Best Massage Chairs Reviews

The demands of the modern lifestyle have left little time for the body to relax and recharge. Millions of people around the globe spend so much time at work. They fail to spare just a couple of hours every day for a well-deserved massage. 

It is practically impossible for the majority to drive to a spa, wait for a massage therapist to get ready, get a massage. Once done, they then drive back home. But what if you could avoid all these hassles by having a permanent “masseurs” at home? 

This may sound impossible for some of you. However, when you learn about the beauty, the power, the comfort, and the convenience of the best massage chairs, you are going to hate yourself for not having one in your home.

The design of massage chairs is to replicate a variety of massage techniques. With them, you can get very comforting massage experiences in the comfort of your home. However, for you to get the ultimate experience, you must choose the right chair. 

With a superfluity of brands and models available in the market today, choosing a good massage chair is still a challenge to the majority. That’s why we have crafted this review to help you make the right choice. It will help you to avoid the clutter and the potential pitfalls most people get into when they go shopping. 

Additionally, we have included a detailed buyer’s guide for your further convenience. This will help you make independent choices so that you can choose massage chairs.

Our Pick

Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massager

Best Overall

With the technology and the set of features, it comes with, the ultimate home massage experience awaits you.

How This List Was Made?

Coming up with this list of the best massage chairs for home use took us a couple of weeks. Our research began online. We started with a detailed look at the websites of some of the top manufacturers. We read blogs and followed discussions on wellness forums that touched on massage, techniques, and equipment. 

A good part of our research also involved watching tens of hours of YouTube videos. These were on the detailed explanations on how the massage chairs worked, the best models, and how to get the most out of them. It was also important for us to read reviews submitted by past buyers. This is how we got an insider’s experience with these chairs so that we could present you with factual information. Our research did not end up coming with a list of the product. Once we made the list, we took the initiative to test the chairs. 

This was to confirm the experiences and the literature we had read about them. It also enabled us to get a better perspective of each model. Therefore, we are very confident about this review. We believe that is will give you all the information you need to make it a breeze for you when choosing the best massage chairs.

Best in Technology


Zero Gravity Kahuna Chair

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Tracks therapeutic benefits
  • Three zero-gravity positions

Most Popular


Real Relax Massage Chair

  • Zero gravity massage function
  • Remote control available
  • Weight limit up to 400 pounds

Best in Design


Relaxonchair Massager

  • Three zero-gravity positions
  • Pre-programmed massages
  • Computerized body scanning

Best Massage Chairs Reviewed

1. Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

Editor’s Best Choice

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Ability to track therapeutic benefits
  • Three zero-gravity positions
  • Multiple manual massage techniques
  • Designed with space-saving technology
  • It is not cheap
  • The massage modes are not long enough

The Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair starts off our list of the massage chair reviews. You will not find it among the best affordable massage chair category. But it is worth every dollar you spend on it. It comes with a sleek and stylish design with comforting looks and features. With the technology and the set of features, it comes with, the ultimate home massage experience awaits you.

This all-in-one full body massage chair boasts a special L-track frame structure with four rollers. This design allows for maximum comfort and convenience during every massage session. With the L-track 4 roller massage system, the chair comes with incredible support for the neck and the back. 

The support is also extended all through to your buttocks. With such positioning, it makes it easy to decompress the spine. This leads to effective massage experiences.

The Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is not only space-saving but also comes with Zero Gravity Positions. This simply means that you will not need a lot of space to install and use the chair. It gives you the versatility to put it in any room within your home. Also, it has three stages of true zero gravity positions.

If you know a thing or two about massage chairs, then you will understand that the zero gravity position is one of the most effective positions for enjoying a massage. It makes it possible to relieve stress from the body. 

It also allows for a deeper and more intense massage experience. On full recline, you will immerse in an unexplainable therapeutic experience. This experience will kick in immediately the moment your legs are slightly elevated higher than your heart.

Apart from the magnificent structural capabilities of the Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair, it also comes with enviable technology. This is what usually makes the differences between massage chairs and the experiences you derive from them. 

The Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair comes with air-cell massage technology. This is the technology responsible for offering a full body massage like a spa massage.

The chair also features dual foot rollers conveniently located at the foot area. These rollers are detachable and washable to help improve the sanitation of the chair. These rollers will make it easy for you to move the chair from place to the other. With them, you won’t need extra effort or extra hands.

Another feature of the Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is the 6 auto programs. When you are willing to spend your money on such a massage chair, then you are after the ultimate home massage experience. 

From the six auto programs, you have a world of opportunities to target a variety of muscles in your body. Whether you want to target the upper back, lower back, entire back, lower body, or the lower back & body, the automated programs will make it a breeze for you to achieve all that.

In addition to the six automated programs, this chair also comes with five manual massage techniques. These are what you need to replicate the exact motions you normally find with real-world masseurs. 

They include shiatsu, rolling, tapping, kneading, and a combination of kneading and tapping. With such, this machine comes with incredible versatility to make you have the best home massage experience.

One of the major reasons why the majority of people go for regular massage is to ease pain and soreness on the lower back and legs. With this chair, however, you don’t have to visit the spa or bother your masseur for such. 

Apart from having the six auto programs as well as the five manual massage techniques, this chair also comes with heating therapy. Heating therapy is specially designed for the lower back and the legs. It is the best when it comes to relieving any pain or soreness in the lower back and legs. 

All you have to do is sit, get the controls right, and then relax as you feel the pain in your lower back disappear.


If you are looking for a high-end full body massage chair, the Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair will please you on very many fronts. It has the technology, the comfort, and the convenience you need for enjoyable massage sessions at home. 

Though not cheap, it is something you shouldn’t hesitate about getting. This is because the experience you will get from it will far much outweigh the cost in the long run.

2. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

best massage chair under $1000

  • Has zero gravity massage function
  • Comes with a foot roller massage
  • Remote control for customizing your massage experience
  • Can accommodate users with up to 400 pounds
  • It comes with a fixed frame. The frame is not L-track or S-track
  • Some users think the massage action may be too intense for them

Affordability, reliability, and convenience are some of the attributes that come to mind when you think about the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair. If you are looking for the best 3d massage chair with hundreds of happy customers, and one that will not leave a huge dent in your pocket, then Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair will always feature top of the list of the recommendations you will get. It is not only appealing to the eyes but also inviting for a tired body in need of a great and gently massage.

Like most of the products on this list, the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair features the zero-gravity technology. It has a one-button zero gravity design that makes you feel virtually weightless once your legs and heart are at the same level. This is a highly recommended feature if you want to decompress your spine and relieve soreness in your lower back.

The Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair comes with the technology to offer the ultimate full body massage. The eight massage neck back rollers will treat your neck to the most amazing massage experience you will ever get from any chair. 

The 50 airbags on the shoulders, hips, feet, calves, and arms will ensure that these sections also get an adequate massage to get rid of pain, soreness or tiredness that might be bothering you. Then there is also the lower back heating. This helps to ensure that this vital part of your body is not neglected during the massage period.

Getting a massage should be all about being comfortable. This is exactly what you get with the range of customization features that come with the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair. A notable feature is a remote controller. 

With it, you will get the comfort and convenience you need to set the rollers, the airbags, the intensity, and the speed for the most customized massage experience. Also, with the help of the remote control, it will be a breeze to adjust the back of the seat up and down until you find the most comfortable posture for you.

It is also worth pointing out that this massage chair will suit users with varying height ranges. It is always frustrating to find out that you are either too tall or too short for a massage chair. But that is never the case with this choice. 

It will work well for people with heights ranging between 5.2 feet and 6.3 feet. If you are taller than this, you are free to extend the footrest to allow you up to five inches of extra height. The chair is also very accommodating in terms of its weight capacity. It can comfortably accommodate users with up to 400 pounds.

Since most buyers will be using massage chairs in their homes, it is always a good idea to choose ones that will be economical in terms of space. You should also choose one that is easy to move, should you face the need to move it from one room to the other. 

The Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair scores very highly on both. Its size is a decent one and will fit nearly most homes, even if you don’t have enough space at home. It is also easy to move. This is due to the inclusion of the two wheels at the back of the chair.

When you buy this chair, the various components will be shipped in two boxes. You will have to assemble it before you can use it. However, you don’t have to worry if you have never assembled anything in your life before. 

It is so easy to assemble that if you can follow simple instructions, then all you will need is just a few minutes to fully assemble the chair.


The Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair is the great massage chair for home use It has the features and the functionalities you would love to see in any best affordable massage chair. If you are looking for an affordable massage chair for relaxing at the end of a working day, or to relieve pains and muscle aches after exercise, sitting for long hours, doing chores, or playing games, the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair is a highly recommended option.

3. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Most beautiful design

  • Three zero-gravity positions
  • Pre-programmed massages
  • Has a beauty hip massager
  • Computerized body scanning
  • The foot massage is too intensive for most people
  • The remote control is not so user-friendly

The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is a relatively affordable therapeutic massage chair  in comparison to the first one. It is a beloved option among those searching for an affordable deep tissue massage chair. Its design is simple, though full of all the features and functionalities you would wish to see in a high-end therapeutic massage chair.

The functionalities and the features of the chair would be useless if the design was not soft and comfy. It boasts of great quality and innovation. The outward construction features top-grade soft-grained synthetic leather. 

This is not only durable but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the chair. It is lightweight in construction to allow for easy mobility. Getting into it and coming out of it is also a breeze. This is due to the thoughtful design that had you – the user, in mind.

The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with an enviable range of sophistication, with remote control capabilities being one of them. The chair comes with a one-hand operational remote controller. This is all you need to get the chair in the right incline position, make the necessary adjustments, and get going with your massage.

The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Massage Chair is a 3 stage automatic zero gravity massage chair. With zero gravity chairs, you get the pleasure of elevating your feet to the same level as your heart. This effect of this is that your spine will experience minimum strain due to gravity. 

The result will be great relief of any pain or discomfort that you may have been experiencing on your back. As such, it allows your heart to work less so that you can get maximum relaxation. 

A unique feature that you will find in this chair, is the Buttock L-Tracking Massage System. Most chairs will have a system to work around the lower back region, but not all of them will have comprehensive features to massage the buttocks region. 

With the RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair, however, adequately takes care of all parts of the body, including the buttons. The system features a set of rollers that will gently glide from the upper back right through to under the seats where the buttocks will be positioned. This is a true way to ensure that you get a full body massage at home.

The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair also features a computerized body scanning technology. The system has in-built sensors that will automatically determine the length of your spine. This helps the system to know exactly where to scan. 

During typical massages, the position of the spine, as well as the pressure applied, are normally of paramount importance. Poor positioning or the application of excess pressure is a recipe for a spine injury. This would underscore the essence of massage. However, this is not something you should worry about with the RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair.

The uniquely designed airbag massage technology is another feature worth mentioning about this chair. It comes with airbags that have been programmed to inflate or deflate independently. The beauty of this is that it allows the body to stretch and also twist in places such as the thighs, hips, lower back, and shoulders while working individually or simultaneously.

Deep tissue massage and full body stretching are common occurrences in the normal massage spas. Well, they are also incorporated in the RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair so that you don’t have to make a run to your local spa every time you feel like getting these two. 

The chair can offer a comprehensive and human-like massage to the entire body. It is also fitted with a stretching function known as spinal decompression program. With this program, the chair will subject you to calculated routines with the help of the rigorous air cells that spins throughout your body. This will make your legs and lower back muscles to stretch, hence, relieving any stress along your spine.

The other notable features you will love about this chair are the Beauty Hip Massager and the Lower Back Heating. The former features multiple airbags designed for the hips and the waistline. The airbags will inflate to allow for compression massages for aligning the pelvis and the lower back regions.

The Lower Back Heating, on the other hand, features two heating pads located on the lower back region. This will enhance the massage experience in this region as this is one of the areas that usually get a lot of attention for professional massage therapists. The foot & calf massager, as well as the arm massager, are also features you will be glad that were included on the chair.


The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is an affordable and full-featured massage chair. Its technology, features, and functionalities make it a good bargain for those in need of the massage chairs for home use. It is a great choice for anyone looking for the best reclining massage chair, but don’t want to break the bank to have such beauty in their homes.

4. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

best massage chair for athletes

  • Computerized body scanning
  • Functional diversity
  • Highly customizable
  • Special heat therapy for lower back and foot soles
  • Features a fixed frame
  • Not a great fit for very tall and short people

The Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is a versatile chair that will dance to all your tunes as far as home chair massage is concerned. It comes in a bold black color, with beautiful aluminum finishing on the sides and the handles. It is extremely comfortable – thanks to the high-quality leather and soft cushioning. Its range of features will also see to it that no part of your body is left out in the massage process.

The Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is completely adjustable to suit the varying needs of various users that might desire to use it. Depending on your height, the chair comes with the convenience of adjusting the angle so that both your back and feet can be comfortably contained within the chair.

Different users will prefer different rates of massage. Some users like it fast and intense, while others enjoy the most when it is slow and gentle. With this chair, it is not only easy to control the speed, the width, and the intensity but also you get various levels that you can adjust until you find the one that works best for you. 

For instance, the air massage pressure has four levels, while the speed, width, and intensity all have three levels of control. Whether you want to work on your back, neck, shoulder, leg, waist, or your foot, you will always be in total control of just how fast and how intense the massage is.

The Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is designed with an advanced and versatile air massage system and heat therapy. It features a total of 21 airbags. These are strategically located throughout the chair to target regions such as the feet, calves, hips, thighs, shoulders, and arms. The heat therapy system, on the other hand, targets the back and the foot. When these two are combined, both the muscle and the joints are assured of a quick recovery. 

Pains and aches in such places will also disappear quickly. This system combination will also ensure proper alignment to the back and the pelvis area as a result of the multiple airbags located on the waistline and the hip region. These will inflate, leading to a compression massage that ultimately leads to the stated effects.

Custom-fit is an essential feature if you want to get the most from any massage chair. In the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair, custom fit is possible due to the computerized body scanning feature. The chair has a smart body scan technology that will automatically detect the size of an individual’s body for a custom fit massage. 

There are sensors that will automatically the length of the spine. It will then determine with absolute precision where exactly it needs to massage. There are also sensors to determine the user’s body height. The machine is also designed with capabilities to automatically determine the user’s weight and deliver the appropriate massage intensity. 

With these settings, the massage chair will fit different users perfectly and give highly customized massages.

The functional diversity of this chair is another feature we can’t fail to mention. It comes with seven different massage modes – tapping, kneading, shiatsu, stretching, heating, air pressure, and combo. This delivers incredible variety to users who may be interested in trying out various massage techniques for different results.

Also, the chair has nine preset auto massage programs. These allow for different massage methods that will deliver the best massage experiences to the users. They include a special stretching program ideal for a full-body stretching experience. If you wanted to control the massages, however, you can always take advantage of the manual massage function to get further customization during your massage sessions.

The other notable features of this chair include the one key start and one key restore function. With the former, the machine can automatically test a user’s body and height by just a single press of a button. It will then adjust the angle to the most comfortable position. 

With the latter, on the other hand, when pressed, the backrest will sit up to normal position while the footrest will flip up. There is also an emergency button that you can hit to stop the chair in cases of emergency. 

Once the automatic massage is over, the chair comes with a sleeping mode which ensures the chair doesn’t come back to the up position if already you had started sleeping and you didn’t want to get disrupted.


If you are suffering from waist aches, back pains, and shoulder pains are a result of a sedentary lifestyle, then this is one of the best solutions to help you alleviate all those pains at the comfort of your home. Its multi massage functions, featuring shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking will work real wonders on your aching muscles and joints to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

5. Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair

best massage chairs under $2000

  • Delivers a real hand massage experience
  • Advanced lower back heat therapy
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Allows for both manual and automatic options
  • The seat vibration feature can be overpowering to some users
  • It comes with a fixed frame

The Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair is probably one of the best massage chair in the world with the least price on this list. That it is affordable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the features you will need for a great massage at home. 

Its design is modest, with an exciting set of features to make you want to rush back home after work for that well-deserved massage. It is also aesthetically appealing, making it, even more, inviting for the massage sessions.

The chair promises incredible air compression massage to the feet, neck, back, arms, shoulders, calves, and thighs. As a user, you have the freedom to choose between the manual and the automatic settings. With the manual settings, you have the freedom to independently turn on or off any of the airbags on the regions you would like to massage. 

With the inclusion of the Air Pressure Detection Sensor, you don’t have to worry about some parts of the body getting over-compressed or under compressed. The three levels of intensity will be automatically regulated so that the machine can deliver the perfect massage.

This massage chair is also designed with zero gravity technology. This is a technology that was inspired by NASA to create a sense of weightlessness and to make it easy to relieve stress, the tension on joints and muscles, reduce circulation and promote proper circulation throughout the body. 

It features three stages of zero gravity, with the third stage being the more reclined stage. When the chair is fully reclined, the level of the legs will be higher than the level of the lungs. This will create a sense of weightlessness. This is extremely therapeutic and will be felt immediately when this angle of incline is reached.

The chair also makes it a breeze for you to select your massage style and choose your preferred speed and intensity. There are their levels of strength control for you to choose from and there are also three levels of massage speed control. These allow you to greatly customize your massage experience.

This is one of the very few massage chairs that come with intelligent massage hands. Though most massage chairs are designed to replicate the actual actions of the hands during a massage session, the Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair takes it to a whole new level. 

It comes with intelligent massage hands. These hands work just the same way as a massage therapist. They don’t feature rollers, but actual hand designs that can knead until you feel like it is real hands doing the massage. And, with the controls, you can choose how strong or gentle you want the action to be.

The lower back is always a target by those looking for the massage chairs in the world. The Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair comes with Lower Back Heat Therapy specially designed to grant the best massage experience to the lower back. 

It features two heating pads placed in the lumbar area. This helps to dilate the blood vessels present in the lower back region which ultimately helps to release pains in the region, besides improving blood circulation to the rest of the body. Additionally, this feature will also help in the healing and repair of the tissues located in the lumbar region for better body wellness.

Not so many massage chairs usually consider the buttocks region in their design. Luckily, Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair is not one of them. With this comes effective seat vibrations. The vibrations are not just meant to add to the overall massage experience of the chair. 

It has real health and therapeutic benefits that not so many people know about. With it comes a soothing vibration that will stimulate, detoxify, and relax the surface tissues in the buttocks region. The result is enhanced blood circulation in the buttocks and the groin region.

If you have used the foot & calf massager in other chairs, then you will find the one in Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair to be very different. It features multiple airbags for both the feet and the legs. With comes in incredibly comforting 3D compression massage. With the inclusion of foot rollers that move back and forth, the chair will deliver a soothing and comforting sensation to your heels and sole.


The Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair is simple, but with a great set of unique functionalities. It is the most affordable on this list. It may not be overly sophisticated, but you are going to fall in love with its features and overall experience, especially the intelligent massage hands that imitate the actual actions of a real massage therapist and the seat vibration. Go for it if you need a massage chair that will cost less but will offer more.

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Massage Chairs Buyer's Guide

Massage chairs have always been a great way to treat your muscles and relax without spending any money on professional massage services. We have given you a detailed review of some of the top models in the market currently. In addition to the in-depth reviews, it is also prudent to know about some of the factors you need to be looking at when shopping for the massage chairs. Below is a brief buyer’s guide to help you choose a massage chair that will suit all your needs.

The Main Features of the Massage Chair

The features of a massage chair will determine not just your overall experience with it, but also how much you will spend on the purchase. A good way to go about evaluating the features is to start by determining exactly what you hope to get from the chair. It may not be financially prudent to go for an expensive feature-packed chair, yet you know that you will not be using some of the features. The most important consideration is to choose a chair with the kind of features that will give you the kind of experiences in certain parts of your body that you had hoped for. Some of the most notable features you should consider include back and reclining options, feet extenders, and armrests.

Type of Massage

Once you have determined the kind of features you need on your chair, the next step is to consider the types of massage therapies that the chair is capable of offering. Massage chairs are designed to perform various kinds of massages, and this knowledge is vital depending on the specific type massages you may be interested in. The common massage styles available in some of the best affordable massage chairs include:

  • Shiatsu – this is a very common massage technique originating from Japan. Chairs with this functionality tend to mimic the actual kneading actions of masseurs.
  • Compression – with this style, the chair tends to tap on your body gently with the help of airbags that inflate and deflate automatically. If you are looking to get relief from still muscles, then this is the most recommended massage style.
  • Percussions – this is also known as “thundering on your back.” It targets the deep tissues of your muscles. It is more intensive and will help you get quick relief in instances of sore muscles from sports or workout.
  • Stretching – this style is designed to lubricate various joints and muscles within the body. It makes it possible for the body to stretch to its fullness.
  • Kneading – if you have some knots on your body to work on, then this should be your most preferred massage technique. Hence, you need to choose your chair accordingly.

Type of Massage Chair

Massage chairs are available in a variety of styles. If you need a chair for medical issues, then you need to get a recommendation from your doctor. However, if you need it just for recreational purposes, here are the common types you will have to choose from-:

  • Zero gravity massage chairs – these are designed to help relieve stress, stiffness, and pressure from the legs and upper back. They are the most expensive, but they come with a horde of features that will give you exciting home massage experiences.
  • Full body massage chairs – these chairs cover the entire body. They then distribute the weight evenly to relieve your joints and muscles from all forms of aches and stress. Additionally, the massage experience you get from them is nearly similar to what you would normally get from real masseurs.
  • Recliner Massage Chairs – think of these as typical sitting room chairs, but fitted with massage functionalities. They are relatively cheaper than zero gravity massage chairs, and they don’t come with a lot of massage features.
  • Seat massagers – seat massagers are also known as massage pads. They do not necessarily massage chairs. For you to use them, you will have to put them on a seat or a chair. If you are on a low budget, and you want to have a glimpse of the massage chair experience, then they would do the trick for you.
  • Ottoman – some massage chairs feature an ottoman, making them look like vintage or traditional chairs. The ottoman is basically for the leg or thigh massage. The chair, on the other hand, will take care of your back, neck, and waist.

Size and Design

The size and the design of the massage chair matters a lot and will have an impact on the overall experience you will derive from it. If the chair offers leg, back, and neck massage or it is the reclining type, you can’t position it in a corner or against a wall. The size will also determine its location within the room. Therefore, consider the amount of space you have at home and check if the chair you are interested in buying will fit in that space.


Massage chairs don’t come cheap. You don’t want to get shopping again after just a few weeks or months of getting a new one. This is where durability comes in. You can check the durability of the chair by taking a keen look at the materials used in making the chair. It is also good to ask the company or the vendor for more insights on the durability. You can also read reviews by past buyers to gauge their experiences with the seat as far as durability is concerned.

Massage Intensity

The massage intensity is a factor of the rollers and the airbags on the chair. The rollers are the main mechanics of a massage chair. They are what will stimulate the feeling of the massage through their back and forth actions. 

They are available in different sizes and shapes. The types you get will mainly depend on the type of massage chair you buy. The airbags, on the other hand, inflate and deflate to provide uniform pressure to the muscles during the massage process. They are located mainly around the neck, leg, and arm regions of the massage chairs.

The intensity of the massage chair will determine how god or gad you feel during the massage process. Some chairs are too gentle that you don’t feel a thing, while other press too hard to the point that you feel getting hurt. Certain types of massage chairs will come with nearly fixed intensity levels. It means that you will have to do with what you get. With some of the massage chairs, however, you get the freedom to control the intensity of the massage. Choose according to your preferred intensity levels.


Massage should be about sitting back and relaxing while your body gets kneaded. When you are shopping for massage chairs, check on the ease of using that chair. For instance, does it have a remote control functionalities so that you don’t have to do a lot of manual work? Can you stop it with ease should you be faced with an emergency? 

And, can you easily work out the levels of intensity, adjust the incline, and choose settings without having to leave the chair? If you can answer these vital questions, then you should be in a position to choose a chair that you will enjoy using at all times.


From our reviews of the best massage chairs above, our outright winner is the Zero Gravity Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair. Yes, it is the most expensive option on the list, but we were very pleased with its set of features, overall performance, and the satisfaction its users expressed. If you are looking for a popular choice that will still get the job done, then you may consider the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair. 

It is not only popular amongst many users, but also it is relatively affordable and fully functional with a rich set of features. However, if you are pressed for funds, but you need a decent chair with unique features and real massage experience, then you can consider the Sinoluck Ootori Massage Chair. It is the most affordable on the list. It is also decently equipped with the kinds of features you expect to find in higher models.