How To Fix A Recliner Footrest?

A recliner with a broken footrest isn’t comfortable at all. And you will certainly agree to this if your recliner has a broken footrest. There are many reasons why the footrest breaks.

Usually, the leg rests attached to the recliners are durable. Still, they can break down if you apply immense pressure. Or there is something wrong down there.

Well, fixing the footrest isn’t as hard as you think. We are here with a step-by-step guide to assist you in fixing the recliner’s footrest.

Furthermore, we have covered some quick solutions in the article that can save you from fixing the entire footrest.

Some Reasons Why the Footrest Breaks

Before we take you through the steps to fix the footrest. It is essential to understand the causes behind a broken footrest.


Age is one of the biggest reasons why the footrest breaks down. If you have an old recliner that’s made up of wood or any other material, then the footrest may break with a little pressure.


Rust can eat up the metal, and it won’t space the footrest either. Rusting is a common issue with recliners. If your recliner is exposed to moisture or water, then it’s frame will catch rust. Rusted metal breaks easily. And that’s why the footrest of your recliner may break.

Slamming down with immense pressure

Yes, the footrests of the recliners are durable. But they cannot bear immense pressure. Not being gentle to the recliner can break the footrest.

Furthermore, there are some other issues as well, such as accidents while moving. Also, the footrest can break down due to loose screws and manufacturing defects.

Things You Need to Fix the Recliner Footrest

You need the following items to fix the recliner footrest properly. Usually, the footrest mechanism of most of the recliners is the same. And that’s why the following steps will surely help you in fixing it.

Gather these items, and then start with fixing the footrest:

  • An adjustable wrench
  • Square drill
  • Flashlight
  • Lubricant oil
  • Newspaper or rags
  • Disposable cloth
  • Bolts and screws

Steps to Fix A Recliner Footrest

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the recliner footrest like a pro. Moreover, call someone for help before you start as tilting a heavy recliner all alone can be dangerous.

Step 1: Prepare for the Task

To begin with, you should prepare for the task. Get all the aforementioned items in one place. And look for an open area such as a garage or living room where you have ample space. Fixing the footrest can be a bit messy, and that’s why more space is a necessity.

Step 2: Scrutinize the Footrest

Scrutinize the footrest to look for the issues. Check whether the footrest shows signs of rusting or there are some loose screws. Use a flashlight as it may be dark down there.

The reason why thorough scrutiny is important is to find the root cause of the issue. Sometimes the footrest stops functioning due to loose screws. And that’s the easiest thing to fix.

Furthermore, move the footrest a bit to check the issues. If required, lean down the furniture on the floor so that you can inspect its parts with ease. It would be great to place a piece of foam to protect the recliner from getting damaged while leaning it down.

Step 3: Repair or Replace

After inspecting the footrest, you can quickly find out if it needs a replacement or minor repairs will be enough. If there is rusting all around, then it is advisable to replace the entire footrest.

Remove the existing footrest by using a screwdriver or a square drill. If the screws are too tight to open, then lubricate them and then try again.

If repairing is possible, then it is good to go, else replace the footrest. Place the footrest on the recliner, and make sure that it fits well and is on the exact spot as the previous one.

Screw the nuts and bolts, and make sure that the recliner is secure in its place.

Step 4: Lubricate the Parts

The metal parts of the recliner need regular lubrication to keep rust and corrosion away. Use a good quality lubricant and use it all over the metal parts.

Don’t use too much lubricant as it can attract dust to form grime and grease. Always wipe off the excess lubricant using old rags.

Step 5: Test It!

Now, it is time to text the footrest! Sit on the recliner, and recline it to the fullest. Check the footrest, and move it a bit with your feet. If it is in its place, then you have done it right. Else, some more work is required, and you need to fix it again.

A Handful of Things to Keep in Mind

When fixing the recliner footrest, there are a few things to keep in mind. The footrest will only work fine if you have fixed it properly. Also, to get the ultimate comfort from the recliner, proper fixing is important.

Level the footrest

Leveling the footrest is critical to have ultimate comfort from the recliner. While fixing it, the footrest often leans to one side. You can level it using hands, or a blow of hammer would do the job.

Use branded footrest only.

If you want to replace the footrest, then use a branded one. Get the spare footrest of the same brans as the recliner to get a neat fit. Not all the recliners are the same, and that’s why their footrests are also not the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to maintain the recliner footrest?

A: Maintaining the footrest is as important as maintaining the recliner. Keep the metal parts lubricated. Also, keep inspecting the footrest after some time to look for any issues.

Q: The footrest isn’t working fine even after fixing, what should I do?

A: If the footrest isn’t working fine, then there may be some things you may have missed while fixing it. Repeat the entire process, or replace the footrest is needed. If you are still having issues with it, then calling professionals will be great.

Q: Will it void the warranty if I fix the footrest?

A: Usually, the warranty of the recliner covers any manufacturing defects and electrical equipment. However, it would be great to get in touch with the brand if the recliner is under warranty.


With these easy steps, you can fix a recliner footrest on the go. Ask your family to help you out, as holding the heavy recliner and tilting is laborious.

Pay attention to the working components such as the springs and other such things to ensure that everything is fine. Lastly, the footrest is an essential component of the recliner. So, it should work properly so that you get the ultimate comfort.