About Us

About Us

The place and object where you spend more than half of your day must be convenient and comfortable. Today, the most important and used thing is a chair, whether you talk of the office or the home. We use chairs of different kinds right from the morning for breakfast till night (sofa) for watching our favourite web series or movie. Hence, choosing a correct chair is of utmost importance for our health. A good chair provides proper pelvic support, relaxes the muscles, and eventually, provides lesser strain to your back.

Chairs were introduced long back in the Renaissance period and got more popularized later on. Earlier, models of chairs used to be simple with basic designs but now the market is filled with a plethora of stylishly designed chairs, from lounge chairs to sliders, from gaming chairs to massage chairs. There are many in my knowledge, who committed the mistake of purchasing the wrong chair for their use. As a result, they started suffering from chronic back pain and discomfort. It’s them who made us think more about the importance of choosing the right and most comfortable chair for our work as well as our home. That’s how the Medical Home Improvement came into existence.

What Do We Do?

It really hurts when people spend their hard-earned money on something that turns out to be useless. We came forward to help such people in the selection of chairs. On this website, we help those people who seek advice on the type of chair to choose for their office or personal use. So what we do is that we surf the internet and look for the questions that are remained unanswered about the household and office furniture, find the answers, and then share the same on our website. In case, we are unable to find an appropriate answer, we purchase the chairs and then post our personal review after its usage. We give our best efforts to help you decide the best chair for your use.

Our Mission

As aforementioned, we are wholly and solely devoted to people who are seeking for chairs for their personal and/or office use. Our Mission is not just to save their hard-earned money on useless things but also to help them with the best alternative. “The more we pay, the best we get.” is not the policy anymore. It means that it’s not necessary that the higher-priced chair is best for you and it is equally true least priced product may turn out to be of the least quality that may bring you back pain and disturb your posture. That’s what we target! We suggest people what they shall buy and what they shall avoid. You can also find a list of reviews on various brands of chairs on our website.