5 Best Office Chairs for Short People

Best Office Chair for Short People in 2020

If you are a petite or short-heighted individual, you might be aware of the struggle of adjusting in an average office chair. It affects your posture and deteriorates the spinal health to cause unbearable aches and pains at times.  

To counter this, you need to look at an ergonomic office chair that is designed especially for people like you. 

We know there are not many options available when it comes to finding a chair for short people. To save you from hours of research, we put our best minds to work. We curated a list of five best office chairs for short people. Read on to know about them.

Our Pick

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

Best Overall

This is a perfect choice for all short individuals. It is built with top-notch technology for a lasting performance.

How was this list made?

We put in several hours of research to prepare this list for you. After going through multiple internet blogs, articles, and YouTube videos we have selected the best five chairs in this category. 

Then we created a survey with all the important questions regarding office chairs. We asked many desk job professionals which chair they prefer and why. 

We finally looked at the reviews on top websites like Amazon and Reddit. The customer experiences gave us a good idea about the chairs and if they are a good fit for short-heighted individuals.

What to look for?

When buying an office chair, you need to take care of the comfort and design factor. An average office chair is not built to serve short height people. You need to get a chair that works for you and keeps you in the right posture. 

The chair should be compatible with your height and weight. It should be comfortable for your body and the legs should not dangle on the edge. 

Look for a chair with an ergonomic design suitable for office spaces. You need to have a sophisticated chair for a formal setting. Make sure it has all the features you are looking for. For this, you can refer to the buying guide at the end of the article.

These chairs are not for people with above average height. You will only end up slouching and feeling uncomfortable. It’s better you look for chairs with a tall back and wide seats.

Next, the chair should be mobile with excellent quality and smooth wheels. Also, the chair you buy should be from a reliable brand with a good warranty period. Then, finally decide your budget and go ahead with the purchase.

Best in ergonomic design


Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Improves posture
  • Has a tilt function 
  • Built with recycled materials

Best for women


Modway Edge Drafting Chair

  • Can bear  300 lbs of weight
  • Has a durable footring
  • Available in multi colors

Best Budget buy


SPACE Seating Professional Chair

  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a tilt function
  • Arms are adjustable

Best 5 Office Chairs for Shorter Adults in 2020

For your better understanding, we have reviewed them on the basis of features, design, comfort value, and price. Read the detailed review to know more.

1.Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

Best ergonomic chair in the high-end category

  • Available in Size A for short people
  • Has individual pads for lumbar support
  • Improves posture
  • Has a tilt function 
  • Built with recycled materials
  • Seat depth not adjustable
  • Back height not adjustable
  • You may feel the chair frame on the body

This chair is manufactured by the oldest recognized furniture brand of Herman Miller. The chair is comfortable with an ergonomic design that fits your office spaces. 

It is available in three sizes- A, B, and C. You need to choose the chair as per your height and weight. You can refer to the size chart here

For individuals with short height, Size A or B should work. 

The chair comes fully assembled so you don’t have to put in extra effort to put it together. This is important as you can’t indulge in chair assembly in the middle of work.

The chair has 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension across the seat and back. It has eight latitudinal zones of tension that surround the person as they sit on the chair. This adds comfort to the chair. 

It has a mesh back for easy movement of air. The pellicle allows body heat to pass through the chair. It is beneficial for people who work in a non-air-conditioned environment. 

The chair is equipped with PostureFit SL technology that supports the lumbar region of your spine. It helps maintain the right posture and removes the unwanted pressure from your back.

The Aeron manufacturers believe that if you sit in one position for long, your muscles’ natural action to supply nutrients to the spine gets reduced. To counter this, the chair has a tilt feature that moves with your body. It makes it easy to move forward and recline with the chair.

The armrests are attached to the backrest and move together as you recline the chair. It has caster wheels for you to move around the desk with ease. 

The chair seamlessly fits your body and makes you efficient in the office. It is suitable for an array of work settings- residential and shared spaces. 

With a comfortable chair, you can concentrate better rather than wasting your time in adjusting the chair as per your height.

Customer reviews

A customer shared their experience of Reddit, wishing he had bought this chair earlier. He was impressed with the design and how his back pain had vanished with the use of the Aeron chair. 

Many users felt that Size A is suitable for short and petite individuals. Also, it is a great fit for people with a desk job. 

But certain buyers found it difficult to purchase the right chair even after looking at the size chart. They claimed that the chart was wrong.


This is a perfect choice for all short individuals. It is a comfortable chair with a hint of classy. Although the chair is on the expensive side, it is built with top-notch technology for a lasting performance.

It keeps the user’s convenience and comfort as top priority. Also, it has an environmentally sensitive design as it is made of recycled materials.

2.Modway Edge Drafting Chair

Best office chair for women

  • Can bear up to 300 lbs of weight
  • Waterfall-padded seat for leg support
  • Has a durable footring
  • Padded armrests with flip-up design
  • Available in different colors
  • Tricky to assemble
  • Mesh is weak

The Modway chair is known for its cutting edge ergonomics and comfortable design. It is the best office chair for women and men who work as a receptionist or stand for the major part of the day. 

The chair is stylish and has a modern look for sophisticated office workspaces. The mesh back is not only breathable but also maintains the right-back posture by providing lumbar support. This makes the user look confident and presentable. 

Many short people complain of their feet not able to touch the ground when they sit on an office chair. The Modway Edge chair works to solve this issue. The foot ring on the chair allows short individuals to rest their legs on.

This sets the Modway Edge apart from the other chairs. The ring is plated with chrome for a sleek finish that makes it durable and corrosion-resistant. It is securely locked in its place with seat tilt and the tension control knob. 

The padded waterfall vinyl seat edge takes the pressure off their thighs and legs. This reduces pain and allows better circulation of blood. With such a seat, your legs don’t get tired making you feel active throughout the day. 

The pneumatic height adjustment feature lets you customize the seat and work with ease on the desk. The adjustment range is of 20.5” – 29″ from the ground. 

The 360-degree swivel and five casters wheels allow you to move with ease.

The armrests have a 90° flip-up design and are padded to take the weight off your arms. They also help you sit on the chair without it gliding away. This is beneficial for short people who find it harder to get on such seats. The armrests save them from getting hurt. 

The chair dimensions are 27.5 x 27.5 x 49 inches. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is available in three colors- black, brown, and gray.

Customer reviews

A buyer on Amazon was happy with the chair’s performance and was glad that he bought it. He works for 60 hours a week on a bar height table. The foot-ring gives him adequate support and found it to be sturdy. 

Others were impressed by the fact that the chair has all high-quality features at such a cheap price. 

A few people complained about the confusing assembly instructions.


This is also a cost-effective option with several ergonomic features. The chrome-plated footing is the highlight of this chair, which makes it suitable for shorter adults. This is a petite office chair for those looking for comfortable seating different from an average office chair. 

You may have to assemble after the office hours, which may take time and an extra pair of hands.

3. SPACE Seating Professional Chair

Best budget buy

  • Has a sturdy base and frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can bear up to 250 lbs of weight
  • Has a tilt function
  • Arms are adjustable
  • Is covered with breathable eco-leather
  • Weak armrest padding 
  • Doesn’t come fully assembled

This is a budget-friendly option with excellent quality features. The chair is upholstered with an eco-leather seat and has a mesh back. This is an impressive combination to look out for, especially if you run hot. 

The eco-leather is not only environmentally friendly but also breathable. The mesh promotes easy passing through of heat and air to keep your body cool while working. 


It has an AirGrid back that supports your lumbar region. The chair conforms to the body and helps you work efficiently for those long hours. It also alleviates the back pain and is soft on your body. 

The foam padding underneath has a sculpted shape and is suitable for light to moderate use. 

The chair has a one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment to fit your body frame. You can adjust the arm height as per your convenience. It is a petite office chair for small to medium height individuals. 

The assembly is easy and may take about 15-20 minutes. You may not need an extra set of hands to put the chair together. 

It has a nylon base with smooth casters that provide easy movement on the surface. The chair leans back and rocks slightly, which allows you to unwind or move if you are on a call or simply using the phone. 

It has a durable frame and will last you many good years. The chair has a decent dimension of 25.2 x 26.5 x 42 inches. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. It further has 2-to-1 synchro tilt control to adjust the seat and a comfortable position.  

The chair is easy to maintain. Also, it is GreenGuard Certified for low chemical emissions and good indoor air quality at your home and office.

Customer reviews

The buyers felt that the chair provides great back support. Their posture was improved and is better as compared to the many high-priced chairs. They applauded the fact that the chair lasts for a good amount of time.

A few users complained about the weak armrests. The padding gets spoilt and cracks up with repeated use of the chair.


This is a reliable chair with a modern and user-friendly design. It is a cost-effective option for those on a tight budget. It is a good value for money.

You can bid adieu to all the excruciating backache from that average office chair. As the chair needs to be assembled, it could be a problem in an office setting. 

4. Xervg Ergonomic Office Chair

Durable computer chair

  • Has a breathable and sturdy mesh
  • Has smooth rollers 
  • Durable frame
  • Ideal for office use
  • Padded armrest for extra comfort
  • Mesh can be uncomfortable on the body
  • Armrests are not adjustable

Next on our list is an ergonomic chair that is suitable to work on a PC desk. It has a sleek design and is perfect for office use.

If you like to remain up to date in every terms, this is the right chair for you. It is a relatively new chair model and is available in black and gray colors. 

The armrests are covered with PU leather pads and have a bow-shaped design. It has racing-type mute rollers that glide smoothly through the surface. It does so by reducing friction on the ground. 

You can easily move with the chair without disturbing your colleagues. Also, they don’t leave any marks on the floor.

The chair has a dense mesh back which makes it breathable. We often end up slouching in the average office chair. The mesh has a curved shape which compliments you back. It supports your back and helps you sit straight. Also, it aids in maintaining a healthy posture and reduces lower back pain. 

You no longer have to put up with the old office chair that makes your back sore and affects your ability to concentrate. 

There is good elasticity and tension overall that adds durability to the chair. It also has a stable load-bearing system. It can easily hold your weight and will be with you for the long haul. 

You can rotate the seat 360 degrees. This allows you to relax and take a moment to rest amid all the office work. The chair dimensions are 26.8 x 23.6 x 21.6 inches. You can adjust the chair height as required, which makes it an excellent computer chair for a short person.

Customer reviews

A customer shared their experience on Reddit saying that the chair solved her lower back issues. She was finally able to find a chair that aligned with her desk height and work on the computer effortlessly. 

Many users complained that the mesh was a bit rough and uncomfortable on their bodies.


This is the latest chair model in the market, which is ideal for office spaces. The chair height is fit for short individuals. Although the mesh can be a bit uncomfortable at the back, it will help maintain the right posture. You can easily get the work done without having to get distracted by the chair adjustments. 

5. Serta Executive Office Chair

A comfy chair with Air-lumbar technology

  • Dynamic lumbar support
  • Seat height can be easily adjusted
  • Can bear up to 250 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a comfortable seat
  • Available in different colors
  • Bond leather is not unbreathable
  • The paint of the armrests gets easily scratched

This is a professional chair with a layered body and padded armrests from Serta. Serta is a recognized brand that has been around for 75 years.

Serta AIR Health and wellness office chair is more of an executive chair that is designed for short-heighted individuals. It is covered in bonded leather and is designed to make you feel comfortable. 

The chair has air lumbar technology. This means that the lumbar cushions of the chair also move with your position to provide adequate support. The elevated headrest fits right on your neck and prevents it from getting tired. 

The seat edge is designed in a way to take the pressure off your legs and promote easy circulation of blood. This, in turn, reduces fatigue to let you work actively. Serta literally keeps your health and wellness as top priority. 

The pneumatic gas lift allows you to adjust the seat height with the help of the lever. You can easily align the chair as per your desk height and get back to work. Therefore, it can be used as a computer chair for a short person. 

The lever can be used to recline the chair and find your sweet spot to rest when you want to take a breather. Also, the smooth dual-wheel casters help you move around with ease. 

The chair has a decent dimension of 29.75 x 25.75 x 42.75 inches. The recommended weight capacity is 250 lbs. It can accommodate individuals of all body types.

It is available in three colors- black, gray, and cream. 

Customer reviews

Customers who are short found the chair comfortable with good lumbar support. They were able to sit straight with their feet flat on the ground.

Many buyers were impressed with its easy assembly within 15 minutes. 

A customer with a height of 4’11’’ complained about the back height being a bit higher than required. They suggest it to be shorter for the user to rest on the chair.


A new promotion with your own cabin? The best part is you don’t have to put up with the average office chair. You can invest in an executive chair.

Serta AIR fulfills almost all the requirements for short-heighted individuals 

The lumbar pillows hug your body and prevent the risk of lower back and neck pain. It is a good quality chair with all the essential features as compared to its price range.

Buying Guide

Buying an office chair for short people is no piece of cake. You need to do some good research and then select the chair that suits you the best. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you. 

Here’s a small buying guide you should look at before making the purchase. 

Seat height:

The first thing short people should look in an office chair is the seat height. Your knees should be at 90 degrees with the chair with your feet on the floor. 

The chair should offer decent height adjustability. This is something you cannot pass over and compromise on. The seat height will help you get the right posture and prevent the risk of back pain. 

Desk height:

You need the desk height into consideration before buying the chair. The average desk height is 30-inches. Typically, the typing height should be 8 inches above the seat height. The chair height should go up and down to the right level for you to type and work with ease. 

Arm height:

The arm height of the chair should be adjustable for you to be comfortable. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle so that there is no excess pressure on your neck and shoulder. 

If the height can’t be adjusted, make sure it is in the right position with the seat height. 


If you want a headrest to relax your neck, look for chairs especially designed for short people. This is because in an average chair, the headrest only pushes the back of your head forward as you are too short for the chair. 


The design of the office chair should be ergonomic. The chair should have lumbar support for your lower back. You can opt for padded armrests for better comfort.

Mesh-back chairs are great for office spaces. They are not only sophisticated but also breathable. Such chairs stretch with the shape of your back and provide relief wherever required. 

Next, the tilt function on the chairs allows you to lean back and stretch your legs to take a break. You can either go for a chair with tension-tilt that can be locked or a free moving chair. 

Easy Assembly:

Most office chairs don’t come fully assembled. Look for a chair that can be easily assembled. As it is an office chair, you may not have hours to spend assembling it. We recommend you to read the customer reviews to get an idea of the time required to assemble the chair. 


The chair should have a strong back and base frame to hold the chair. The mesh and upholstery leather (if used) should also be of good quality to last you for long. 

The manufacturers always call their products durable. You should read the specifications and customer reviews carefully for this. 


Always check the warranty policy of the chair before making the purchase. This should include what all it covers and for how many years. The chair should have a minimum 1-year warranty or more depending upon the money you spend on it.

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Our best pick out of the options has to be the Modway Edge Drafting Chair. The chair has all the qualities an office chair should have, including the extra footring. This makes it a great fit for short people. 

Also, the waterfall padding prevents your legs from getting tired and working for long hours with ease. The chair innovatively combines style and comfort. 

But if you like something fully padded with lumbar cushions, we recommend you go for the Serta AIR Executive Office Chair.

We hope we helped to find the right chair that will suit your body type and make you efficient altogether. All the best!