5 Best Desk Chairs Under $100

5 Best Desk Chairs Under $100

The changing scenario requires most of us to work from home either for a few days a week or completely. Sitting long hours continuously without a proper office set up can be taxing, both physically and mentally. It is extremely important to have a proper chair and desk set up for long work hours. 

An ergonomically designed office chair goes a long way in ensuring that you can work in comfort and avoid problems like backaches, shoulder pains, and neck pains. Everyone may not have enough budget to splurge on an expensive chair. For your benefit, we bring our list of the top 5 picks for best desk chairs under $100. 

How we selected the top picks: 

Our team understands the importance of careful budgeting. We went through various websites to get a list of products and analyzed the features and offerings. Our team spoke to some chiropractors and physiotherapists to understand the key features that an ergonomically designed computer chair should have.

We then filtered out the chairs that were ergonomically designed. Our team went through various reviews and forums to finally arrive at the top 5 picks for the best computer chairs under 100.

Our Pick

Orvaey Ergonomic Desk chair/Computer Chair

Best Overall

Ergonomic and adjustable design with memory foam seat cushion bring you an incredibly comfortable experience.

What to look for in best computer chairs under $100:

The current pandemic scenario has completely changed the dynamics of the workplace. Most of you are working from home completely or partially. Setting up a workstation so that you can work comfortably is important to ensure you don’t suffer from discomfort and aches and pains.

Spending money during uncertainty may not be easy too. You should look for chairs that are cheap and affordable and ergonomically designed too. Fortunately, there are multiple buying options. Buying a computer chair for under 100 dollars isn’t impossible. You just need to make sure that your chair has all the ergonomic settings. 

For example, your chair should allow you to adjust its height, armrest, and the backrest. The chair should also have settings for adjusting inclinations of the backrest and the chair. Most of the ergonomic chairs also have a 360-degree swivel capability and wheels for easy movement. Desk chairs designed this way ensure that you can work comfortably while not straining your body.

best overall


Orvaey Ergonomic Desk chair/Computer Chair

  • Sophisticated design
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Easy to assemble

Best in Design & comfort


AmazonBasics Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Modern design.
  • Value for money

Best in Budget


Vnewone Executive Desk Office chair

  • Very cost-effective
  • Basic ergonomic design
  • Durable

Best Desk Chairs under 100

While we found many ergonomically designed chairs under 100 dollars, we picked the top best chairs that are feature-rich and have very good user reviews.

1. Orvaey Ergonomic Desk chair/Computer Chair

complete package at a cheap price

  • Sophisticated design
  • Full ergonomic features available
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Breathable material ensures natural temperature control
  • Easy assemble
  • Comfortable for long working hours
  • Doubles up as a rocking chair
  • None so far

Topping our list is the ergonomically designed office/computer mesh chair from the house of Orvaey. The chair wins for getting excellent ratings and user reviews online. Users were quite impressed with the overall comfort levels, especially when sitting for long hours. 

The grey colored upholstery and unique design scored big with many users. Some of them pointed out that this design is a huge departure from the standard black mesh chair, making it an attractive purchase option from them.


The makers have included all the ergonomic features in this chair. The design of the chair provides the much-needed support to your vertebrae. Lesser pressure means that you won’t feel the pain on your vertebrae and your back even when sitting for long hours. The chair provides good lumbar support helping you avoid lower back pains.

This chair can recline for up to 125 degrees meaning that you can adjust you back to a convenient posture while working.  You can also take a break and relax in between. The seat height is adjustable between 18 and 23 inches, so you can set it to a height most comfortable to you. Remember that when you sit in an office chair, your feet should touch the ground completely. This is a good ergonomic sitting position. The pneumatic system controls the height adjustments and you can easily change the heights with a lever present at the lower part of the chair.

The chair also allows for a complete 360-degree swivel, another standard feature of a good ergonomic chair. Other features like a flexible armrest and reclining backrest, allow you to select the most comfortable sitting position so you do not slouch while sitting.


The backrest is made of breathable mesh so there is good air circulation and the chair doesn’t heat up. The mesh cover is made of skin-friendly composite material making it breathable and completely allergy-free.

The cushion is made of high-density foam which means you feel completely comfortable when sitting. The overall design of the chair allows your body to mold perfectly into the chair when sitting, ensuring complete comfort, and full-body support.

The chair sits on a sturdy durable base that can easily hold up to 270 pounds of weight. Caster wheels ensure easy movement so you can move around without getting out of your chair.

Grey color gives very sophisticated and minimalist vibes, and the chair looks quite different from your regular black mesh chairs.


The Oravaey ergonomic computer/desk chair won our hearts for being a complete package at a cheap price. The look, build, and design are the hallmark of a well made ergonomic chair. If you are looking to buy the best desk chair under 100, you should consider buying this model.

2. AmazonBasics Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

sleek and stylish adjustable ergonomic chair

  • Value for money
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Padded cushions on the seat, armrest, and backrest for comfort and support
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Faux leather upholstery feels sophisticated.
  • Modern design.
  • The chair may heat up quickly when compared to mesh chairs
  • The height of the armrest cannot be adjusted

Our second pick for the best desk chair under 100 is the sleek and stylish adjustable ergonomic chair. The first thing that caught our attention when we first noticed this product is its appearance. The chair looks ethereal and attractive in white color. Faux leather upholstery adds to the overall sophisticated look and feel of the chair. 

The users we spoke to were impressed by the overall design of the chair. The modern design and contoured edges add to the overall look of this work chair. Apart from this, the chair also scores in sturdiness, comfort, and price point. Most users consider this chair a true value for money purchase.


This chair has all the features that you would expect out of a typical ergonomically designed office chair. Considering the price point, you are getting a lot of value for the price you pay. The chair is of an appropriate size for any body type. If you are petite-sized, you could comfortably sit cross-legged in the chair, as one of the reviewers does, with no problems.

The seat is height-adjustable with the help of a lever present towards the lower part of the chair. Simply lean forward so you remove your weight from the chair, and pull the control handle up to increase the height of the chair. To push the chair down, remain seated, pull the control up. The setting will lock itself into place making sure it doesn’t move after you have set it to the desired height.

The chair also has a tilt function to help you relax during work breaks. The tilt setting gives you a tilt-locking facility so the setting stays in place. Armrests are padded and cushioned giving your arms the perfect resting area as you work or take a break in between. The armrest heights meet ergonomic requirements to ensure that your shoulder doesn’t suffer pain specifically during the long work hours.

The chair also comes with a swivel base for easy movement around the room. In case you want to shift your work area, the chair is relatively light and can be shifted around easily. The wheelbase works well on any kind of flooring and doesn’t scratch or damage surfaces. One user mentioned that she was able to easily shift her chair around on thick carpets and hardwood flooring as well.


The chair is designed completely in faux leather rendering a very sophisticated appearance to the chair. The seat is well-padded and covered with faux leather, the same with the backrest. Additionally, the backrest and the seat are well-contoured providing a snuggle effect to your body. This chair also provides back and lumbar support so you can work for long hours without feeling uncomfortable or having any aches or pains.

The armrests are padded too and covered with nylon to match with the overall look of the chair and provide the necessary support to your shoulders. The armrests are easily removable too if you choose not to have them.

The chair swivels well to complete 360 degrees making it easy for you to move around grabbing needed things without having to get up from your chair.


We love the Amazon Adjustable ergonomic chair for its sleek and stylish design. If you have a home office, this piece of furniture adds to the aesthetic appeal of your room. If you do not work long hours and are looking for a chair to suit your desk chair requirements, we highly recommend this chair.

3. Vnewone Executive Desk Office chair

cheap, space-saving piece of furniture and a decent addition to your workspace

  • Very cost-effective
  • Basic ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Space-saver
  • Lightweight.
  • Doesn’t have an armrest.
  • Cannot be tilted.

This is our third pick for the best computer chairs under 100. The chair is available in a wide range of attractive colors and is a wonderful addition to your office space or home office. You can choose the color that matches your interiors and improve the overall appearance of your workstation.

If you are looking for a chair with no armrests but is ergonomically designed in other aspects, this chair is a perfect fit for you. The chair is extremely competitively priced and will help you go through your workday without much difficulty.


The chair meets all the standards of an ergonomically designed chair except for the hand rests. The backrest is curved slightly to suit the natural curvature of your spinal cord. This means that your back will get complete support when you sit on this chair. No more slouching due to an inconvenient sitting position. The curved backrest also provides the much needed lumbar support, ensuring that you are in a comfortable seating position while working.

The height of the chair can be easily adjusted with the help of the pneumatic system. A lever present towards the lower part of the chair will allow to increase or decrease the height of the chair. Even if more that one person plans to use the chair, height adjustment is quick and easy.

The chair easily swivels to a 360-degree angle making it easy for you to move around in the room. The chair sits on a durable heavy-duty five star base with caster wheels that are again durable and easily move around no matter the surface.

All the parts and accessories are BIFMA certified for safety factors. So you know you are buying a chair that meets the highest quality standards.


The chair is of a mesh design making it breathable, temperature-controlled, and easy to maintain. The mesh is of the highest quality, wear and tear resistant, and very breathable.

The seat is made up of a high-density sponge cushion covered with padded mesh. Because of the construct, the seat is comfortable, ergonomic, durable, and breathable. No more sweaty hands, legs, or back when working long hours.

Overall the design of the chair is simple, fuss-free, easy to maintain, and durable. This chair is a great space-saving piece of furniture for your work desk. At the end of your workday, simply push the chair under your work desk to free up some space.


This is a wonderful option if you are looking to buy a work chair temporarily or for short working hours. The chair meets all the basic requirements of an ergonomic work chair. It is a cheap, space-saving piece of furniture and a decent addition to your workspace.

4. Smugchair Executive Computer/Office Chair

unique three-curved backrest provides the max support to spinal cord & lumbar areas

  • Plush and elegant looking
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Excellent back and lumbar support
  • Comfortable through long work hours.
  • Padded handsets for ergonomic support.
  • Durable
  • The height of the hand rests cannot be adjusted.

This chair wins our pick for its unique design with clean lines and is available in colors like black, grey, white, red, and blue. The chair is priced decently, given its new-age design and ergonomic features. This chair impressed many of the users and reviewers with its comfort factor, value for money, and easy assembly. Reviews who have been using this chair for quite sometime agree that it is sturdy too, making this chair a very good long-term investment.


The chair features a unique three-curved backrest that provides the maximum support to your spinal cord and lumbar areas. The backrest also maintains the proper curvature of your spine. You can experience a comfortable sitting position and avoid backaches in the long run due to long working hours.

The chair provides all the standard features of an ergonomic chair such as seat height adjustment, tilt lock, and tilt tension. The padded armrest is quite comfortable and helps your sail through long working hours when needed. The height of the armrests cannot be adjusted, but the padded armrests more than compensate for it.

The chair sits on a sturdy durable base supported by five roller casters that ensure smooth movement on any surface. The casters are durable and do not cause scratches.


The Smugchair executive office chair is made from high-quality material parts for durability and easy maintenance. The chair is upholstered with bonded leather giving it a very plush and sophisticated look. Color contrast design gives this chair a very modern feel. Bonded leather also makes your chair quite soft, durable, and water-resistant.

High-density cushions on the backrest and the seat of your chair provide the proper cushioning needed for a comfortable sitting experience, especially on days when you have to work for long hours.


We are in love with the overall look and feel of the Smugchair executive office chair. It is a wonderful addition to your office or home and provides excellent comfort and ergonomic support at reasonable pricing. If you are looking to buy the best desk chair under 100 that oozes luxury, you can pick this chair.

5. Furmax High Back Office Chair

luxurious look and feel

  • Plush sophisticated design
  • Good lumbar support
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to move around
  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn’t contain height adjustment
  • Some may find the curved armrest inconvenient.

We love this office chair for its plush look and feel and ergonomic features at the price point. The chair is a very luxurious addition to your office space or home office at very affordable pricing. The chair also meets a few basic ergonomic features making it appropriate for long work hours too. the chair is available in two colors – black and brown, both of them add to the aesthetic value of your workspace. This chair was a hit among users for its comfort factor and economical pricing.


The chair provides excellent lumbar and arm support. The backrest is designed in the typical S-shaped curve that supports the shape of the spinal cord. When you sit in the chair, you can feel the backrest fitting snugly into your body. The high back design adds to the overall comfort factor.

The design provides for height adjustments with the help of a lever present at the base of the chair. The hand rest is curved and provides good arm support. The chair can easily hold a weight of up to 300 lb.

The backrest doesn’t tilt. The chair is one continuous piece from the backrest to the seat. This chair is more of a rocking model, so you can relax while working or during work breaks. The chairs rocks between 90 to 120 degrees.

The chair sits on a heavy-duty base that has five wheels. The wheels move around noiselessly and do not scratch the floors. The base and wheels are durable and resist wear and tear.

This chair is a wonderful addition to your living rooms, workplace, home office, and conference areas.


The upholstery on this chair wins big when compared to all the other models we reviewed so far. Black bonded leather renders a very soft finish to the chair, one of the reasons it feels so comfortable. Padded backrest and seat add to the overall comfort factor. The unique design and stitching patterns give the chair a very luxurious appearance.


We are in love with this model for its overall luxurious look and feel. If you are looking to buy a luxurious computer chair under 100, this is the best pick for you. Though the armrests cannot be adjusted, this work chair is extremely comfortable and will help you sail through your working hours with ease.


We love all our picks for the best computer chairs under 100. Each of the above chairs scores for their uniqueness and is a winner in their category. But when asked to pick a winner, our team voted for the Amazon Basics Ergonomic adjustable office chair as the best desk chair under 100. A close second winner was the Furmax high back office chair. 

Buying Guide for the Best Desk Chair under 100

If you are planning to buy a desk chair or a computer chair for the first time, a few pointers will help you make the right buying decision.

Chair type:

Do you want a chair that is functional or would you rather buy a chair that looks and feels comfortable. Do you give priority to space-saving design, or would you rather have a full-featured chair that may occupy space? Answering these questions will help you filter down on the kind of chair you can buy.

Chair material:

Work chairs are available in different materials. While meshed chairs are the most commonly available models due to their durability, easy maintenance, and breathability, other options like faux leather and PU are also available. If you are for luxurious looking chairs you can opt for PU or faux leather.


This is a crucial factor to consider, especially if you work long hours. Many chairs even below 100 dollars offer basic ergonomic features. These features ensure sitting comfort and help protect your body posture. Look for settings like seat height adjustment, armrest adjustment, recline, and swivel. Padded seats, backrests, and armrests also go a long way in ensuring sitting comfort and a good back and lumbar support.


Your chair should be easy to put together. Most companies send all the instructions and hardware needed for assembly. This is an added advantage.


Look for a chair that is relatively durable at the given price point. Online ratings and reviews like ours will give you an idea about the durability factor, so you know what you are buying.

 Look for these points and you will be able to buy the best desk chair under 100.