How to Stop Recliner from Sliding on Carpet: Easy Ways to Do It Affordably

If your recliner is walking over the carpet, it is important to do something about it! Do you hate how your recliner slips on the carpet, every time you sit down or get up?

Well, that happens with most recliner owners, especially with folks that have tile floors. The sliding can damage the feet of the recliner, or it can cause stains on the floor.

There’s no need to worry now, as we are here with an affordable remedy to stop it from sliding. All you need is some feet grippers, and you are good to go.

But how to install them? Learn it with us:

Steps to Install Grippers on the Recliner Feet

Grippers are available in two options, i.e., plastic grippers and rubber grippers. The choice is entirely up to you.

Some people prefer plastic grippers due to their durability, whereas some prefer rubber.

If you have a recliner with wooden feet, go for plastic grippers. On the other hand, if the recliner has metal feet, rubber grippers would be the best.

Step 1: Turn the Recliner

Ask someone to help you in turning the recliner so that you can access the feet. Use a carpet or an old rag and place it on the floor. Now turn the recliner on the cloth to prevent it from getting dirty.

Step 2: Install the Grippers

Now clean the feet using an old rag, and install the feet grippers. Installing the feet grippers is easy, and you can do it just by pushing the gripper over the feet.

Step 3: Test It

Pick the chair, and put it on the carpet. Now the recliner will hold its position. You can even give it a try by hopping over the recliner to see if it still slides.

A pro tip: Before using grippers, check the placement of the recliner. If it is placed against the wall, then it will slide every time you recline it. Try to change the placement of the recliner before using grippers.

If it doesn’t work, you have another option, and that’s using grippers.

Is there anything else you can use instead of grippers?

So, you didn’t find any grippers for the recliner? Or are you looking for a DIY remedy? We have something that’ll save you money!

Usually, feet grippers are affordable, but if you want to try something else, you can use bottle corks. Bottle corks are used to manufacture feet grippers, and you can prepare grippers at home as well.

Cut the cork into two, and put it under the recliner. Use a scale to make sure that you get properly leveled feet grippers.

Change the Carpet

Sometimes things are wrong with the carpet itself, and you cannot do anything with the recliner. Use another piece of rug and see if the recliner still slides when you sit on it. Most people found changing the carpet helpful, and it can save you from using feet grippers.

Final Words

With these tips, you can bid goodbye to the sliding recliner. Always use feet grippers that are compatible with the recliner’s feet. Glue them properly if required to sit back and relax with peace. Lastly, let the glue dry properly so that the grippers don’t come off easily.

Do you have some other hacks to prevent a sliding recliner? Do share your tricks in the comment section!