5 Best Recliner Covers

5 Best Recliner Covers

Well, we all want our favorite recliners to look like new for years. A clean recliner lasts longer, and the clean seats reward you with better comfort.

Yes, regular cleaning is essential to enhance the lifespan of the recliner. But you also need one of the best recliner covers. A good quality cover will act as a shield by protecting the recliner from spills and stains.

Whether your kids love to slurp noodles on the recliner, or you like to sip coffee relaxing on it. The cover will keep it spick and span while protecting it from stains.

To help you buy the best cover for recliners, we are here with the top five options. These covers are highly comfortable and easy to use.

Read on the reviews to find out an amazing cover that you can put on the recliner.

Our Pick

H.VERSAILTEX 6-Pieces Recliner Loveseat Cover

Best Overall

The recliner cover for the loveseat looks cool, and the material ramps-up the comfort. There are no issues of slipping due to the anti-skid material.

How We Made This List?

Choosing a recliner cover is as hard as choosing a comfortable recliner. The cover should give a neat fit, without curtailing the comfort.

To select the best recliner covers, we used a list of parameters. The list included fabric, water-resistance, ease of cleaning, and versatility.

We spent hours researching for the covers on different customer forums. Also, we watched some YouTube videos to make sure that the covers are good to use.

Our research ended with the top 5 covers that we have reviewed below.

Most Comfortable


H.VERSAILTEX 6-Pieces Recliner Loveseat Cover

  • Madeof premium & soft velvet
  • Easy to assemble 
  • washable 

Best in material


Turqoize Store Waterproof Recliner Chair Cover

  • 100% water and spill proof
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Best in Budget


RHF Diamond Chair Cover

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to put and remove 
  • Anti-skid

5 Best Recliner Covers: Reviews

1. H.VERSAILTEX 6-Pieces Recliner Loveseat Cover

soft fabric , easy to install and can assemble it with different components of recliner

  • Made using premium and soft velvet
  • Easy to assemble with the recliner
  • Stretchable material hugs the seat and armrests for a great fit
  • Washable
  • Not suitable for a single recliner
  • Pointed objects can easily damage the cover

If you have a cool loveseat recliner with bigger seats and armrests, go for this plush loveseat cover. The super-stretchable cover offers a seamless fit, and no one can guess that you are using a cover with the recliner.

The six-piece cover is easy to install, and you can assemble it with different components of the recliner. The fabric is soft so that you can expect excellent comfort from it.

Furthermore, the cover is washable, and you can toss it into the machine for a quick wash. H.VERSAILTEX has used plush velvet fabric to manufacture the cover.

The material requires less upkeep, but you have to protect it from pointed objects. The cushioning is fantastic, and the cover has two side pockets.

Further, the cover doesn’t slip from the seat, so that you can expect a decent experience from it. In terms of durability, this recliner cover won’t disappoint you.

The fit is great, and the material resists wrinkles. Lastly, you get a choice of multiple color options depending on the color of the recliner.

Customer reviews

The buyers of this plush recliner cover are happy with the material quality. The cover doesn’t move from its place due to the snuggly fit. Also, some customers stated that cleaning the cover is easy, and it dries quickly.

The only problem faced by a few customers was fit. The cover has a specific fit, and it is compatible with limited recliner models only.


The recliner cover for the loveseat looks cool, and the material ramps-up the comfort. There are no issues of slipping due to the anti-skid material. Also, you get two pockets to keep the remote and other things handy

2. Turqoize Store Waterproof Recliner Chair Cover

fantastic leather finish and waterproof cover

  • It doesn’t slip off from the recliner easily
  • 100% water and spill proof
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The canines of your pet can tear it apart easily
  • You need to adjust it regularly

Here is a waterproof recliner cover from Turqoize Store that will safeguard the recliner from any accidental spills. Now there is no need to worry about anything when your pet hops on the recliner. Or your kids are enjoying a meal on it.

The cover will keep the recliner clean, and you can bid goodbye to the daunting cleaning task. Putting the cover on the recliner is easy, and there is no need to fit it by dissembling the recliner.

The cover is huge, and it protects everything from the armrests to the backseat and the footrest. Another impressive thing about the cover is the non-slid feature.

The cover won’t skid easily, so it remains secure in place. Washing the cover is easy, and it is machine-washable using cold water only.

The waterproof recliner is a great deal to protect your furniture from getting stained and dirty. Lastly, you can choose from a range of color options and sizes. The cover is available in a 22″ and a 30″ size. You can buy the one that fits your recliner.

Customer reviews

After going through the customer reviews, we found out that the waterproof cover prevents the water from seeping in the seats.  Also, the cover is comfortable, and the buyers loved how easy it is to use it with the recliner.

The leather finish is fantastic, and the buyers stated that pet hair doesn’t stick on the cover.


The waterproof cover is available in two sizes. Also, it is perfect for leather and textile recliners. It’s a bit oversized to protect to shield the entire recliner. 

3. RHF Diamond Chair Cover

affordable , comfortable and reversible cover

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to put and remove from the recliner
  • Reversible cover with a patterned design
  • Anti-skid
  • No built-in pockets
  • Not waterproof

Are you looking for a recliner cover that’s comfortable but inexpensive? Well, your search ends here at this recliner cover from RHF.

The cover looks appealing and has a patterned design. The material is a high-quality fabric that’s washable and feels soft. All you have to do is put the cover on the recliner, and you are good to go.

It is an anti-skid cover that remains in its place and doesn’t slip when you are sitting or standing up. The best part about the cover is that it is reversible. If one side gets dirty, you can flip it upside down.

Furthermore, the material feels foamy, and that improves the overall comfort. This is not a waterproof cover, and you have to take care of the spills.

The recliner cover is great for homes with pets and kids due to its quality and comfort. The material is gentle to the skin, and it will make your recliner even better for relaxing.

With this recliner cover, you get multiple color options and two sizes.

Customer reviews

As per various buyers, the cover remains stable in its place and doesn’t move quickly. Also, some customers were happy with the comfort and reversible feature.

Waterproofing the recliner was still a matter of worry for a few customers who bought this cover.


The recliner cover from RHF is an affordable option that’s perfect to use with any recliner. The cover has a durable built, and it is available in plenty of color options.

4. Turqoize Store Recliner Chair Cover

100%waterproof , soft and durable material

  • Protects the recliner from damages caused due to water
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-skid silicone rubber base
  • Some customers faced issues with the build quality
  • Not a great choice for leather recliners

Here is another recliner cover from Turqoize Store that’s soft and waterproof. The quilted cover is thick, and it will enhance the comfort of the recliner.

The big cover spreads on the entire recliner covering its armrests, backrest, seat, and footrest. In short, you can say that the cover keeps the entire recliner clean.

The material is durable, and it won’t wear out even when your furry-friend hops on it to try his paws. The waterproof material resists stains caused due to spills.

The base of the cover is anti-skid that prevents slipping off from the recliner. You will get easy access to the reclining handle or pockets of the recliner after putting this cover on.

Turqoize Store has used a combination of polyester and cotton. Further, you can wash the cover in a machine on a cold water setting.

Lastly, the cover is available in two different sizes. And, you can choose from a range of color options.

Customer reviews

As per the buyers, this recliner cover is 100% waterproof, and it doesn’t absorb the water. Further, cleaning it is easy, and the fit is ultimate. Most of them stated that the cover works well with the fabric and leather recliners.


This recliner cover from the Turqoize Store is a bang for the buck. The cover is available in two sizes, and you can use it with any type of recliner. The material is spill-proof so expect a spotlessly clean recliner with the cover.

5. Fancy Collection Sure Fit Stretch Recliner Stretch Slipcover

soft and stretchable recliner cover

  • Anti-wrinkle material
  • Super stretchable and durable
  • Easy to put on the recliner
  • Comes with two storage pockets
  • Not fully waterproof
  • It can restrict the reclining angle a little bit

Get this one-piece soft recliner cover, and relax with the assurance that your recliner is clean and safe. The stretchable cover covers the entire recliner from the backrest to the footrest. Also, it has got two built-in pockets so you can keep your extra stuff handy. 

The material contains a combination of polyester and spandex. The polyester rewards the cover with water resistance, whereas spandex provides it with stretchability.

There will be no wrinkles at all, and you can use the cover to enjoy relaxing on the recliner. It is ideal for homes with pets because of the durability of the cover.

The recliner will remain safe from the muddy paws of your pet, spills, and dust. There are no hassles of slipping off, as the cover hugs the reclining chair tightly.

No matter if you have a big recliner or a small one, you can use this stretchable cover with it. Furthermore, it is washable, and you can machine wash it on a cold setting.

The patterned fabric feels great, and the cover will help you keep the recliner squeaky clean at all times.

Customer reviews

The customers found this recliner cover comfortable and easy to use. They were happy with the fit and how soft the cover feels on touching. Also, some customers stated that the cover looks premium and remains secure in place.

However, some customers said that there are no washing instructions available with the cover. And it gets a bit loose after washing.


This recliner cover is an excellent option if you need an anti-skid cover. The cover isn’t beefy, so that you will get the comfort from the cushioned seat of the recliner.

There is an array of color options available that include some vibrant and classy colors.

Buying Guide: Factors to look for when buying the best recliner covers

When buying a cover for the recliner, it is essential to keep certain things in mind. The cover should be compatible with the recliner, and it should be durable.

Here are a few things to look for in a good recliner cover.


The first thing you should consider is the dimensions of the cover. Go for a cover that fits with the recliner and isn’t too big or small. Some covers are available in different sizes. So, you can switch to the size according to the size of the recliner.


The next thing to check is the material. Recliner covers are made using a range of materials such as polyester, fabric, and much more. Choose the material according to your requirement.

If you need a soft cover that feels mushy, go for covers made using textiles. On the other hand, if you need a cover with excellent water resistance, go for polyester.


Check the fit of the cover to ensure that it doesn’t slip off the recliner. These covers are available in different options with the varying fit.


The cover should be washable so that you can get rid of the stains quickly. All the recliner covers listed in this article are machine washable.


The choice of color is a matter of personal preference. However, go for color options that don’t get dirty easily. To avoid washing the cover too frequently.


It’s essential to use a cover with the recliner to keep it clean and in good shape. All the best recliner covers reviewed here are of good quality. Go through the reviews and find out the cover that fits in your budget and is perfect for your recliner.

Consider checking the comparison table as well to know about the dimensions of the covers. Lastly, don’t skip cleaning the recliner even after using a cover.