Best Rocker Recliners

5 Best Rocker Recliners: Chairs That Rock

Did you know? Back problems have increased exponentially in the last decade. In fact, over 64 million people are suffering from some kind of back problem or posture disorder. The worse thing is, the numbers are increasing every year at a lightning speed. That is why the need for recliners has also been increasing.

Now, recliners are not just a piece of luxury furniture for people anymore. They have become a necessity for almost every age group in the US  and also worldwide. If you are having a hard time believing it, the Georgetown University report states that more than 41 percent of the total population of adults suffering from back pain are between the ages of 18 to 44. Something that is quite a serious revelation. 

So, there is a huge demand for recliners from people going through this problem. There are various recliners in the market catering to the varied needs from luxury to physical support. However, finding a good recliner can be hard with all these different options. Especially for people who are not aware of their needs and may end up buying a recliner that they may regret later.

Our Pick

Larkinhurst Earth Rocker Recliner

Best Overall

With the classic earth color and nailhead trim, this is a vintage-looking recliner with great comfort.

How Did We Make This List? 

To give you the best possible selection of best Rocker recliners. We dedicated several hours to tedious research and analysis of the products. Not only we checked various blogs, articles, and websites but we also turned our heads to customer reviews.

To achieve this, we went to different platforms like Reddit, Youtube, and Amazon to find out how true the claims of the manufacturers really are. Customers shared their experience and provided an in-depth view of the products. Something which helped us in finding out the durability and reliability of different rocking recliners that are available in the market.

And after considering all the pros and cons of different products, we finalized this list. So, if you are in a dilemma of which is the best rocker recliner chair and will be the best for your needs, your body and for your pocket, sit back and relax, we got everything you are looking for.

What to Look for in a Good Reclining Chair?

Before getting all excited and running to for your rocking recliner you need to learn about what to look for in a good recliner. It will prevent you from buying something you actually don’t need.

Since a recliner is not that cheap and takes up space in your house; you need to keep some factors in mind before committing to any particular product. Some of the factors include the type of recliner you need, for what use you intend to buy the recliner, the size of your house, and your budget in which you have decided to buy the recliner.

Best in Budget


Larkinhurst Earth Recliner

  • Classic & pleasing earth color
  • No extra unnecessary features
  • Ideal for small build

Most durable


Lane 4501-19 Recliner

  • Rigid and durable
  • A US-made product
  • 5 years of warranty

Best in Design


ComHoma Modern Rocker

  • 360-degree swivel capabilities 
  • 8-point massage system
  • Has cup holders

Best Rocker Recliners: Chairs That Rock Review

1. Larkinhurst Traditional Earth Rocker Recliner with Nailhead Trim

a simple and traditional recliner with great comfort

  • A classic and pleasing earth color rusting design 
  • It is a basic manual recliner with no extra unnecessary features
  • It is ideal for people with a small build
  • It does not come in one piece and requires assembling which can be difficult for the beginners
  • It does not feature any USB port or cup holder 
  • This recliner is not cheap and can cost you a little more money than others

As the name suggests the Larkinhurst Traditional Earth Rocker Recliner is a simple and traditional recliner with great comfort. It is built by the Ashley Furniture company that is well known for its recliners and furniture with superior quality. 

With the classic earth color and nailhead trim, this is a vintage-looking recliner with great comfort. It is ideal for a person with a shorter build. Hence, customers with a tall structure may feel a little uncomfortable in this recliner. Because of its shorter build, it is easy to move around and won’t take much space in your house. This recliner will fit through any door frame that is at least 32 inches wide in the area.

The Larkinhurst Traditional Earth Rocker Recliner has a vintage styled crafted faux leather cover to give it an extra elegant appeal. All the while coupled with the comfort that comes along with it. 

The faux leather is also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about the spills. Moreover, it is also easy to maintain and can be cleaned by just a damp cloth. The overside back padding and deep-seated cushions also make this recliner worth its price. It makes the chair more comfortable and gives extra support to people with a back problem which makes it the best leather rocker recliner in the market.

This recliner is designed as a traditional recliner hence, it does not feature any remote control. To be breviloquent, it’s fully manual. This manual feature eliminates the need for any electrical requirement, so you don’t have to place it near an electrical outlet.

Despite all of the comfort and luxurious design, this recliner also faces some problems. We came across a few reviews of customers stating that this recliner is a little hard to assemble and does not come with any tools required to assemble it.

This recliner also doesn’t have any cup holders, so it will be difficult to enjoy your drinks while relaxing on your recliner.


The Larkinhurst Traditional Earth Rocker Recliner is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will fit in your house perfectly. This chair provides an elegant look in your house and surely will attract the attention of your guests. With its extra padded back and deep-seated cushions, it gives a great sense of comfort and peace. Despite its high price and tricky assembling process, it is proven that it is one of the best rocking recliners, as well as the most comfortable rocker recliner, money can buy.

2. Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Dorado Walnut Rocker Recliner

a real gem for the people who seek full head to heal support from a chair

  • The armrest of this recliner is ensured rigidness and long time use
  • A US-made product
  • 5 years of warranty
  • It can be too rigid for people with a sensitive back problem
  • Some customers complained about the poping out of springs from the side of the recliner after some time

The Dorado Rocker recliner is a real gem for the people who seek full head to heal support from a chair, making it the best high back rocker recliner on our list. This chair is a perfect buy for people of all sizes, regardless of their build. 

It is made with sturdy construction and designed to be reliable. On the inside, this recliner is made with a combination of steel rocker recliner mechanism and the hardwood frame that shapes the entire recliner. It gives the chair the stiffness and rigidness it needs to provide proper support.

Dorado Rocker recliner from Lane Home furnishings also features a seven-gauge steel reclining mechanism to provide easy reclining and adjustment to your chair without any hassle. To ensure the recliner’s durability, the Lane Home furnishings commits that it can support up to 500 pounds of weight with full support.

The armrest of the chair is bolted and reinforced to the frame of the recliner to give durability and support for a long time without any breakage. Not only that it also features a welded steel coil base spring system to give you the extra bounce for your body.

While the inside of this recliner is made to be stiff, hard, and sturdy, the outside is very soft, tender, and made for providing comfort to the body. This thick yet soft padding of the Dorado recliner gives a sense of peace in your body making you fall asleep within minutes.

While it contains a perfect balance of comfort and rigidity, the entire chair is covered with a soft layer of chenille material giving you an extra layer of solace. And with its silent and easy to glide adjustment feature makes the product even more demanding.

While this furniture got many merits, some reviewers on Amazon said that the recliner is prone to malfunction and brokerage in a short span of time. And some also commented that the springs popped out after some time of the purchase.


The Dorado Rocker recliner from lane furnishings is designed to provide comfort for all the members of the family. Whether you are a kid or a 6 feet adult no one can be disappointed with this recliner. It is highly compatible for tall people given its large size. If you are looking for a durable recliner of a large size, the Dorado Rocker recliner is for you.

3. ComHoma Modern Rocker Leather Recliner Chair

a perfect choice for your movie marathons

  • 152 degree of reclining and full 360 degree swivel capabilities 
  • It has a 8-point massage system with 4 different vibration modes to give you the best massage experience
  • It has cup holders and side pockets
  • The push back mechanism gives you a smooth reclining experience 
  • It is very pocket friendly
  • This chair offers 3 different choice of colors for you to choose from
  • It can be sweaty when you spend many hours on this recliner
  • The chair is prone to malfunction down the road
  • Some reviewers mentioned the cup holders as “ugly” and traps junk frequently

ComHoma Modern Rocker Leather Recliner Chair would be a perfect choice for your movie marathons. It has all the things you need to lie comfortable on your recliner for hours and let out all the toxic tension you have been gathering for the whole week.

This recliner is designed for you to spend many hours. So be ready to become Chandler and Joey for the weekend because you are not going anywhere after feeling this chair’s comfort.

With the push back reclining technology, it eliminates the need of any ugly lever sticking out of the chair. So, just get on the recliner, push back your body weight and the chair will automatically recline without any discomfort. The ComHome recliner can recline upto 152 degrees giving you a full relaxing feeling.

This extremely budget-friendly rocker recliner also gives you a 360 degree swivel. Meaning, you can adjust the chair anyway you want to without getting out and turning it everytime you want a different view.

This stunning chair comes with all the features that you want for relaxing for many hours. It has a cup holder on the both sides of the arms of the recliner. So, you don’t have to worry about any spillage of your beverage. 

Not only that, it also has a pocket on the side for your chips, magazines and remote. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your remote while you binge watch your web series.

ComHoma Modern Rocker Leather Recliner Chair also offers a relaxing and pleasant massaging feature. The massaging rollers really reaches the inner core of your body and makes you feel at peace. It is not like the other massage recliners which only gives a dull massage vibration.

This recliner has a 8-point massage system which comes with four modes of different vibration settings to provide you a complete relaxing feel. This feature can be great for elders as well as back problem patients who are in the need of massage time to time.

And to top it all off, it also has a heating mechanism to tackle the cold chilled days. The heater in the chair gives upto 98 degree fahrenheit of heat that slowly warms you up and you can relax without feeling cold.

Besides having so many features up it’s sleeves, ComHoma Modern Rocker Leather Recliner Chair also provides a great padding of foam for you to lie on. The ComHoma recliner has the perfect balance of both soft and firm foam to give maximum support and comfort to the individuals. 

The outer layer of the chair has a covering of high quality PU leather. The PU leather gives the recliner a great texture and feel. Every time you lie down, it gives you that soft sinking feeling you always expect from a recliner. Moreover, it is also a great material to maintain and easy to clean the spills and spats with just a damp rag.

To put a cherry on top, while many other recliners come in only two colors (brown and black) this recliner offers 3 stylish and eye-pleasing colors for you to choose from.


ComHoma Modern Rocker Leather Recliner Chair is a beautiful mixture of machinery and furniture. It can be very beneficial for elders and people with back problems. With many tricks up its sleeves this chair offers a great deal for many people especially for people who are looking for a great recliner at a cheap price. So, if you are willing to be Joey, this recliner will definately be your Rosita.

4. Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner 360° Swivel Heated Ergonomic Chair

a recliner with all round capabilities

  • The recliner enjoys 8-point massage control with 5 different modes of vibration to give a variety of choice to every individual
  • It is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 92..6 lbs
  • 150 degree angle of recline and 360 degree swivel
  • It comes with a high-quality faux leather to give an elegant feel your home
  • The footrest of this recliner can only be closed manually which can be an inconvenience 
  • The massage assembly of this recliner is not yet reliable and can be prone to malfunction over the time.

This is also another recliner with all round capabilities. Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner 360° Swivel Heated Ergonomic Chair is a sensible choice for the people with back problems. Whether you have back pain, neck pain or posture disorder, this recliner can take care of all of the problems. And that is why it is said to be one of the best recliners in the market for lumbar pain.

The Esright Grey Fabric Massage Heated Ergonomic Recliner Chair has the maximum reclining angle of 150 degree for proper comfort and support.  Moreover, it also features the full 360 degree swivel so that you don’t have to get out for adjusting the recliner.       

This recliner features an extra thick sponge padding to give support and relaxing feel. The built-in cushion eliminates the need of having an extra pillow and gives extra lumbar support. The outer layer of the recliner is covered with high quality faux leather adding an elegant feel to your recliner and also is easy to maintain.

The Esright Grey Fabric Massage Heated Ergonomic Recliner Chair enjoys many built-in power control features. It comes with an eight point massage control with five different modes to control the intensity of the vibration. Hence, people can select the appropriate intensity preferred by each individual.

This recliner also has two cup holders on the armrest of the chair, so you can enjoy your drinks and watch T.V without worrying about the glass. It also comes with a side pocket to store your basic items like magazines, remote etc. So, you don’t have to get up and find things everytime. You can sit back and recharge in this chair for hours and forget about all the stress and pain of the week.

Furthermore it also enjoys the heating feature for you to tackle the cold weather. This translates into you enjoying the luxury of the recliner even on the cold winter days without any hassle.  

If there is anything worse than searching for a recliner, it is trying to assemble a recliner. Many people get frustrated while assembling the recliner and some even damage it in the process. In this regard,, the Esright Grey Fabric Massage Ergonomic Recliner Chair is very easy to assemble.

Many customers complimented this chair on Amazon just because of its easy assembly process. Moreover, despite having this many features, this product is surprisingly light weight. Even when the recliner has a sturdy construction the Esright Grey Fabric Massage Ergonomic Recliner Chair weighs only 92.6 lbs.   

The Esright recliner has many merits but there are some issues that are mentioned by some customers. The shipment comes in two seperate boxes; meaning sometimes some parts of the recliner might get lost in the process. Furthermore, the footrest does not have any remote control for closing. It can only be closed manually. 

Despite all the demerits it may have, the Esright Grey Fabric Massage Ergonomic Recliner Chair can ensure you the luxurious and comfortable feel without any problem. Which is what everybody wants in the end, isn’t it? 


Whether you want to take a short nap or a long break, this chair can be your partner. The Esright Grey Fabric Massage Heated Ergonomic Recliner Chair brings many features to the table that many people want in a recliner and on the plus side its lightweight ups the ante. 

With its 8 point massage and heating mechanism, it surely can give you the joy and relaxation you are looking for. Just plug it in and feel the comfort. It may not be the best choice on the list but it can definitely make many people happy.

5. Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner chair

gives a casual-cum-professional feel to your room

  • 360 swivel and 135 degree reclining capability
  • It offers many color options for the customer to choose from
  • The thick padded foam with spring core provides full comfort and support
  • This recliner does not consist of a cup holder or a side pocket   
  • Some people find the build quality of the product questionable

This average sized Odelia recliner in pale cream is manufactured by Naomi Home for its classic full range swivel recliner series. The Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner chair helps in giving a casual-cum-professional feel to your room. Even though it does not have any electrical massage or heating assembly, it is still considered to be one of the finest products which are available in the market.

The Odelia Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner chair by Naomi home comes in an elegant button tufting on the backrest design with Square silhouette, track arm representation and an elegant welt trim detail on the side. 

Just like it seems, there is a great amount of thought given to the representation of this recliner, which makes it ideal for people who want a recliner with a luxurious and professional look. You can also employ this recliner to the office use given its professional look.

As its name suggests, the Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner chair provides a full 360-degree swivel rotation. The reclining feature gives approximately a 135 degree backward tilt and ensures the full access of adjustment without having to get out of the chair.

The footrest of this recliner is hidden but it can pop out with just a pull of a lever. However, this feature is automatic by default but you can customize it if you want to do it manually.

This rocking chair recliner comes with a thick padded foam packed with a spring core to give the extra bounce to your body. This chair provides proper comfort and support to the back of the individual.


This recliner may be the last but it’s definitely not the least. It has many features of some expensive models. And with its thick padding and fully adjustable reclining feature, it surely gives a supporting and comfortable experience.

The Essential Buying Guide

Getting a new recliner is a big deal. It occupies space in your house and they are not that cheap. So, getting a new recliner is having a new family member in the house and there are certain factors that you have to take care of while buying your recliner.

Looks and Comfort

A recliner can uplift the atmosphere of your house but just looks are not the only thing you have to look for in a recliner. You have to check how comfortable the recliner is and how much support it provides to your back.


As we all know recliners are not that cheap and there is a great deal of thought that goes into before spending that much money from your pocket. You probably don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a recliner, so you might want to do some calculations and figure out how much money you are willing to spend on a recliner.


Recliners come with many features like heating, swiveling, massaging, reclining and many more. However, it is possible that many features may not be of any use for you. You have to figure out which feature is the most important for you and which feature you can live without.


Even after getting a state of the art recliner with all the features in the world, if the material of the chair is not of a good quality then your recliner can turn into a curse. A recliner with appropriate padding and leather can make you feel relaxed and comfortable even if it does not have many high-tech features. A  good recliner must consist of materials like genuine leather, PU leather, Faux leather or Microfiber.


Recliners have become necessary in today’s world. With all the stress and tension going on in everyone’s life, it is good to lie down for a bit and recharge. All of the above recliners come with a variety of attributes which makes them very different despite being very similar.

There are many recliners that can fulfil your desire of having a relaxing recliner chair, but not all of them can meet all your needs or be in your budget. Which is why we gave the winning crown to the Larkinhurst Traditional Earth Rocker Recliner with Nailhead Trim. This recliner is an overall winner because of its elegant style and superior comfort.

Nevertheless, all of the above products are considered to be the best that are available in the recliner chairs market. Whether you are looking for a high-end product or a budget-friendly product, this article got them all! At the end, We just hope that we made your challenge of choosing a rocking recliner a bit easier.