Best Office Chair for Back Pain 2020

You must have heard your elders saying, we were more fit at your age. And that’s true. With growing sedentary lifestyles, we are creating problems for our bones. Especially our spinal cord. We tend to work for hours at our desk without bothering to stand up and stretch. No, you shouldn’t take all the blame. We understand your hectic work schedule is to be blamed for. But can we do it? What’s the solution to it?

The office chairs that we sit on further exemplify our pain. These often have a hardback or the fabric isn’t comfortable to sit in all day. If you want to stretch while sitting, your chair lacks the mechanism. It doesn’t recline back to help you do so. And what if your height doesn’t go well with your table? On top of that, your chair lacks height adjustable levers? You are at the mercy of God. If that is not what you want, try buying a chair that fits you.

A good chair not only offers good comfort but promises good posture too. This ultimately means you work well and you stay fit. Many chairs nowadays come with some of the most advanced ergonomic features. They are built to help you stay healthy. The shape of the chair aligns well with the curvature of your body. Hence, giving you the required comfort. Aren’t you happy to know that? Let us take a look at the list below to find some options that might suit your needs.

Our Pick

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Best Overall

This ergonomic chair by Duramont is a premium product as it is a boon for your back.

How Was This List Made?

When it comes to your health, we need to be sure. So with a hawkeye precision, we judged and compared every product listed here. We even interviewed some doctors to understand what makes a perfect posture, thus helping us choose the perfect shaped chairs. Some experts were reached out too. These helped us understand why a certain chair was better than the other. What makes a chair good for you. Good not only in terms of comfort but helping your spine maintain the right shape. Lastly, we also took help from amazon consumers, those who were using these products. To understand their overall experience. 

What to Look For?

Selecting a good chair is important for your health. So make no mistakes here. Make sure the chair you choose resembles your body structure. It can bear your weight and your shape. The comfort level is to be noted for sure. Whether you like mesh style or padded is a subjective choice. What kind of budget are you looking for? Do you consider durability over price? Bear all that in mind before going for the best one.

Most Comfortable


Duramont Ergonomic Chair

  • Several adjustable modes
  • Good lumbar support
  • Premium quality chair

Best in Design


Duramont Reclining Chair

  • Leather padded chair
  • 3 angles reclining
  • Lifetime warranty

Best in Budget


AmazonBasics Desk Chair

  • Light and comfortable
  • Adjustable height
  • 180-degree swivel

Best Office Chair for Back Pain

1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Best desk chair for lower back pain: a high-end product

  • Several adjustable modes
  • Mesh fabric to reduce sweat and smell
  • Good lumbar support for your back
  • Premium quality chair
  • On an expensive side

Every person is different and so is their body structure. Therefore not every chair is meant for everybody. To help release this tension, the duramont ergonomic chair comes with adjustable features. You can adjust the headrest, lumbar support, armrest, seat height to your comfort. Even their angles can be adjusted.

The fabric adds to your comfort too. It is made up of breathable mesh. So no more worrying about sweat or smell even after sitting on it for hours. Altogether making it a premium quality chair. 

Specially made for your back-related issues is the adjustable back support. You can even incline it a bit to adjust your comfort level. 

Simple instructions enable you to easily assemble the chair and start using it. The makers are so sure of its quality that they provide you 90 days to return it. 


Altogether, this ergonomic chair by Duramont is a premium product. It is a boon for your back because of its adjustable features. If you prefer quality over price, this product will suit you.

2. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Best chair for lumbar support: overall good

  • Leather padded chair
  • 3 angles reclining
  • Nylon base and casters
  • Comes with a footrest
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leather might be sweaty for some

If the mesh chair isn’t your type, consider a leather one. This one comes with padding all over. Whether you want to work, read, or sleep, you may incline the chair accordingly. It can be adjusted from 90-150 degrees. Just lock in whatever angle you require. 

It has a waterfall seat edge. This helps your legs stay comfortable even when you are sitting for hours at a stretch. 

If we talk about the building, this chair reflects a strong build. It has a heavy-duty nylon base with PU leather. Even the casters are nylon that makes the movement of the chair easy. But also makes it quite steady. 

The best part is the footrest. Whenever you feel like having a nap. Open the footrest, recline back and enjoy to the fullest. Because this one also comes with a lifetime warranty.


If a strong built leather padded chair is what you are looking for, this one is a great option. It even has a footrest to further accentuate your comfort.

3. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair with Swivel Casters - Black, BIFMA Certified

Best office chair with good back support: within your budget

  • Light and comfortable
  • Adjustable height
  • 180-degree swivel
  • Contoured mesh fabric
  • No armrest
  • No recline

If you require something basic this chair might be for you. It has minimum features with the desired comfort. Offered by Amazon, this chair is BIFMA certified. Thus the quality is fully assured.

The contoured mesh back is breathable. And yet provides soothing comfort to your back. Even the shape of the chair aligns well with the curvature of your back. While the seat has a padding of about 2 inches. 

With the lever adjustment, you can adjust the height of this chair. The smooth-rolling casters let you dance while sitting on your chair. And if you want to swivel, that too is possible up to 180 degrees.

Dumping the black and the whites, this chair comes in variable colors to choose from.


For the love of simplicity, this one is a great fit. You can adjust the height of the chair. Though reclining and armrest are a problem. 

4. Office Chair, Mid Back Leather Desk Chair, by SMUGCHAIR

Best office chair for a bad back: sleek and elegant leather

  • Bonded leather design
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Adjustable height and recline
  • Ergonomic design
  • Many users found the seat padding uncomfortable

This mid-back chair by Smug Chair is made of bonded leather. It offers a neat and elegant look. Not only that, but it is soft, comfortable, and strong too. You need not worry about sweating. So looks and comfort both find a place here.

With the adjustable handle, you can recline the chair up to 120 degrees. 

The back pressure adjuster is what offers a solution to your back pain. You can adjust the chair according to whatever angle makes you comfortable. If you need to adjust the height, a separate lever helps you do that. 

If you are constantly swirling your chair, the smooth casters will help. You would not only glide easily but without noise. The base is made of 5 point chrome thus making it stable and strong.


Good looks with great comfort are hard to achieve. If you want a leather chair but not too fluffy, you can go with this one.

5. YAMASORO Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

Best chair for back pain relief: the coziest one

  • Extra padded seat for comfort
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable height, angle, and armrest
  • PU leather fabric
  • Hard to think of any

This chair is simply made to target your back pains. With wider and thicker cushioning, your back will get the optimum relaxation. 

Design-wise, it is trendy too. It has a unique look. Thus promising beauty and comfort together. 

You can adjust the height and the incline of the chair. It can bear an angle of up to 130 degrees. Not only that, but even your arms rest can also be adjusted. The flip-up design of the chair helps you set it to your desired comfort level.

As for the fabric, it is PU leather. Thus being water repellent, durable, and soft at the same time. The high-density foam is what brings extra comfort to the chair.


A modern looking, unique design. That too with all the required comfortable features. The extra padding at the back enhances your comfort, especially to your back. 

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The Essential Buying Guide for Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

How Much Time Does It Take to Assemble?

You are already suffering from lower back pain. Why accentuate it further by buying a chair that takes time to assemble? A bad idea indeed. An easy to assemble chair is what you should look for. Many nooks and corners that need to be fitted can be a pain. Though, if you are a patient human being and like to solve puzzles, you need not worry about assemblage.

Lumbar Support

This is the very core reason you are buying a new chair. If not for this, your oldie is good enough. So keep this feature in mind. Chairs with lumbar support are made in such a way that they help your spine to stay in its natural shape. With the use of ergonomics, brands can decipher what shape is fit for the human body.

Not the only shape, but the desired support. Here, the padding of the chair and reclining functions also come to play.

Height Adjustable

You wouldn’t want your feet dangling in the air while you type on your computer. Sometimes, you do like to keep your feet at rest or in the air. You are buying a new chair. So you deserve this feature too. The chair you buy should have a height-adjustable lever. This way you can opt for changing the height of the chair accordingly.

This feature is also helpful if more than one person uses the same chair. The kind of height adjustment you require would be very different from say, your mother, or your child or another colleague. 


Working numerous hours a day is a given. But you are not in the same mood always. Neither are you doing the same task. Sometimes you type, sometimes you skype and sometimes you just think. For different needs, you automatically change postures. That is a human need. So if you buy a chair that doesn’t let you lay back and think, you are at a loss, my friend. 

You need your chair to recline up to the level you want to. Most of them recline up to 130 degrees or so. Some give you the liberty to lock the angle you want. While others let you recline back and forth in a rocking motion. While the former is a better feature, the latter is helpful too.


We understand what it means to sit all day in a single chair. You might sometimes get irritated by the kind of smell you get by continuously sitting on it. That’s a mood spoiler, right? To help you get over it, always look for breathable fabrics. Many of the products above have mesh fabrics. This way your chair is breathable and comfortable. You don’t feel hot or sweaty. That is because the mesh surface lets out air, thus making the chair breathable. 

However, you may not find the desired comfort in mesh chairs. You can go for padding then. These are usually made of leather. PU and bonded leather are types of leathers you find in these chairs. While PU is water repellent, it seems fluffy and bulky. On the other hand, the bonded leather might not give you that padded comfort but looks sleek. So if you want to go for a padded chair, choose your fabric accordingly.


While your whole body is at rest in a chair, your hands are working. That means, your arms are in motion too. So don’t they deserve some comfort? Especially during your mini-breaks from typing and using your cursors? Yes, they do.

For your armest, padded options serve better. They give ample space to your elbows to rest. Thus giving your arm overall comfort. Without it, your arms will dangle here and there while you recline back in resting position.


You want a new chair but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Who will decide which price is best for you? It is you. But how? A price seems best when you get the desired value out of it. Look for the features you care about the most. Whichever chair gives you those features at a minimum price, is the one to go for. Don’t try to shell out all your dollars on the most expensive choices always. Try and be smart. 


Choosing a chair is difficult already. You wouldn’t want to be in the market now and then. To save your time, choose a chair that lives with you for long. Some of these chairs might look beautiful but wouldn’t be sturdy. Look out for chairs made of strong durable materials. This will last you long.  


Choosing the best from such a competitive range is a task. All of the chairs above have unique features or the other. Choosing one amongst them was a difficult task. But we did it anyway. According to our judgment, the Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is the best choice, and money isn’t an issue here. The soft and comfortable PU leather gives your back the desired support. The reclining angles, help you relax in whichever way you want. And to top it all, the footrest is the most unique feature. Making this product the only one to think about your feet. 

While you are on a budget, we recommend buying AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair. This one is lightweight and comfortable. The mesh fabric helps you cool down even when you are sitting for hours together. You can adjust the height of the chair and relax your way.