5 Best Heavy-Duty Recliners

5 Best Heavy-Duty Recliners For Heavy People

Do you find the regular recliners small, and they lack comfort? Well, if you nodded your head with a yes, you probably need a heavy-duty recliner.

Heavy-duty recliners are specially designed for men and women with big body structure who need more space to relax. Furthermore, the load-bearing capacity of these recliners is fantastic. So, the cushion will not get crushed after some time.

To get ultimate comfort from a recliner, you need to buy the best one, and that’s when you will find various challenges. To help you buy the best heavy-duty recliners, we are here with these recliner reviews.

Read on, to make a quick and rewarding choice by buying the best recliner.

Our Pick

Lifestyle Power Recliner

Best Overall

The recliner weighs 77 lbs. only, and you can move it to any room to relax after a tiresome day.

How Was This List Made?

All the products listed in this article result from extensive research and comparison between a range of reclining chairs. We spend several hours on multiple forums finding customer reviews. In order to know about their experience with the following heavy-duty recliners listed here.

You can trust this article. As our main focus was to come up with recliners that are comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

phenomenal cushioning


Lifestyle Power Recliner

  • One-touch recline feature
  • Beautiful looks
  • Soft and cleanable fabric

most comfortable


Power Lift Recliner Black

  • Powerful and quiet motors
  • Comes with a handy remote
  • Smooth reclining function

Best in Budget


Ravenna Home Pull Recliner

  • Highly-stable base
  • Ample cushioning in all areas
  • Available in a range of colors

5 Best Heavy-Duty Recliners Reviews

1. Lifestyle Power Recliner

specially designed for big men and women

  • One-touch recline feature
  • Comes with a USB charging outlet
  • Beautiful looks
  • Soft and cleanable fabric
  • Stains are highly visible on this color
  • No color options available

Lifestyle is here with a heavy-duty recliner that has got elegant aesthetics, and it blends perfectly with your home décor. The plush fabric feels soft and touchable, so you can rest assured about the comfort.

No matter how tired you are, it would be a pleasurable experience to spend some time on this recliner. As it is a power recliner, therefore there is no need to worry about reclining it manually. You can recline the chair just with a click to get the most comfortable sitting position.

The cushioning is just phenomenal, and there is ample of it in the armrests as well. There is no adjustable headrest, but you won’t feel short on comfort.

You can enjoy reading novels or watching movies as the recliner has a built-in USB charging port. Further, the reclining feature works smoothly, and there will be no squeaks at all.

The flat bottom prevents the recliner from tipping, as it is specially designed for big men and women.


If you need a heavy-duty recliner, that’s easy to use, and install, then go for Lifestyle Power Recliner. The recliner weighs 77 lbs. only, and you can move it to any room to relax after a tiresome day

2. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner Black

boasts luxury and comfort

  • Powerful and quiet motors
  • Comes with a handy remote
  • Smooth reclining function
  • Let’s you lounge with ultimate comfort
  • It’s heavy, so you need help to relocate it
  • The material needs regular upkeep

Here is a beautiful recliner from Signature Design that boasts luxury and is perfect for your modern home. Featuring black upholstery, that recliner looks just fantastic, and the materials feel just like premium leather.

The recliner comes with a wired remote, so all the controls will be in your hand. The remote features four buttons, and you can set the best reclining angle as per your requirements. It is a heavy-duty power recliner that houses powerful motors.

The motors work flawlessly while reclining the sofa, even if a heavy person is sitting on it. The thick cushioning makes you feel like sitting on a king’s chair. You can enjoy playing games or watching a movie by relaxing on this heavy-duty recliner.

There is a pocket available on the side that lets you place the remote, or you can even use it to store your iPad or MacBook. Further, the non-tipping legs keep the recliner stable, and it won’t wobble while reclining.

In a nutshell, this power recliner is what you should buy if style and comfort are your top priorities. The fabric is easy to clean, so there is no need to worry about those accidental spills.


Signature Design Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner Black is available in three color options. The recliner is easy to install and is a great choice to add the lost comfort to your life.

3. Ravenna Home Pull Recliner

excellent option for folks with a tight budget

  • Highly-stable base that doesn’t tip
  • Features a swiveling and rocker feature
  • Ample cushioning in all areas
  • Available in a range of colors
  • No power reclining feature
  • No charging outlet available

Get this plush heavy-duty recliner from Ravenna to enjoy your day like never before. The allrounder recliner features a swiveling base so you can rotate the sofa in any direction. The recliner is easy to

use. And you can recline it by using the handle available at the side of the armrest.

Just one pull will let you enjoy incredible comfort. And you can watch your favorite movies or can take a quick nap with this recliner. Furthermore, the base is strong enough to support heavy weight.

You can convert the recliner into a rocking chair, with just a push of a button. The upholstery feels great, and the material is great for comfort. Ravenna has used a hardwood frame that’s durable and reliable.

Further, the foam doesn’t get crushed and retains its original shape after you get up. If you have a tight budget, then this recliner can be an excellent choice.

Setting it up is easy, and voila, you can relax sitting and lying on it. The metal base comes with a powder-coating that resists corrosion.

To sup up, this heavy-duty recliner from Ravenna has a timeless design. Moreover, the recliner rewards you with unbeatable comfort at this price range. Lastly, the installation is easy, and you can assemble it within 2-hours by referring to the instruction manual.


Ravenna Heavy-Duty Recliner is an excellent option for folks with a tight budget. The chair is available in multiple color options and promised to last longer.

4. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

has three reclining positions that are good for sitting comfortably or relaxing

  • Long-lasting motor
  • Features two USB charging ports
  • A big pocket carries your extra stuff and the remote
  • Two cup holders
  • The USB port stops working sometimes
  • The upholstery gets punctured easily

Are you looking for a heavy-duty recliner that’s good for your parents? Well, you should consider buying a Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner. The recliner is perfect for the elderly as it has a power reclining feature. The recliner offers added support in getting up to the elderly and people with back pain issues.

Everything about this recliner is great, and it has a decent user weight capacity. There is a remote control available that lets you recline the chair with ease. There are two built-in cup holders, so you can keep your favorite drinks handy.

The recliner has an aluminum alloy base that is resistant to easy damages and corrosion. Assembling is easy, and it becomes ready to use within a few hours. Now you can charge your iPhone or iPad on the go using the two USB charging ports.

We loved the overstuffed padding that offers unmatched comfort. The thick armrests and the bigger headrest make you feel relaxed when you hop on the recliner. Further, the motors are powerful, and the reclining feature works quietly.

The recliner has non-marring feet that don’t tip and protect the floor from scratches and stains. You get three reclining positions that are good for sitting comfortably or relaxing with ease.


With Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner, all members of your family can enjoy relaxing. The recliner is perfect for kids and the elderly, as it has a power reclining feature. Lastly, the recliner is available in three attractive colors.

5. ANJ Electric Recliner

premium power recliner from ANJ Made using leather

  • Easy to clean and spill-proof material
  • Quiet reclining mechanism
  • Durable metal frame
  • Handy remote control
  • Features 3 reclining positions only
  • The material can develop cracks over time

When comfort and style meet together, they result in this premium power recliner from ANJ. The heavy-duty recliner is designed especially for heavy users. It has a sofa-like design so you can keep it in your living room as well.

Made using leather, the recliner looks extraordinarily beautiful. Also, the golden rivets at the front make it look even more attractive. And it should be your choice if you need an elegant recliner.

As it is a power recliner, therefore you can control it using the remote. The controller lets you set the best reclining position so that things will be as easy as a breeze. Further, you get a USB charging port at the side that lets you charge your smartphone.

The heavy-duty recliner is perfect for users up to 300lbs weight. Whether it is your napping time, or you want to watch TV. You can do it with this power recliner. It has three reclining positions that you can set using the controller.

The material is easy to clean and resists stains. Moreover, there is abundant cushioning, so be rest assured about the comfort. Lastly, assembling the recliner is easy, and it comes with a guide to assist you.


This power recliner from ANJ gives you the feel of sitting on a massive sofa. It is ideal for the elderly as well, all thanks to the power reclining feature. Lastly, you get three color options. So you can buy one that complements the décor of your room.

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying the Best Heavy-duty Recliner

When you are looking for the best heavy-duty recline, make sure to keep a few things in mind. Here are some factors to consider before you click the buy now button.

Reclining Mechanism

Some heavy-duty recliners have a powerful feature, whereas some are manually operable. The choice depends on your needs and budget. If you need a recliner for your parents, go for a power recliner. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you should go for the manual one.

User Weight Capacity

The user weight capacity is the total weight that the recliner can bear. All the heavy-duty recliners listed in this guide can support up to 300lbs. So, you can buy any of them with the assurance that it is for heavy and big people.

Easy to Assemble

A good heavy-duty recliner should be easy to assemble. Calling professionals to assemble it can cost a considerable amount of money. Go for the recliners that you can assemble at home.


Check the upholstery material to ensure that it is easy to clean and comfortable. Heavy-duty recliners are available in fabric and leather options. The choice depends on your budget and what you need.

Reclining Position

Every heavy-duty recliner has different reclining positions. Some offer three positions, whereas some have five. Again, the choice is up to you and your budget. If you need added comfort, go with the recliner with multiple reclining positions.


When buying a heavy-duty recliner, keep its weight in mind. You cannot move an onerous recliner. So consider buying a lightweight one.

Extra Features

The extra features include the cup holders, USB ports, and storage pockets. Check whether the recliner has these features according to your choice.


These are the best heavy-duty recliners to consider if you need uncompromised comfort. Go through the reviews to find out the best one. However, if you are in a rush, then go for Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner. The recliner features everything you may need and is an excellent option to choose from.

Consider going through the buying guide as well to make a remarkable decision. Lastly, check the warranty before buying the heavy-duty recliner.