower back. 

It also enjoys basic ergonomic chair features such as seat height and depth alignment and 360 rotation. Moreover, it also comes with tilt tension and lock control for effortless function.

It also has a fixed armrest which helps in supporting the upper body and offers a place to lay your hand on.


This recliner is a model where quality meets the value of the product. It is a simple and efficient chair that makes your purchase worthwhile. 

This chair may not uplift your status in front of your peers and co-workers, but it will give comfortable support which will be beneficial for your hip or back injury. It surely helps you, soldier, through the long working hours of the day without compromising your back for it.

2. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

one of the best ergonomic chairs available in the market

  • It is great for posture alignment
  • It is designed to hold more than 250 pounds of weight 
  • Height of this chair can be adjustable to 21 to 28 inches
  • Tilt angle is designed especially for supporting the lower back
  • The shape is very unusual which some people may not prefer
  • It is a little bit expensive, making it difficult to buy for people under budget

DRAGONN is one of the best ergonomic chairs available in the market. This chair is specially designed to provide the best position for every individual.

The Dragonn Ergonomic kneeling chair comes with very comfortable padding on the hip area and provides comfortable padding for your knees as well.

It is a very compact chair. Hence, it is easy to move around from one place to another. This smaller size allows it to be used even in smaller spaces. 

The chair also comes with an adjustable height function. The height of this stool can be extended from 21 inches to 28 inches. The Dragonn company always focuses on its built quality ensuring the reliability and durability of its products.


Despite its weird shape and high price, the Dragonn ergonomic kneeling is one of the most popular chairs for hip pain. It comes with a number of features and can be very useful for someone suffering from any cardiovascular or posture problems. If you can afford this chair despite its high price, you will not regret the purchase.

3. Furmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk chair

a long-lasting product with a surprisingly affordable price

  • This chair won a BIFIMA certification for its strong build quality
  • The mesh material backrest is great for airflow
  • Many customers find the wing-shaped plastic supporters an excellent tool for back support
  • The high-quality universal casters help in smooth gliding of chair 
  • It is a very budget-friendly chair compared to the other ergonomics chair that can be very expensive 
  • Some reviews on Reddit reported that the armrest is a little uncomfortable and does not fit well
  • It does not come with a headrest for lumbar support which can be a deal-breaker for some people

The Furmax Office Mid Back Lumbar Support Desk chair is a durable and reliable instrument that can be very good for your hip and back problems. This chair is a long-lasting product with a surprisingly affordable price. 

The Furmax office desk chair consists of breathable mesh material backrest that works wonders on the hot and dry days. The seat is also padded with thick foam for extra comfort and support.

It also ensures that the padding should not be too firm or too soft that it will cause discomfort, hence, it is just enough to provide proper comfort to the users. 

Additionally, it comes with special plastic wings on the back of the backrest. They are designed especially for lumbar support and can work miracles for your lower back pain.

This chair has a BIFIMA certification for its sturdy and reliable build. Meaning, this chair can hold up to 265 lbs of weight.


The Furmax Office Mid Back Lumbar Support Desk chair is ultra-affordable and an ideal buy for both home and office use. With its wing shape back supporters, it does give a preferable advantage. 

Yes, even if it does not come with a headrest, but this chair can be very beneficial for many patients. So, if you want a good ergonomic chair that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket then the Furmax Office Mid Back Lumbar Support Desk chair is a fantastic choice. 

4. Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair

the biggest office chair available in this price range

  • The breathable mesh material with thick padding foam is great for support and comfort of the person 
  • It is very easy to assemble and all the bolt and joints come along with it
  • The pneumatic control ensures smooth functioning of seat and height adjustment
  • Some Amazon reviewers showed their dissatisfaction with the quality of the chair

Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair is the biggest office chair available in this price range. With a backrest that comes with proper lumbar support, this chair had won the hearts of many.

It has a firm yet comfortable padding covered with mesh material to give full support to your hip and back area. The backrest also consists of a mesh cloth for optimum air circulation. 

When it comes to features, the Smugdesk chair has pneumatic controls for easier adjustment of the seat’s height and depth control. Not only that, but the PU made casters also ensure smooth mobility.

While searching about the Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair on Reddit, we came to know that some customers are not content with the quality of the chair. 

The complaints revolved around the fact that the quality promised by the manufacturer does not match the actual quality delivered. Something that is presumably the only limitation of this product.


The Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair is a fantastic choice for any person working in hot or humid weather. The PU controls provide easy adjustment with full comfort, while its mesh material provides airflow and keeps your body from sweating.

This product is recommended to every customer who is looking for a light yet tough chair with a great relaxing feel for keeping their body at nirvana.

5. Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Desk Chair

very beneficial for people with hip and overall back pain

  • It comes with good quality padding of foam and mesh cover for proper comfort
  • All parts of this chair are Bifima certified which is more than enough evidence for quality assurance
  • 5 high-quality casters makes moving in the chair fun and with ease
  • 360 swivel castes ensures the smooth mobility of the chair
  • Some people on Reddit complained that without the headrest, neck pain can occur

The Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Desk Chair is a little wider than the rest of the office chairs. This Bifma-certified chair is a tool that anyone can use. Despite its simple design, this chair can be very beneficial for people with hip and overall back pain.

This model contains a mesh breathable backrest which will give good support to your back. The mesh backrest also allows the proper flow of air, so you won’t be embarrassed with the sweat wings on your shirt while working for long hours in hot and humid weather.

Besides its firm construction, it enjoys soft and comfortable padding of foam. However, the padding is not too soft to cause back problems, rendering a perfect balance of support and rigidity. 

This chair has a high-grade quality metal base for a stable balance. Moreover, it also has high-quality 360-degree swivel casters which ensure the smooth movement of the chair in every direction. 


This chair may be last on our list but it’s a simple design for the body’s comfort makes it a great choice for the work environment.

The Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Desk Chair can be a great choice for many people. Despite some people criticizing it for not having a headrest, they still recommend it without any hesitation.

Buying Guide - What to Look for in an Office Chair for Hip Pain?

Getting a good office chair for hip pain or in other words, an ergonomic chair is very important. Since having an office ergonomic chair is related to your health and welfare, you should never play dice with that.

An ergonomic chair is like investing in health equipment because a good ergonomic chair will definitely be beneficial for you. For buying an office chair for hip pain you have to keep in consideration many factors that are essential for the process.


Before buying any product you have to consider how much bills you are willing to spend on it. Your basic budget decides your desire and your ability to buy the product. So, the budget of the product should be reasonable. 

If you just want to buy an office chair then, any chair will do the trick. But having an office chair for hip pain can cost you a little more money. However, most ergonomic chairs’ prices do not have much difference than regular ones.   

Material and Build Quality

The build quality and material used in these chairs should be impeccable so that it can provide proper distribution of the person’s weight. 

Another important factor is the material used. The material should be of good quality and provide good air circulation with padding for full support and comfort. 

Features and Adjustability

Since every human body is different and requires different posture positions, a good ergonomic chair must always have basic and reliable adjustment features. Adjustable features like chair height, tilt lock, and flexible armrest can help in ensuring maximum support and comfort.

Adjustable features must be flexible enough for a human body to change positions and provide different posture opportunities.


An ergonomic chair is specially designed for the full support of the back and neck of the users. Most of the ergonomic chairs are designed to fit according to the human body and support it as much as they can to relieve stress and tension from the back and hip area. 


Hip and back pain is not a problem you should take lightly. These problems are just the first steps in becoming something much more serious. Hence, getting an office chair for hip and back pain is a must for many people. 

There are many products out there in the market for these specific problems, but not all of them can meet your needs. This is why we are about to give you the winner of this list – OFM Essentials Collection Mesh Back Office Chair.

Because of its amazing features like it’s spaciousness, we had to give it the crown. Plus, it is the highest-rate of all.

Nevertheless, these five ergonomic chairs are considered to be the best in the market. Whether you are looking for a premium product or a budget one, this list is all you need.