Best Recliner For Sleeping Reviews

Some prefer to sleep in beds, while some love the heavenly comfort of the recliner. They are not only fun to sit in, but also it feels so great to catch some sleep in them. If you are looking for the best recliners for sleeping, then you either want the extra luxury and comfort that comes with them, or you have restrictive health issues or you are suffering from certain injuries which make sleeping in normal beds a bit unbearable. Whatever your reasons are, there is a superfluity of recliners. 

As such, it is easy to get confused and not know how to choose correctly. We have, therefore, created this review of the best recliners for sleep so that you can have the top choices at your fingertips. We have also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide for your convenience. This will help you know and understand the specific factors you should look for when shopping for these types of recliners.

Our Pick

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

Best Overall

A glance at its features will leave no doubts in your mind that it is one of the best recliners in the market today.

How This Review Was Made?

The research that went to creating this review took tens of hours and involved reading hundreds of web pages. We visited the websites of some of the leading manufacturers of recliners in the world. This was to let us know some of the top brands and models. But also to learn about some of the features that made these chairs tick above the rest. 

We also spent several hours reading through furniture blogs, as well as medical blogs for restrictive conditions. We also noted some other conditions that would necessitate one to abandon their beds for the comfort of the recliners. Through such blogs, we got to learn about the highly recommended recliners for sleep. And also some of the specific reasons why one would use one brand and not the other. 

Our research also focused on reviews submitted by past buyers of certain models and brands. This was one of the most effective ways to learn true user sentiments. The reviews were unbiased opinions of real people who spent money on the chairs and had a real experience with them. Though subjective, they offered deeper insights that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Most Comfortable


ANJ Electric Recliner

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It is heavy duty and oversized

Best in Design


Homall Single Recliner

  • An upgraded footrest
  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • Easy to assemble

Best in Budget


FDW Reclining Chair

  • Versatile in use
  • Durable wood construction
  • Comes with easy adjustments

Best Recliners That Are Perfect for Sleeping

1. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

Best overall

  • Fitted with an electric reclining system
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made of breathable leather
  • Easy to clean
  • It is heavy duty and oversize
  • Some customers complained of issues with the lumbar area

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair is elegant in design and superb in performance. It comes in a brown neutral color with inviting looks that will tempt you to sleep in it the first moment you get. A glance at its features will leave no doubts in your mind that it is one of the best recliners in the market today.

To begin with, it features an electric reclining system. It has two buttons on the sides where you simply press to activate the reclining function. Its motion is smooth and gentle, making it suitable for users with a disability. It will also suit the needs of users with restrictive motion as a result of disease or age.

The ANJ Electric Recliner Chair also comes with a USB charging port. This means that you can easily and conveniently charge your mobile devices. Consequently, you will have the pleasure to sit on the chair for hours without leaving to charge your devices.

The chair is also made from breathable and easy to clean leather. The consequences of dirt accumulating on leather services can be detrimental. This is why proper cleaning is essential for all leather upholstery. When it comes to ANJ Electric Recliner Chair, cleaning it is more than a breeze. You won’t need to have any extra tools or specialized cleaning materials to keep it in a top-notch condition at all times.

It is also worth pointing out that this chair is heavy duty and oversize. It can comfortably support a weight capacity of 300lbs, and its size will accommodate the hugest man living on earth.


The ANJ Electric Recliner Chair is one of the best Recliners to Sleep in if you are having problems with your neck, back or lumber. It is well equipped with the design and functionalities you need to sit or sleep for long hours. It is also oversize – an assurance that it will support users of all sizes and builds.

2. Homall Single Recliner Chair

ultimate sleep chair

  • An upgraded footrest
  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • Comes with easily adjustable modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a slightly lower weight capacity
  • Relatively smaller in size

Homall Single Recliner Chair will guarantee beauty and extra comfort in any room where it will be placed. It comes with attractive looks, as well as the functionalities you will need. Be it for medical or recreational purposes.

The design and construction feature high quality PU leather. This is an assurance that it is comfortable, friendly to the skin, and easy to clean.

On comfort and convenience, the Homall Single Recliner Chair is on a level of its own. With features such as adjustable footrest, wide armrest with a curved shape, a push back recliner with a thicker recliner back, what you get from this recliner is nothing but double comfort. 

The footrest is not only adjustable but also retractable with up to four modes. This allows you to choose the level that is the most comfortable for you.

As far as capacity goes, the chair is designed to accommodate a maximum capacity of 265lbs. This is slightly lower compared to our first product, but it is sufficient to take care of the needs of the majority. 

It also comes with foot protection in the form of four sturdy feet that have non-marking pads. These will protect both the sofa and the hard floors from getting any damages.


The Homall Single Recliner Chair will suit the needs of users with average weights and built due to its relatively small design and maximum weight capacity. It may not be the right choice for you if you are of a huge built and you weigh more than 270 lbs.

3. FDW Single Reclining Leather Chair

Best armchair for sleeping

  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile in use
  • Durable wood construction for longevity
  • Dual function – reclining back and a foot extension
  • Easy to set up and comes with easy adjustments
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of just 275 lbs.
  • Some users may find the leather composition mildly toxic

The FDW Single Reclining Leather Chair comes in a beautiful beige color, versatile construction and design and full of exciting features for the ultimate comfort. 

It is easy to adjust, making it a breeze for the user to sit back or relax at any angle of their choosing. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of the dual function foot extension as well as the reclining back.

The sophisticated design, as well as the sunlight resistant exterior, gives this recliner the versatility to be used in a variety of places. You can use it in a business setting, a restaurant, a home theatre or your living room. It will always assure you of great looks and comfort anywhere at any time.

Its assembly is also a breeze. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to get it working. If you can follow simple instructions, then you can have it up and ready to use in under two minutes. All you have to do is connect it to the base, fix the four legs and then you will be ready to recline.

Another feature you will love about this FDW Single Reclining Leather Chair is sturdy and stable support. It is made of heavy-duty steel with the back having additional reinforcement. The frame is solidly built to offer support for up to 275 pounds.

The other notable features of this construction include a comfortable backrest, it is durable and easy to clean, and extraordinary and beautiful upholstery.


The FDW Single Reclining Leather Chair is one of the most versatile recliners to sleep in you will find in the market today. You are free to use it in a variety of setups without worrying about it losing its color or compromising the levels of comfort. 

That it can’t support users with weights over 275 should not be a concern to you if you are of average built and weight.

4. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

Ease to assemble, versatile use

  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile in application
  • Has rubber feet to protect hardwood floors
  • Made of soft and durable linen for extra comfort
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of only 265lbs.
  • Some customers had issues with the fabric. They thought it was thin and not durable.

The JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair is a simple recliner, but one with plenty of comfort features. It is covered by a high-quality breathable fabric that is further accentuated with thick padding to provide extra comfort.

The footrest has a steel frame design. This not only leads to more stability but also makes it easy to adjust so that users can choose the angles they feel suits them the most. Whether you need it for resting, relaxing or sleeping, you will get just the right angles you need for the kind of comfort you desire.

The JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair is also versatile when it comes to its applications. It is suitable for a home theatre, the living room, and the bedroom. It is exciting to learn that with this recliner, you can adjust the back to angles between 900 – 1650. This makes it ideal for napping, watching TV or enjoying your favorite read at home.

Another piece of good news you will love about this chair is its ease of assembly. To patch it up together, simply start by sliding the backrest to the base connection. The next and the final step is to screw the four legs and you will be ready to start reclining.


The JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair is a modern recliner chair that will suit your sleeping and relaxation needs in the living room, bedroom or inside your home theatre. It is super comfortable, easy to use, and durable enough to serve you for a long time. Besides, it is also affordable, hence, will be gentle to your pockets.

5. Yaheetech Recliner Chair

Beautiful design and awesome functionalities

  • Pocket spring coil seat design
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with three relaxation modes
  • Beautiful and ergonomic design
  • Not suitable for users with extra built and weight
  • No handle control

Yaheetech Recliner Chair closes our list of the best recliner to sleep in. It is compact in design and comes with all the necessary features you would wish to have a top recliner.

Its seating area features a pocket spring coil. It is also made of thick, high-density foam to provide the best support for the body in both seating and sleeping postures.

The chair can be comfortably used as a personal fatigue reliever in the office, living room, bedroom or in a home theatre.

Cleaning is also a breeze. This is because it is made of PU & PVC leather. These don’t stain easily. If they do, cleaning them is as simple as wiping them off with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner to restore their great looks.

The Yaheetech Recliner Chair comes with three relaxation modes. You can adjust the chair to angles of between 0 and 90 degrees to fit your preferred comfort levels. And, with the soft cushioned seats with a Marshmallow softness with rayon fibers and extra-thick foam will grant you the ultimate seating or sleeping experience.


This is perhaps one of the most comfortable recliners to sleep in on our list. It is very comfortable, affordable, and comes with decent functionalities. It will suffice for the needs of average users. However, for uses with extra weight and built, it may not be a great choice.

You can also check lazy boy recliners which are best for sleeping.

Best Recliner to Sleep In Buyers Guide

Now that you have an idea of what the best recliner to sleep in are, here is an overview of the factors you should consider when shopping for one-:

The Size and the Maximum Weight Capacity

For great comfort, you should go for a recliner of the right size, and which will support your weight capacity. Recliners are available in a variety of sizes. Instead of trying to figure out the size with your naked eyes, use the spec sheet on the seat to get details such as height, width, length, size of the footrest, and the maximum weight capacity. This is how you will end up with a recliner that will suit your needs.

Reclining Type

There are different types of recliners. Your choice should depend on your intended application of the seat. Some of the common types include-: rocker recliners, massage recliners, lift recliners, wall huggers and power recliners. Therefore, determine beforehand your specific needs for the recliner then make your choice appropriately.

Upholstery Material

Some of the common upholstery material for the best recliner to sleep in include leather, microfiber, spot cotton, polyurethane fabrics, and wool. The upholstery material will have an impact on the overall comfort, ease of cleaning, the aesthetics, and most importantly, the longevity of the seat. Leather is known to be the strongest and the most durable. However, the rest can also offer a decent experience if you choose materials of high quality.

Extra Features

Extra features are ideal for extra comfort and convenience. It is not a must that they have to be included, but they will greatly enhance your experience with the recliners. Features such as USB ports, extended leg rests, thickly padded headrest, extra-wide armrest, and various recline angles then consider only the recliners with your desired features.

The Budget

Recliners are available in various price ranges depending on their design and features. Your search and shopping will be more guided if you have already determined your budget. This will restrict your search to only the recliners within your price range. With the best recliner to sleep, you are always free to go as extravagant or as economical as you want. The most important thing is that you get a recliner that will serve the needs for which you purchased it.


From our reviews of the best recliners for sleeping, our top recommendation is the ANJ Electric Recliner Chair. It scored highly on the design, construction, features, and levels of comfort. It is the only recliner on this list that can support a maximum weight of 300lbs. Though slightly expensive, it is a top recliner that will serve your needs whether you need it for recreation or health reasons. 

The FDW Single Reclining Leather Chair is also a great choice if you are looking for a good blend of comfort and affordability. It features a classic, and somewhat a royal design that will bring awesome aesthetics to your living spaces. 

If, however, you are pressed for cash, but still need a great recliner, then Yaheetech Recliner Chair will be a very pocket-friendly option.