Best Recliners for Seniors and Elderly

5 Best Recliners for Elderly

Given the recent scenarios where our lifestyle is all wrapped up around work, it paves way for building up tension in the body. To our no surprise, the statistics around the chronic pain problems in adults of all ages are more dismal than you would expect.

In a report by Statista, we found that 34% of pain conditions among the U.S. adults are found in the age group of 65+ years followed by 33% of people belonging to the 55-64 years bracket. 

As a result, to combat and to offer a comfortable haven to people suffering from this problem, companies engineered products with incredible capabilities. With Recliners being one of them.

The fact that the global recliner sofa market is poised to increase by 6% CAGR and will reach $33 billion in revenue by 2024, is enough to justify the increasing demand for this product.

It is all because of the efficiency this remarkably engineered state of the art product offers. Without a doubt, it is a boon for elderly people with chronic pain. 

So, if you are thinking of buying one then you are on the right track. Just read this article which covers end-to-end information about the best and easy chairs for seniors in the market.

Our Pick

Zero Gravity Kahuna Recliner LM6800

Best Overall

The built-in hybrid design system is what allows the impeccable quality of the massage of the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800.

What Does It Take to Come up with This List?

Well, researching is absolutely not a child’s play. Generally, it takes hours of research including surfing through tons of articles, blogs, reports, etc. on the internet. It is to gather the most appropriate intel on the products that are hot in the market and have garnered the support of users.

The aim of this list is to help out the readers, already in the mayhem of on which basis to choose just one product when there is a sea of recliners out there. In which case, we toil and put our brains together to shortlist just the best products with the most positive reviews. 

The products in the list are nothing but a steal since they are selected on the basis of customer reviews we searched on various platforms like Youtube, Subreddit, and Amazon.

What to Look For?

Well, deciding which product is a perfect buy for you can eventually be overwhelming for some, especially those who are buying a recliner for the first time. 

So, for starters, you need to first define the maximum amount you are willing to spend on this product. Since this product is something more of a necessity for elders than just a piece of furniture, it is advised to set a reasonable budget. 

The second in the priority list is the features you are looking for i.e., whether you want to tackle with back pain or other sorts of discomfort. 

Now, let’s start with the list that is surely going to be your holy-grail while selecting the best electric recliner chairs for the elderly.

Best in design


Zero Gravity Kahuna Chair

  • Custom full-body massage
  • Dual rollers in the foot area
  • In-built scanning technology

Best in Budget


Mcombo Electric Recliner

  • Sturdy build
  • Great quality faux leather
  • Easy to clean

Most durable


Domesis Renu Recliner

  • Excellent leather quality
  • Easy controlling
  • Simple installation

Best Recliners for Seniors and Elderly Review

1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

comes with full-coverage L/S-track massage system

  • Offers loads of features at pocket-friendly prices
  • Custom full-body massage targeting pain points
  • It has dual rollers in the foot area and padding for the footrest 
  • The chair comes with a remote holder
  • Comes with in-built casters to support mobility
  • In-built scanning technology
  • The speed, duration, and pressure can be adjusted
  • Has too many buttons which can be confusing
  • It makes noises sometimes at certain settings
  • Might not be as comfortable for users with a tall structure
  • Comes in only one color

For real, choosing the most comfortable chair for seniors is not as simple as it would be for choosing one recliner for younger people. Simply because they need absolute comfort in the pain areas in the body. This is why Kahuna came forward with their exemplary invention of the massage chair recliner LM6800.

The brand has many loyal customers, something that is quite evident from the bulk of reviews we came across in our research. It is known to offer the best products of its kind with the competitive price range. 

The Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is a steal for the price it is being offered. 

Coming to the most interesting part, one of the most praised and appreciated features of this product agreeably is the full-coverage L/S-track massage system. 

“Wait, what does that mean?” you must be thinking.

This built-in hybrid design system is what allows the impeccable quality of the massage of the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800. It offers the superior experience to the users since its rollers work their way up from glutes and all the way down to the thighs. Now, this is something that you need for a full body massage. 

Not to be overly selling, but this feature is something unexpected in the price range of the product. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 comes packed with the feature of 3D full-body scan technology that is in-built in the chair for the purpose of identifying all the pain points in the body.

More so, users can manually adjust the rollers in the chair as per their comfort to give extra attention to particular pressure points.

Now, the elevated chair for the elderly is true to its name. Meaning, it certainly comes with the functioning zero-gravity trait. Something that makes this product distinct from the rest included in the list. 

This feature facilitates deep tissue massage to render a holistic experience and helps with chronic back pain. It comes with three levels, each catering to a specific need.

Employing five different techniques for massaging(Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, and a combination of kneading with tapping), Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is an ideal chair for old people.

Another intriguing feature is the airbag functionality. Loaded with 36 airbags covering the whole of the chair from inside, it facilitates the air massage to the users. 

Using a remote, users can adjust the pressure and other modules, for optimum customization. Nevertheless, some customers have expressed their concerns for a bigger remote.

There are rollers on the feet and calf area as well, something that makes this product a full package. Another notable feature is the yoga settings, in which you can get a mix of massage and stretch for 30 minutes. 

A few of the reviews also complimented on the setup and installation of the chair, since it is all being provided by the company. So, you need not worry about the hassle of installing it.

Although this is a great product, there are some concerns that need to be highlighted as well.

A number of reviews stated a mild discomfort on the lower area of the chair where you rest your feet. Moreover, since there are multiple functions that this massage recliner chair performs, hence there are numerous buttons. 

This is something that may overwhelm some users, especially seniors. Other than this, the product is an absolute gold with great customer support.


Despite a few cons that we have just mentioned above, Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is undeniably a remarkable product. Considering all the needs of the seniors, this electric recliner chair for the elderly is a perfect match.

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

a multifunctional recliner launched in 2019 possessed with all the latest features

  • Sturdy build
  • Great quality faux leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with two USB ports, side pockets, and cup holders
  • Ideal for people with tall stature
  • Stiffer padding
  • The chair could be wider for better comfort
  • May find issues with motor (rarely)

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair is a multifunctional recliner launched in 2019 possessed with all the latest features. 

Getting into the details of its remarkable features, Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa comes with the functionality of a power lift. This counterbalanced lift system comes with the TUV certified motor which assists the senior people in standing up from the chair.

We all are familiar with how this becomes a task for the elderly people with joint pains. So, it is something that the company has not pushed into oblivion but rather has provided with a plausible solution. All you need just the two buttons to do such tasks.

Now, diving a little deep into the technicalities, this Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa is packed with eight vibrating nodes placed all around the chair. Not just this, but it also has a heating part in the waist area along with nine modes and commendable five intensities.

Plus,  these functions can be turned off in the selected time of 10-30 minutes. Although the heating function performs with the vibration mode separately. 

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa offers three positions, so users can easily adjust to any of them as per their comfort level.

Moreover, due to the sturdy build of the electric recliner chair for the elderly, it has a weight capacity of 320lbs, so you could enjoy the comfort it offers without worrying too much about its capacity.

It adheres to the measurements of 34.6″(W)x30.7″(L)x41″(H). So, it is a perfect choice for people with tall stature since they can fit easily into it without any discomfort.

To be eloquent, people of up to 5 feet 10 inches can comfortably enjoy a holistic experience.

Well, keeping the practicality on the front seat, the brand has really been thoughtful while designing this unparalleled product. 

This remarkable electric recliner chair for the elderly has two USB ports to charge your devices (in case you are using any devices while sitting on the recliner and the battery goes bust). 

The good news does not end here. It also comes with dual small side pockets that are placed within the reach along with two cup holders on both sides of the armrest of the chair. 

So, use your devices or sip your coffee while relaxing on this chair – it’s all within the reach really.

On top of it all, the recliner chair does not make any irritable noises, like the one we discussed above. This was stated on many helpful customer reviews, so we can conjecture it is a claim that is fulfilled.

The recliner is designed in a way that it can recline as far as 140 degrees, making it perfect for taking wholesome naps. The fact that it does not recline to 180 degrees is a paradox since it has both pros and cons of its own.

Some customers have advocated the fact that it is quite easy to set up and install this recliner chair all by themselves.

Speaking of the texture of the leather, Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa features the faux leather of the best quality. Its benefits ripple down to the easy cleaning of this chair without any additional products such as wax or oil. 

As for the warranty of this product, the company offers a 1-year warranty for Lift and reclining mechanism, frame, and electronic parts each.

However, despite all the advantages of this product, some reviews highlighted the concerns that the recliner chair could be wider than it already is. This way it would become more comfortable.


Overall, Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa is a good buy for people on a budget but still wants to get their hands on an ultimate product with incredible features.

3. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

compact bundle of comfort

  • Quality of the leather is excellent promising durability
  • Controlling is easy since there are two buttons to operate
  • Commendable customer support
  • Simple installation
  • The wall hugger design is quite practical and renders a perfect fit even in small spaces
  • It is very pocket friendly for the features it offers. This is something that gives an additional push to customers in its direction
  • The recliner chair tends to bend forward too much which may lead to tripping
  • The individual movement of backrest and footrest is not possible that may lead to mind inconvenience
  • A few customers witnessed problems with the remote

There is not one but many reasons for why this Domesis Wall Hugger Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner is placed on the third position on this list.

For starters, the small size of this product renders practicality for those with a small apartment or space. And simultaneously poses as an excellent choice for the ones with no problem related to space.

With the price it is sold at, it offers way more features and functions that you might expect from this compact bundle of comfort. 

The recliner chair is the perfect statement piece to the decor of your home. It has an eye-catching style and finishes that make it hard to believe the level of comfort it offers to the elderly.

While researching, we came across many reviews attesting to the claims of this product being of a sturdy build. This makes it a palpable choice for people with heavyweight since the product is perfectly capable of providing utter comfort.

The fact that the chair frame easily supports up to 300lbs is enough to justify the above claim since it is built with laminated hardwood and has a steel frame.

The chair is designed with the measurements of  33″ L x 30″ W x 28.75″ H, making it ideal to fit beautifully in confined spaces without taking up too much space.

On top of it all, many customer reviews praised its commendable assembling process. Unlike many of the recliner chairs out there, Domesis Wall Hugger Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner can be assembled in a matter of minutes. 

To be precise, not more than 10 minutes. Meaning, you wouldn’t need any professional help in doing so.

Moreover, the power lift feature controlled by merely two buttons provides full assistance to the elderly in getting in and out of the chair without demanding any arduous labor that may trigger pain.

Fortunately, this recliner chair also offers ergonomic support, which is always a plus point. 

The Domesis Wall HuggerPower Lift Chair Recliner is designed with plush full padding and high-density foam placed in the right spots all over the chair. It gives just the right amount of support in areas such as the back, seat, and legs.

Another noteworthy feature of this product is Renu leather. This state of the art recliner chair is upholstered with comfortable, long-lasting, and breathable fabric of leather-blend. Something that imitates the genuine top grain leather fabric. 

All in all, this is a product that has stood the test and has been known to fulfill most of its claims. 

If you have someone in your family that just had any surgery and are suffering from acute and chronic pain in joints or back, then this product might just be the one thing they need. 

More so, Domesis Wall HuggerPower Lift Chair Recliner is quite pocket friendly, so that’s another jewel in its crown, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, every coin has two sides, so let’s look at the less-pleasing aspects of this product.

One particular con that may concern users is the risk of tripping. Yes, you read that right. Despite the power lift functionality, the chair tends to lean to the front in an exaggerated manner. Meaning, you lean a little more to the front, the chair may disbalance.


After weighing both the pros and cons, all there is to say is that for the price point and the features rendering holistic experience, this is a great choice for people on a budget and a blessing for the senior people with pain-related problems.

4. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

a remarkable piece of technology

  • The build is ideal to accommodate people with tall stature
  • Has spacious pockets on both sides
  • Comes with a functioning battery backup system to offer unhindered experience
  • Excellent back and footrest reclining design
  • The chair does not make loud noises like most of the chairs in the market
  • Footrest works separately from the backrest
  • May face issues such as power supply box malfunctioning
  • Does not have a manual setup option
  • The footrest does not recline as far as expected
  • Controls may show issues after prolonged use
  • Despite its wider built, a few reviews showed concerns about it being short for their use

Known for its comfort and durability, Ashley Yandel’s Signature Design Power Lift Recliner Saddle is a remarkable piece of technology.

Although it may not come under the category of most classy-looking recliners or be praised for its aesthetics, it surely is a master of comfort.

It is a contemporary power lift recliner which is a blend of style and functionality. It comes with dual motors. Where one assists with the lift functionality and offers a seamless experience and the other controls the recline motion of the back and footrest area.

All you need to do is just push a button and it will elevate your legs and provide ultimate comfort.

It comes with a wired remote attached to the chair so that you can easily control and adjust the levels. Moreover, the good news is that that footrest and seat back can be controlled separately.

This is something that translates into the fact that you can customize hundreds of positions as per your accord.

Signature Design Power Lift Recliner Saddle was designed to keep the comfort and support of the user as a core idea. So, this is why the product comes with thick cushions, a high back, and high-quality faux leather.

Additionally, the product is said to be of study built since it has a robust corner-blocked frame that has a metal reinforced seat. 

Nevertheless, many users have also highlighted its one drawback that the product does not facilitate preset positions that can be accessed with the attached remote.

Honestly, it would have been more convenient, had the brand incorporated this functionality. Although it might be a deal-breaker for many, it is surely something that would promote convenience.

Speaking of the structure of the product, Ashley Yandel’s Signature Design Power Lift Recliner is probably the most generous sized product in the list. It is designed with the measurements of 35 inches wide with 40 inches deep and 42.5 inches in height. 

The height of the seat amounts to 20 inches with 69 inches reclined length, something that is enough to accommodate a person of the taller build. So, it is quite evident that this product can be passed as an ideal choice for the elderly with tall stature.

When it comes to the setup and installation, assembling this bundle of comfort is a piece of cake. The product is shipped with all the necessary instructions, tools, and hardware needed in the process. 

The product can easily fit into the doorway of 30 inches or more.

Speaking of the leather quality, the product is designed with bonded leather. Now, popular reviews state that although this makes your product look more stylish, it does not uphold its claims for longevity.

Another con that we came across while researching about this product is that the bonded leather is not breathable. So, you might find a few sweat stains if you slouch in the chair for too long. 

Coming back to the bright side, it is a plus that the chair fashions two spacious pockets on each side. So, you can store your knick-knacks, books, etc. securely. 

Additionally, the product is loaded with a battery backup of two nine-volt batteries.

Now, given all the features it comes loaded with, the price point does not seem to be too upscale or unreasonable. In fact, according to some customer reviews on Amazon, it offers the bang for the buck.


To sum up the review of Signature Design Power Lift Recliner Saddle – it is a sturdy and durable product offering holistic experience and comfort to the users. It is a great choice for the elderly suffering from chronic pain since it is designed to render comfort.

5. Coaster Home Power Lift Recliner Chocolate

famous for its comfort and durability

  • This power recliner offers a great lumbar and back support to give you proper comfort and solace
  • It features thick yet soft padding of high-quality cushions along with soft velvet color cover for a stylish yet comfortable chair
  • The Coaster Home recliner is very easy to assemble apart from many other recliners
  • It offers a blank section where you can install an emergency backup system for blackouts  
  • It is a little heavy so, it can be difficult to move this recliner from one place to another
  • Despite having a wide area, this recliner can be uncomfortable for larger and taller elders

The home power recliner is one of the great products which are offered by Coaster Home Furnishings. This chair comes with many tips and tricks up its sleeves. However, this recliner is mostly famous for its comfort and durability. 

Since elder family members have trouble adjusting the body, this product can benefit them greatly.

As the name suggests, the Coaster Home Power Lift Recliner comes with an excellent power lift system which can recline the entire chair with just a push of a button to give an effortless experience so that you can enjoy your afternoon nap. 

This feature makes it easier for people (especially people with senior age or back problems) to get up and lean back. 

The easy chair by Coaster Furniture is specially designed to provide support as well as comfort to its master. The unique bak shape of this recliner provides more back support which helps in relieving the pain, stress, or tension that is trapped inside your body.

The home power recliner is wide enough so you do not feel stuck after spending some time on it furthermore, it also allows easy entry and exit from the recliner so you do not have to wiggle your whole body just get in or get out of the chair.

It also features thick padded and plush cushions that offer the extremely required support to all the right parts of the body so that you don’t feel any discomfort while enjoying precious time with your loved ones. 

Furthermore, the surprisingly soft fabric cover has a velvet feel and texture that makes it easy to maintain, and on the plus side gives you a soft and relaxing feel.

As we all know how frustrating it is to try to assemble a piece of furniture. With so many parts, screws, and endless instructions, At some point, everyone just wants to throw the headache out! 

However, you don’t have to suffer through this problem with the Coaster home recliner. 

As it is certified by many previous buyers, this piece of furniture is extremely put together and also comes with a user-friendly operating manual. So, you do not have to scratch your eyes out when you try to assemble it.

To get you a little more excited, This electric-powered reclining chair offers a blank spot where you can install a custom backup emergency system. So, you can operate and enjoy this recliner even when you are in a blackout.


The home power recliner by Coaster Home Furnishings can be a dream chair for many senior citizens. With features like power lift recliner and ergonomic design for proper support, it is an ideal easy chair for seniors with a small and medium build.

The Essential Buying Guide

Before you start looking for something, it is prominent to know what you are looking for exactly. Is this a recliner with a built-in massager, or something more laid back and comfortable. 

There are hundreds of products with twice the features, you must know which features are your priority and what are the cornerstones an ideal product may pass.

So, below is a buying guide that is going to help you with all the ‘what’s’ in this context. It will lay out all the parameters on which you can judge whether the shortlisted product is an ideal option catering to all your needs or not.

Features in Relation to the Price

It is a no-brainer that you should choose a product that is worth the money you are paying for it. There are many choices in the market that offer loads of features at very competitive prices. So, keep your eyes open for such deals.

Functionality and Features

After the budget comes the soul of the product – its features. As per the popular opinion, the best elevated and electric recliner chairs chair for the elderly must possess functional recline, a massager, heating functionality, and lastly, the footrest.

Specific Needs

Since we are looking for the recliners for the elderly, one must not be oblivious to the special needs of each individual. Some may suffer from back problems, while others may face pain in the joints. So, make sure to keep these needs in mind while shortlisting products.


Make sure that the product you choose is easy and simple to clean so that the seniors do not face any problems while cleaning it after prolonged use.

Level of Comfort

Any product would be useless if, after offering every feature, it does not bode well for comfort. 

In which case, you need to look for a product with excellent reviews and recommendations on the fabric used, the type of material used in the structure, amount of padding, head with lateral support, comfortable backrest, and such things.  


Now is the time for the final verdict. This section is the crux of the article, hence the most sought after section to know which product ticks all the boxes in the checklist.

It is understood that selecting recliner chairs for old people is very challenging since meeting their needs is the priority. So, after tediously analyzing all the products, we found that Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 and Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa may be the best from the lot.

Yes, it’s a draw.

This win is owed to the in-built scanning technology and L-track system of the Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 and the multifunctionality and other remarkable features of Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner.