Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews

Do you love taking messages frequently? Are you paying a handsome amount in lieu of that? And are you hunting for a quality massage chair to cut short your expenses? 

We have got an answer to all your questions. Here we will be detailing you about the top Real Relax massage chairs available for online shopping. But before that let us tell you a few facts about massage therapy and massage chairs. 

 Massage therapy is the need of the human body. People generally go by the myth that massage is taken only when you are fatigued. But that is not right true to your knowledge. Massage is therapy important for the human body. It has several other benefits and should be taken frequently.

Studies have proved,  massage is successful in treating a range of symptoms related to different medical conditions. Massage therapy can be used as a treatment to cure physical and psychological conditions. Massage has proved itself in treating life-threatening diseases like cancer. It effectively supports the patient and helps in fast recovery. 

If you include massage in your lifestyle on a regular basis, you have advantages like better muscle oxygenation, helps in weight loss efficiently, stronger immune system, it helps in detoxifying your body and helps to reduce the blood pressure. You can cherish all these benefits by purchasing a massage chair.

Our Pick

Real Relax Massage Chair

Best Overall

This is an FDA approved S track massage chair with the 3D robot hand rollers attached to it which moves from the neck to waist.

What did it take to prepare the list?

Hours of toil and churning up of different online websites selling the massage chairs have brought to you guys the list. The review of the customers and rating of the product from the backbone of the list. All the massage chairs have similar features, yet they differ in perfection and quality of massage. After scrutinizing all the massage chairs from all the angels we have been successful in figuring out the list. You can blindly go by the list as the making of the list involves hours of brainstorming for validating the data.

As of now, you are aware of the fact that the massage chair can help you improve your blood circulation and lymph circulation in your body. So, now it’s time to buy one. Let us have a look at the best massage recliners available in the market.

About Real Relax Massage Recliners

Quality massage recliners are sweethearts to massage lovers and Real Relax understands this very well. So, Real Relax is always involved in creating something better and better for you every time. It has been creating and launching excellent massage recliners. These massage chairs are scientifically designed to heal your body from all the angles and improve blood circulation up to the ruling master, the brain.

Since 2014, Real Relax has been noticing the poor quality massage chairs being launched in the market which is a mere wastage of money. So, it tries to get the best of the massage recliners. The article unfolds a detailed description of the best Real Relax massage chairs.

Most Comfortable


Real Relax Massage Chair

  • It takes less space.
  • Bluetooth function availability.
  • You get a Zero-gravity essence.

Best in Design


Real Relax 2020 Chair

  • Zero gravity feeling.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 50 airbags provided.

Best in Budget


Real Relax Body Massager

  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Not expensive.
  • Excellent features.

Best Real Relax Massage Chair Recliners

1. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Makes you feel like in space

  • Bluetooth features are available.
  • Zero gravity feeling.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The 50 airbags make the recliner more comfortable.
  • Cannot turn off the led light while the massage is on.

Get ready to experience how astronauts feel at zero gravity. Yes, this massage chair has been designed similarly. It is a  full-body zero gravity Shiatsu recliner. Just pressing a button makes you feel virtually weightless.

The 8 fixed massage points to the neck and back roller moves and you get perfect pain-relieving and relaxing massage beginning from the neck.  

There are 50 airbags placed at the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, feet, and lower back to make you comfortable in the recliner. The recliner has 3 levels of roller speed. Other than this you get lower back heating along with foot roller massage. You can customize the back and waist mode as per your requirement. You can also adjust your back up and down comfortably.

You can cherish the Bluetooth facility and switch on the audio play. It has also got a changing LED light with 6 auto modes. You can use the remote to adjust the speed and strength of the massage. The massage comes with only two boxes and is easy to assemble. 

The chair has the specification as follows:

  • Timer: up to 30 minutes
  • Height limit: 6.1 feet
  • Weight limit: 400 pounds

 So, do check the specification at the time of purchasing the recliner.


We agree, the recliner is a bit expensive but when you calculate the features of the massage chair it seems worth it. You hardly need to do any setup. Coming home tired and sitting in the recliner with its remote in hand and soothing music playing on the Bluetooth, what would be more pleasing than this experience? You must purchase the recliner without any delay.

2. Real Relax Massage Chair

Massage recliner with a yoga stretch

  • Large body types can be accommodated in the recliner.
  • It takes less space.
  • Bluetooth function availability.
  • You get a Zero-gravity essence.
  • Not fit for smaller body types.

This is an FDA approved S track massage chair with the 3D robot hand rollers attached to it which moves from the neck to waist. The recliner provides you 6 kinds of massage. It also has a rocking function with six different auto programs. All you need to do is click on the “waist” button, the rocking function gets started and you get a soul-touching massage.

The recliner has zero gravity design and on switching on the “stretch button”, you get a perfect back yoga stretching. The 50 airbags give perfect support and a heavenly feeling to your body when under massage. 

Add-on features like high graded speaker, Bluetooth music player, foot roller, and airbag massage are available in this Real Relax Massage recliner.

The recliner has a timer set up for 15 minutes.


The recliner is the best option for all tall and heavy on weight people. It covers your body with perfection and gives you a comforting massage. The rocking function of the massage chair is something that cannot be left out. Along with the zero-gravity feeling, the chairs also rock you. You can surely gift this massage recliner to your body.

3. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

A complete pack

  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Functions are easy and simple.
  • Not expensive.
  • Excellent features.
  • You can face a problem if your home entry is smaller in comparison to the chair.
  • Shifting it every time can be a headache.

This Real Relax Full Body Massage recliner comes with 6 preset auto programs. It gives your muscles a deep massage with a 3D robot hands roller moving from neck to waist. The Real Relax massage recliner is FDA approved with a warranty period of 3 years and has zero gravity design.

It also has a rocking function with a timer of 15 minutes. The 50 airbags positioned from shoulders to foot covers the full body and gives you excellent relief. You feel rejuvenated after having a massage in this massage chair. It is the best way to get rid of all the body pain and fatigue of the entire day. 

The features of the chair include HI-FI speaker, Bluetooth music player, foot roller, heating and vibration function, foot roller.


The cons should not bother you if you have a bigger home entry and you are permanently settled. Even if you are in a rented house still you can buy the massage chair and can get it shifted along with other home appliances. This Real Relax massage chair recliner is not that expensive and can meet all your massage requirements with a warranty service of 3 years in case of any problem.

4. Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner

A massage recliner with 4D silicone robot hands

  • Ergonomically designed for big and tall users
  • Built-in lumbar support 
  • Capable of handling up to 500 pounds of weight 
  • Heavy-duty dual wheels
  • The office chair comes in brown and black leather finish
  • The backrest cannot be reclined separately as it is attached to the seat

This massage chair recliner has 4D silicone robot hands. The hand rollers work together to give you a divine feeling. It works together with SL-Track and moves from neck to hip. Here you do not need to make setup as the computer body scan technology calculates the shape of your body and functions automatically.

The massage chair already comes assembled. All you need to do is unpack, put the footrest down and take a massage by switching it on.

The arms of the massage chair are upgraded with a more ergonomic design. It also has Bluetooth audio play facility, vibration & foot roller massage, and waist heater.


Common features like Bluetooth music devices, massage rollers, and remote control systems are provided in the massage recliner. The unique part of the massage chair is the smart scan and automatic setup of this massage recliner. It has won the hearts of customers. Excellent rating and review of the product say it all. Don’t let this offer go and buy one before the chairs are out of stock.

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Buyer’s Guide: Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews

  • Size:

You are the best caretaker of your home and you must be aware of the available space to accommodate a Real Relax massage chair recliner at your home. So, never opt for a voluptuous massage chair. You might face a problem while entering the chair into your room. So, the size of the chair should be proportional to your room entry as well as available space.

  • Features:

The features of the chairs matter a lot. So always check for features like:

  1. Bluetooth music device
  2. Remote control system
  3. A smart scanner will be an add-on
  4. Sufficient foot rollers.
  5. Airbags for the comfort of the shoulder and waist etc.
  • Budget:

Calculate your pocket and purchase a massage chair that fits both your requirements and budget.

  • Ease of Repair:

A massage chair frequently creating technical problems is a headache. For this try and buy chairs which create the least problem. For this, you can refer to the reviews mentioned by the customers on different online sites. You should choose a massage chair which can easily be detached and repaired. Complex chairs will always give your dreadful nightmare.

  • Warranty Period & Customer Service Facility:

Massage chairs with a longer warranty period and good customer service facility are easier to tackle. In case of any query, the customer service representatives are your first saviors. So, confirm things before purchasing the Real Relax massage chair recliner.


Health is wealth. So, spending an extra dollar on your health pays you back. Real Relax massage chair recliners give you the best out of it. There are several models of massage chairs available, it all depends on your choice and budget to finalize one from the list. Real Relax has always been into creating massage chairs under the guidance of medical experts as a massage chair is something that relates to your body and health. From the massage chairs mentioned above, our choice is Real Relax Massage Chair (Product 2). It has various features to boost off. Beginning from an FDA verified stamp to wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy this machine fully.

 So, get a massage chair today, get relieved from pain and fatigue. You can also boost up your health and immunity as massage has several other benefits explained earlier.